Man Discovered An Old Underground Factory

The Manhattan Project, the top secret program started by the United States who employed many ex-German scientists, has been hailed as one of the greatest and worst achievements in human history. It stopped a war, but it also caused the entire world to live in fear ever since. Have you ever imagined what would have happened if Hitler would have gotten his hands on the most destructive weapon in human history? Well that reality was closer than most of us might think according to film maker Andreas Sulzer. Sulzer believes he has discovered the biggest secret Nazi nuclear weapons facility in history! His search began years ago from an off handed comment made in a letter written by a German scientist named Viktor Schauberger.

In his letter, Schauberger talks of a project he is working on for the Third Reich under the strictest of security. He warns his colleagues in a letter that he is involved in “atom smashing”, which is presumed to mean the attempted production of a nuclear weapon. The project began in the late 1930’s after a report by two German scientists named Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman that detailed their findings on nuclear fission, a process by which a Uranium 235 atom is split by a neutron causing a nuclear reaction. Speculation started to mount that this could in fact be the spot where Hitler conducted his atomic experiments, when high levels of radiation were detected near a vast network of underground tunnels that were dug by concentration camp prisoners. While nothing has been proven yet, historians remain hopeful that these new findings can lead to the answer to ultimate question of whether Hitler was trying to obtain a nuclear weapon. You won’t want to miss these photos of this secret Nazi nuclear weapons facility.

The small and sleepy town of St. Georgen an der Gusen in Austria holds some very dark secrets.

During WWII it was home to the Nazi Mathausen-Gusen Concentration Camp where thousands upon thousands of Jews were systematically murdered.

Nazi death camp survivors cheer on Allied soldiers as the concentration camp of Mathausen-Gusen is liberated. Thousands of prisoners at this camp were used to construct underground catacombs that made up the B8 Bergkristall weapons facility in St Georgen an der Gusen, and possibly an additional facility that was used for research on nuclear fusion, a.k.a. creating an atomic bomb!

A lone guard tower looks out over the barbed wire fence that still stands at Mathausen-Gusen Concentration Camp in this haunting image.  I can’t imagine the horror these people went through everyday. It really is unimaginable to think of what could have happened to our world if Hitler had succeeded in developing an atomic bomb.

A photo of Mathausen-Gusen emptied after it was liberated by the Allied powers in May of 1945. Even just this picture gives me the chills. I can’t even begin to imagine the feeling of terror that the thousands of people who passed through those gates must have experienced.

These secret tunnel openings were made by the Germans as a last ditch effort to hold onto the secret weapons facility as it became more and more clear that the allies were going to win the war. They even went as far as sealing entrances with giant granite plates to keep Allied soldiers out even after the war was over

Andreas Sulzer works with excavation crews to break through the secret tunnels built by Mathausen-Gusen Concentration Camp prisoners. Entrances to the labyrinth of underground tunnels will hopefully reveal never before discovered laboratories used to conduct research on atomic weapons by Hitler’s team of scientists.

Sulzer is intimately involved in the process of discovery and excavation for this project. His interest in finding the site of Hitler’s secret atomic research began when he read a letter written by Viktor Schauberger that detailed his involvement in secret research involving “atom-smashing”. Sulzer also unearthed some very interesting documents by a top American agent who kept tabs on Nazi scientists. In these documents this man says there is a major complex hidden underneath St. Georgen. “We found these very, very interesting documents that point out that there was a very secret project going on in St. Georgen, It could also be associated with atomic research”, said Sulzer.

An authentic Nazi SS helmet found at excavation site. Sulzer and his team of historians and scientists have been digging at this site for three years.  Can you imagine unearthing a piece of history such as this?

Hans Kammler, a high ranking Nazi officer, was put in charge of the Mathausen-Gusen Concentration Camp. He even signed off on the blueprints for every gas chamber that was put into a concentration camp. He also oversaw the work done by prisoners as they built the first jet engine powered airplane, the Messerschmitt ME 262 in a secret weapons facility known as the B8 Bergkristall factory. A revolutionary aircraft at the time of its development, it was the fastest aircraft on Earth until the Allies came out with there own jet powered airplanes. To top it all off, he was also in charge of Hitler’s missile program, including the V-2 rocket that was used against London late in the war.