A Facebook Post Tells Us Why Our Neighbors Have Water-Filled Bags On Their Front Doors

With one of the worse hurricane seasons of recent years finally coming to an end, it is important to be prepared for what’s to come in the future. Edward Obediah Sweat wanted to make sure his friends and family in Florida were able to stay safe by sharing a variety of tips on his Facebook page.

More than 169,000 people have shared this post with their friends and family in Florida and other parts of the United States in hopes that it would help them stay safe. Some people have even used some of the tips Sweat lays out. One man’s viral Facebook post could help us all when the next hurricane comes to town.

“Plastic bags 1/3 filled with water make good substitutes for sandbags at doorways,” wrote Sweat.

By placing these bags at the bottom of your doorway, you help seal the crack, keeping water from flooding in.

But this wasn’t Sweat’s only tip that will help you in a hurricane.

He also outlined several other ideas that will help not only in a hurricane situation, but also anytime you might experience heavy flooding.

“Paint cans or 5-gallon buckets can support and elevate your furniture if you are going to get water in your house,” suggests Sweat.

This is a great tip if you want to salvage any of your indoor property. You could even put really important stuff on top of the furniture to keep it safe.

“Wear clothes to bed — nothing looks worse than seeing people on the news in waterlogged nightgowns and boxer shorts,” says Sweat.

Not only that, but he says it helps you get through the water easier as well.

“Use duct tape to seal your garage door to the floor to prevent water intrusion,” suggests Sweat.

This will help you keep any items in your garage safe from water damage or further destruction of your home.

“Wear hard-soled shoes and gloves if you wade in water,” wrote Sweat.

This is important to keep you safe from any electrical current that runs through the water you’re wading through.

“Everyone should have an I.D., a whistle, and a flashlight on them once the rain comes,” suggests Sweat.

You know, real necessities. Don’t worry about things that can be replaced, like your phone.

There is nothing worse than seeing a rescue crew, but not having them see you.

“Have a queen or king-sized white flat sheet to signal to help from boats and helicopters,” wrote Sweat.

“If you get water up to your electrical outlets or you evacuate, trip the main breaker,” wrote Sweat.

Sweat says a volunteer died because he was knee deep in water and was electrocuted because the power of a house was left on.

Sweat reminds us to be prepared for anything, including how to get out before it gets too bad.

“Map out a couple escape paths, leave before these become flooded,” he says.

The response to this Facebook post has been overwhelming, with many Facebook users thanking Sweat for his great advice.

“Wow… more useful ideas, some of these have been really great!,” says Facebook user Denise Tucker.

Whether you live in a hurricane-prone location or not, we hope these tips will help you in any emergency situation you find yourself in.

Stay warm, stay dry, and stay safe.