864 The Most Secret Number On Earth

If I told you that the average diameter of the sun given by NASA is 864000 miles and the standard ”mile” was created only for engraved this secret number in the sun, will you believe it ?!

Hard to believe, I know… but this is the truth !


The Sun

 864 as the number of the Sun because the Sun has a diameter of864,000 miles. But there are many other interesting things resonating with 864.

The Earth

One Earth rotation lasts 86,400 seconds. 24 x 60 x 60 = 86,400.

Stonehenge to Silbury Hill in the UK

John Michell and Robin’s Heath’s important book The Lost Science of Measuring the Earth contains the following fact: the distance from the center of Stonehenge to the base of Silbury Hill is 86,400 feet. Both SH and Silbury were made about 5000 years ago. How was it that people apparently knew the size of the Sun in miles and used the English foot to encode this numerology on the ground? I suggest you listen to my Red Ice interview to find out how this can be explained.

Place de la Concorde in Paris France

Place de la Concorde is the largest square in Paris having an area of 86,400 square meters. The guillotine at the center was later replaced by the obelisk from the Temple of Luxor in Egypt. A Ferris Wheel shows up at the edge of the square there from time to time (shown in the satellite image below) to spook us with its all seeing Eye of Sauron and obvious Illuminati symbolism (compare with the London Eye).

One Canada Square in London UK

One Canada Square (aka the Canary Wharf Building) was originally designed to be 864 feet high but was reduced to 770 feet because the London City Airport is too close. Check out its pyramid roof. The square shaft with a pyramid on top is the form of the ancient Egyptian Benben of the Temple of the Phoenix in Heliopolis which was the precursor for later tapered obelisks.

The architect of 1 Canada Square (aka the Canary Wharf Tower) is Cesar Pelli. Here’s what he had to say about it on opening day (26 Aug 91):

“According to Lao Tse, the reality of a hollow object is in the void and not in the walls that define it. He was speaking, of course, of spiritual realities. These are the realities also of the Canary Wharf Tower. The power of the void is increased and… with its supporting structure creates a portal to the sky … a door to the infinite.”

Pelli seemed to be waxing poetic about the talismanic power of the structure, was he not?

Does anyone know the significance of 26 Aug 91? I’d like to know.

On the wikipedia page for this building, it says there are 108,000 deliveries made to the loading bay each year. Shyeah. 108 is the number of the Moon. The lunar radius is 1080 miles. The element silver which has always been associated with the moon has an atomic weight of 108g/mol. But I digress.

The floor area of 1 Canada is 111,000 m2 which encodes the repetitive ones that Rik Clay talked so convincingly about. One Canada is now the second tallest building in the UK because it has been eclipsed by The Shard which is currently under construction. Perhaps not surprisingly The Shard has a matching floor area of 111,000 m2 This is an illuminati / masonic / archonic trigger number if you will.

Fountain Place (designed by I.M. Pei) and the Trammel Crow building in Dallas Texas also have floor areas measuring 111,000 m2. I’ll talk a lot more about Daleth, ahem, Dallas in another post.

One Canada Square was featured in the Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter movie. The clip is rather dark but there is a moment when lightning brightens everything up (shown below). The lightning seems to hit the place where the United Grand Lodge of England is located (governing body of Freemasonry in the UK). Rowling provocatively says the thestrals that the kids are riding are only visible to those who have seen death.

Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco USA

The Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco is 864 feet high if you count its pyramidion and mast

The building is quoted as being 853′ high, some 11 feet less than the magic number. There are those pesky repeating ones again. Masonic Center in San Francisco’s address is 1111 California Street. The Great Pyramid is 1/11th of a mile in height and its pyramidion that Herodotus mentioned which was made of electrum (alloy of gold and silver) measured 1-1/11 feet in height according to the metrology of Richard Heath in Sacred Number. Again I digress.

Full Frame Sensors

The 35mm camera was the most popular film camera ever used. Today the size of the 35mm negative is echoed in what is called the full frame CCD or CMOS sensor which has an area of – wait for it – 864 mm2. This is the sensor against which all others are measured. Full frame sensors are only available on the most expensive pro DSLRs currently.

5:12 Rectangles

I have a lot to say about pythagorean triangles in my videos. In particular I have found many references to 5:12:13 triangles and 5:12 rectangles (that’s 2 of the triangles put together) in Stonehenge and the whole region surrounding it, in Washington DC, Paris, and Jerusalem. Someone who listened to my first Red Ice interview contacted me with a major discovery he made in regards to the 5:12 proportion. Brace yourself…

A rectangle measuring 5 feet by 12 feet has an area of 8640 square inches. This is something I can work with. I’m never going to be able to build an 864 foot solar Osiris talisman on a geodetic hot spot, but I think I can manage making a few raised garden beds measuring exactly 5 by 12 feet. And where I live in Canada (above 50 degrees North) can really use more resonance with the Sun.

Do the Math

864 is a multiple of 108. In fact here are some additional multiples that are very interesting:

  • 108 (interior angles of pentagon measure 108 degrees each)
  • 216 (= 6x6x6 =  33 + 43 + 53)
  • 432 (Kali Yuga = 432,000 years)
  • 864 (Dwapara Yuga = 864,000 years )
  • 1728 (number of the cube, = 12x12x12, also Satya Yuga of 1,728,000 years)
  • 3456 (number of Egyptian royal miles in polar radius of Earth)
  • 25920 (Earth’s precessional period)

All of the above are referred to as precessional numbers because they are factors of 25,920 years.