8 Gym Essentials You Should Be Putting In Your Gym Kit Bag

If you have recently decided to sign up with a gym, you have taken the first step to finding a better healthier you. But this may also put you face to face with a few challenges and we aren’t talking about challenging in terms of understanding how a treadmill works or where to swipe your Virgin Active card, we are talking about the kind of challenges which may include gym wardrobe malfunctions, forgetting something at home which isn’t found at the gym or some such situation. And a first time gym goer you will need to have a basic list of essentials which should always be kept in your gym bag. Take a look and see what you may have forgotten to pack for the gym tomorrow.

Comfortable Clothing

Find comfortable clothing which allows you the freedom to stretch, pull, squat, jump and dance around. If you need to find a place to buy you can shop online. Find yoga brands like ana-heart.com which are affordable and comfortable all the while being stylish as ever, do this and you are good to go!


Unless you are doing a class, either cardio or yoga, you need your earphones. If you are hitting the treadmill or you are doing weights, you will need earphones to listen to your music, an essential part of exercise. Which brings us to the next point.

Music Apps

Music apps are absolutely necessary for doing floor work as you will find the music stimulates and drives you to push yourself. When you are feeling a little deflated, crank up the volume and push through it. Download a music app and connect it to your Bluetooth headphones and get busy.

Water Bottle

This goes without saying; stay hydrated! You will find thirst gripping you throughout your first 2 weeks and it is very important that you quench this thirst as you wouldn’t want to feel faint during a class or on the treadmill.

Sweat Towel

It is common courtesy to use a sweat towel, not only for your body, but also for the equipment. If you are sweating all over a bench, the person after you will need to clean it which is very unpleasant. Make sure you clean up after yourself by keeping your towel handy and wiping down the equipment and using it to sit on or lie upon when on benches and mats.

Gym Gloves

If you are doing weights, invest in gym gloves. These protect your hands from callouses as well as aiding in the prevention of skin damage and diseases. As mentioned above, people sweat and use the equipment, you don’t know how clean the weights are, so don your gloves and get lifting!

Lock and Key

You may need to lock your valuables away and it’s always good to have this regardless if the gym offers locks and keys.

Hair Ties

If you have long hair, make sure you carry extra hair ties in your gym bag, you never know when you may need one should your current one snap!

Carry these essentials in your bag and you will never need to turnaround because you have everything you need!



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