8 Destinations For A “Lit” Spring Break

Spring break is known as one of the best periods of our college year. After the gloomy, dreadful months of January and February where students are toiling through assessments and mid-terms, warmer weather and a short getaway break are exactly what they need. So every March, students pour into the rest of America and other parts of the world to party hard. It’s a college rite of passage, it’s your first spring break, and every year it just keeps getting better. If you’re a newbie who has no idea where to go, or a seasoned pro looking for somewhere new, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we give you the top eight destinations to spend your glorious one week, both within the Americas and outside.

Cancun, Mexico

With its’ white beaches, sparkling aquamarine waters and unlimited cocktails, Cancun is rightfully named the world’s most touristy city. It’s a classic spring break getaway thanks to the popular Hotel Zone that is home to numerous resorts that line the beachfront. You’ll find many other college students from all over the country, all with the same aim as you: to drink away the past half semester of pain and make as many drunken mistakes as possible before you sober back up to reality. It’s truly a place for the young — all hard-partying is tolerated (even encouraged) here, as there is an endless supply of booze, and never-ending parties all along the beach. Inception Music Festival is a month-long rave so you’ll never be short of events and entertainment here. To crash your head late at night, or in the morning hours, Hotel Riu Cancun is a fantastic, affordable option that’s close to all the main hotspots.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City never gets old. So even though there isn’t a beach, you won’t need one because so many resorts have huge pools. And let’s be real, you didn’t really come for a beach to suntan at specifically, you just want a party that lets you get away with the idea of partying in a swimsuit all night. And you’ve come to just the place. Las Vegas takes pool parties seriously, people. The popular club, Daylight, has DJs spinning all-day and all-night-long through March and April, while Encore Beach Club has David Guetta and Diplo scheduled.

Debauchery is rampant, so don’t come if you aren’t going all the way. If you want a walk on the wild side, there are even topless pools for you to flaunt it, just don’t post those photos on Facebook where your grandma may get a heart attack upon seeing your ‘melons’ on display. For accommodations, you can stay at the Hard Rock Hotel, an institution for party animals. Otherwise, Vanity nightclub is open all night long, and Rehab is one of the state’s best pool parties for you to party at without any sign of stopping.


If you want to get out of North America for an island getaway but don’t have the budget or time for Ibiza, Jamaica is your answer. This tropical paradise is the epitome of island vibes, from the laid-back Jamaican culture, reggae music and did we mention marijuana is “somewhat” legal here? You can hit that 420, sip on proper rum cocktails and watch the sun fade into myriads of pink and red by the beach. Negril is the most popular party spot with the very aptly-named Seven Mile Beach housing all sorts of bars and pool parties. Negril Tree House is in a prime location on Seven Mile Beach and is conveniently surrounded by lots of great bars and restaurants. The boutique hotel also includes a breakfast buffet spread and a beach bar with a grill serving up barbecued ribs. Rooms have hammocks and balconies, perfect for nursing your intense morning hangovers.

Miami, Florida

Your quintessential spring break destination. If you haven’t been to Miami for a spring break, did you even go to college? South Beach is integral to your Miami experience; the neon lights, sexy crowd, and glitzy beachfront clubs are every spring breaker’s dream come true. For ravers, Miami Music Week lasts from 25-30 March, while the famed Ultra Music Festival is in town from 29-31 March. If you’re up for some grub, Florida is awash with Mexican and Cuban influences. You can find tacos (P.S. Wood Tavern gives free tacos on Tuesdays, just remember to leave a tip!), Cuban sandwiches, mojito bars, and barbecue ribs all around. Stay at the Catalina, a small hotel catering to the 20-something party crowd. It’s affordable and situated right across all the trendiest bars and clubs. You won’t have to try to hail an Uber, whilst drunk and falling over, just muster all your strength and trudge yourself back to the hotel.

Dominican Republic

The Caribbean does not fall short of amazing party destinations. If you’re looking for something new that still promises no-end of raucous partying, try the island of Punta Cana. Here, the sun shines all year round, the sandy beaches dotted with palm trees stretch for miles and the water is cooler than the hot surfer guy who probably just winked at you. There is an abundance of resorts, ranging from luxury to budget. Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa offers a good balance of mid-range prices for accommodations. The resort provides great amenities such as in-room Jacuzzi’s for late night chilling, four swimming pools, eight restaurants and all-day access to the white beach. Dance parties abound here, so you’ll be dancing all night long — it’s definitely enough cardio for you to burn off all the margaritas you’ve been downing non-stop.

South Padre Island

This tiny island off Texas is hard to miss, but you’d be a fool to shut an eye to it. The island never sleeps for the month of March as hordes of partygoers descend upon its beaches. There are numerous concerts and parties you can attend, such as Rockstar Beach Bash at Isla Grand Beach Resort, while Clayton’s Beach Bar & Grill hosts live music events every day of the month. Coca Cola Beach is a month-long party of non-stop games, volleyball tournaments, and contests. For those who are looking for an adrenaline rush, there is parasailing and even sky-diving to tick off your bucket list. Our pick for accommodation is Pearl South Padre, a resort with 251 rooms and access to the beach. Private balconies offer a view of the Gulf of Mexico, perfect to rest your eyes as you recover from a hangover the morning after.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you’re looking for a more LGBT-friendly destination, Puerto Vallarta is your answer. The picturesque island is more than just a party destination, it has a stunning landscape of rugged cliffs and coasts, white-washed buildings from an era before, and clear blue seas flanked by white beaches. But of course, you’re here to party, so we’ll tell you where to go. The city is full of sexy salsa clubs blasting bachata music, and you’ll find the best tequila in all the local bars. The LGBT party spots are found mostly in Downtown Puerto Vallarta, with a bunch of gay clubs you can hit up. If you have a more flexible budget, we’d suggest you stay at the Villa Premiere Hotel and Spa for a little more luxury. It’s open only to guests aged 16 and up, so you can rest assured you won’t be horrifying any families or children by stumbling into the hotel drunk at 8 a.m. in the morning.

The Bahamas

Okay, this is going to be out of budget for most people, but if you have the cash to splash and want an exclusive spring break that the rest of your schoolmates will hate you for, this is for you. The Bahamas is the epitome of tropical island luxury, with white sand beaches, palm trees, and crystal clear water. Resorts here can be more pricey, but you get what you pay for! Breezes Resort & Spa is great if you aren’t ready to throw $500 a night for a five-star hotel. It has five restaurants, four bars, a nightclub, three pools, and a swim-up pool bar. Entertainment-wise, check out the funky Caribbean Booze Cruise for a day of drinking, dancing and snorkeling with other like-minded partygoers. Aura Nightclub is a luxurious, decadent venue where you can dress up a bit more and drink champagne all night.

So get planning! Prices will rocket closer to the dates, so you would want to rally your crew now and start planning. Don’t forget to pack loads of sunscreen, swimsuits, an Instagrammable float from The Floatys, and your Tinder account, in case a spring break fling is on your bucket list!


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