70 Years After Surviving A Nuclear Explosion, This Man Is Still In Terrible Pain

In spite of its many modern achievements, Japan has had a troubling past. On 9th August 1945, 70 years ago, the US was three days into the biggest nuclear war in history. It was on this day that it dropped its second atomic bomb on Nagasaki and caused unprecedented destruction.

Unbelievably, an 86-year-old man is still suffering from the effects of this attack. Sumitery Taniguchi was 16 years old when the five-tonne plutonium bomb – known as the ‘fat man’ – was dropped. It took his body 21 months to recover but he is still covered in burns and dents.

Following the incident, his body became lifeless


He has gained some strength but he is still pained by his injuries


He has to rub moisturiser into his scars every day


And is still unable to bend his left arm


You can see here how desperately bad his wounds were at the time of the incident


However, Taniguchi is just grateful that he’s still alive


Sumitery Taniguchi is now the leader of the Nagasaki survivors’ group and that hopes one day innocent people will never again be victims of war. Permanent scaring and disfigurement are terrible afflictions to live with. However, when this acid attack survivor was given a makeover it truly made her day.