70 Year Old Man Successfully Paddles Across The Atlantic In A Kayak – For The Third Time

A pensioner is celebrating after successfully crossing the Atlantic in a kayak for the third time.

70-year-old Alexander Doba completed his transatlantic journey on Sunday (September 3) after more than 100 days at sea.

Polish Doba set off on his epic quest from New Jersey in May and finally came ashore at Le Conquet, Brittany, which sits on the coast of north-western France.

In 2010 he became the first person to paddle across the Atlantic ocean in a kayak on muscle-power alone when he traveled from Senegal to Brazil

He repeated this feat in 2013 when he kayaked, at 67, from Lisbon to Florida.

The two trips set records for the longest open-water crossings ever made by a man in a kayak.

Doba’s team took to Facebook to update fans of his journey, writing that he was ‘tired and happy’ on his arrival.

“I feel great… and I’m very happy that I finally reached Europe!” a jubilant Doba said after arriving in Le Conquet, a town about 30 kilometres (19 miles) from the French city of Brest on the Brittany coast, where he was greeted by the applause of several dozen fans.

Doba started his third trans-Atlantic crossing on May 16th from Barnegat Bay, braving high seas and saying that he even “patted a shark” during his 4,150-mile (6,680-kilometre) journey across the north Atlantic.

“I felt completely drunk although I was totally sober… I was a bit off-kilter, but I’m fine, alive and well!” Doba added, describing how it felt to set foot on solid land after months rolling on the waves.