7 Impossible Prophecies That Mysteriously Came True

Prophecies are basically the prediction of what will happen in future. In the history, there were many people who stated certain prophecies. There was many faulty foretelling of the future by people but only a few hit the nail on the head. Such historical prophecies involve interpretation or revelation of spiritual or religious events to come.

There are remarkable prophecies which definitely leaves us astound. I mean how can a human being be so sure about a future happening? Let us now look at the top 7 famous, almost impossible prophecies that mysteriously came true.

Vespasian And Titus

The Jewish war is the only origination in which this prophecy is mentioned.  The Roman commander Vespasian trapped the Jewish commander Josephus during the first Jewish-Roman war of 66-73 AD. Roman commander Vespasian intended to send Josephus to Roman emperor Nero (A.D. 37-68). But to this action, Josephus response was really odd. He stated that he has come as a messenger of great tidings. He was well versed with the laws of Jews and he questioned Vespasian about the existence of Nero and his successors until his own endurance.

Josephus proclaimed that Vespasian is to be Caesar. After stating so Josephus asked Vespasian to bind him and keep him securely with himself. He was so sure of Vespasian to become Roman emperor that he asked to punish himself if this prophecy turns out to be fake.  This was quite odd and unusual thing to suggest as Vespasian and his son Titus were not the members of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty.

But on 9th June 68 AD existing Roman emperor Nero committed suicide and Vespasian became the new emperor of Rome and Founded Flavian Dynasty. After this prophecy getting fulfilled in 69 Vespasian released Josephus and granted him Roman Citizenship.

Kalanos Of India

Kalanos was an ancient Indian philosopher from Taxila who accompanied Alexander the Great to Persis. Kalanos who was a naked wise man and pursued asceticism to the point that for him food and clothing were detrimental to purity. He was nearly 73 years old at the time of his death.

Kalanos informed Alexander about his bad health. Persian Weather and travel weakened him and he preferred to die rather being incapable to serve Alexander. Listening to this Alexander tried to stop him from this course of action. Kalanos prophecy suggested the place of his death and it was fulfilled in the year 323BC at Susa.

Liberation of Indonesia

There were many baseless prophecies in Indonesia but this prophecy during the Pacific war had significant traces to believe. A rumor in the 17th-century document was widely circulated by Joyoboyo the king of Kediri.

Joyoboyo or Jayabaya prophesied that Dwarves from the north would come and rule for over hundred days. In 1942 when Japan occupied Netherlands East Indies, Indonesian danced on the street and celebrated the fulfillment of the prophecy of their king Jayabaya or Joyoboyo.

Louis  XIV, the Sun King

After the birth of Louis XIV in 1638, Tommaso Campanella was called and asked to draw up a horoscope of the newborn. As per his prophecy, he stated that the boy would be lustful just like Henry the Fourth and a very proud man, who will also rule as monarch for a long time.

This prophecy of Italian philosopher Tommaso Campanella left its print in 1638-1639. His foretelling of the king turned out to be completely true. It was again Campanella who gave Louis his appellation, the “Sun King”.

Maid Of Lorraine

Maid Of Lorraine

There were a number of vague predictions circulating concerning a young Maid. This prophecy stated that maid who came from the borders of Lorraine would save France from English domination. Many in France believed in her since her village was near the border between France and Duchy of Lorraine. Joan told her uncle Durand Laxart that France would be ruined through women and afterward restored by a virgin.

It is well known that such prophecies were known in France at that time and the supporters identified Joan and this contributed to her popularity and following. She led the French army to several victories which paved the way for the coronation of the Charles VII.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed

This personality is known to have many prophecies during his lifetime. During this time, he had many people of intuitive nature who would give their prediction with regards to everyday affairs which are said to have been either fulfilled immediately or concerned distant. Many of his critics were proved wrong as he significantly fulfilled many of the prophecies.

Oomoto Prophecies

Oomoto is a new Japanese religion responsible for several fulfilled prophecies. The prophet Onisaburo Deguchi proclaimed that Japan would fight a war in 1931 which was backed by Manchurian Incident. He predicted the complete state of Pacific war multiple times and said that Japan would be bombed by America and eventually occupied.

Oishigori teacher of Deguchi predicted in 1891 destruction of Ise Grand Shrine in a fire. He even mentioned the underlying reason of this event.  He said that this took place due to some traditional rituals of consecration.