68 Years After Her Husband Vanished, She Finally Gets The Call She’s Been Waiting For

Imagine spending just six weeks together as a married couple before your husband had to leave and go off to war. Many people have experienced something similar as military families often need to deal with the stress of war.

When Peggy Harris kissed her new husband Billie Harris back in the 1940s, she expected to see him in a few months. But going off to war is always a risk even if the person isn’t on the battlefield. Billie was deployed to fight in World War II and to the horror of Peggy, that kiss was to be their final kiss.

Then Billie disappeared. The military didn’t even know what happened to him. Some reports said he was killed, others claimed he was a prisoner, another labeled him AWOL, while a fourth said missing in action. Bureaucrats kept volleying Peggy’s questions until the truth was lost in time. Peggie assumed her life-long love was killed in combat. But there was no official record so she didn’t know for sure. He could have run off with a French beauty for all she knew.

But 68 years after saying goodbye to Billie, Peggy received news about her husband. And it was far better than she ever could have imagined…

Back in the 1940s, Peggy received conflicting information about her husband’s wellbeing. First, she was told he was killed in action. Then she was told he was alive and would be returning to her soon enough. But he never came back and she eventually allowed herself to believe he was killed in war.

There was no information anywhere about her husband’s whereabouts. The government failed her…

She took matters into her own hands. She wrote her congressman and told him that Billie was missing in action (MIA). Her congressman failed to help. So, Peggy teamed up with her cousin, Alton Harvey, and together they sought out the truth.

After only a short time, their research led them to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Normandy, France. There Billie Harris was buried after being killed in war.

While it took Peggy 68-years to learn the truth, now she could finally rest easy knowing that her beloved man was laid to rest – as a war hero.

Peggy has never stopped loving Billie. During their 68-years apart, she has remained faithful. Although she now knows that he died back in the 1940s, the still visits him every year. She often makes multiple trips and goes to his gravesite for his birthday and Christmas.

Cemetery officials report that Peggy Harris is the last widow to visit.

In the video below from CBS News, you’ll discover the extent of Billie and Peggy’s story. Not only did he die in France back during the War, Billie is a war hero. Even to this day, a small town in France celebrates Billie Harris for saving them during the war. He is a hero and this knowledge makes Peggy even prouder of her beloved husband.

Watch how France remembers the brave American Billie Harris as a hero, in the video below.


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