6 Signs You’re Happy Being Alone

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In our culture, we make finding a partner and settling down a marker for success. It’s as if it’s unacceptable that we find happiness by ourselves rather than with someone else. You may not realize it, but it could be that you’re already a happy person by yourself. How can you tell?

1. You enjoy dining alone.

I’m happy to say I’m no longer single, but I enjoyed my life just as much when I was. Dining alone was this enjoyable, almost meditative experience for me. It was a great way to sort out my thoughts.

2. Watching a movie is fun alone.

And on top of that, can we talk about the fact that going to the movies is a seriously awful first date? I’ve never understood the phenomenon. Sitting in silence for almost 2 hours isn’t exactly a great way to get to know someone.

3. You enjoy doing what you want.

No one to run your plans by before you execute them. Isn’t that something? If you find it enjoyable to just sort of do whatever you want, you probably enjoy being alone.

4. You enjoy solitary traveling.

I’m the kinda guy where I can just book a flight and go halfway around the world to spend time somewhere new. Sometimes to visit a friend, but I don’t care if I’m experiencing a new place by myself or with someone.

5. You think clingy people are a bummer.

I bet we’ve all gone on a date or two with someone and they just text and message you all the time. Sound familiar? This kind of clingy behavior always annoyed the hell out of me. Even in a relationship, I still enjoy my solitary time.

6. You sleep better alone.

Those times that you share a bed with someone are the worst sleep, right? It may be that you enjoy sleeping alone more.