6 Life Saving Rules To Survive A Serious Fight

Fighting is not optimal.  Most fighters will tell you (especially in a street fight) to get the hell out of there as fast as possible.  There is no way to know who is friend and foe and who has a concealed weapon.  It’s not a cage match; incapacitate and GTFO.

Doug Marcaida, edge impact weapon trainer, offers some advice and provides 6 important things to consider any time you do find yourself in an escalated, violent and potentially deadly situation.

#1: Assume they’re carrying a weapon.  Always assume  your adversary has a concealed weapon.  Even if they don’t, their arms and legs are weapons and can strike with deadly force; always be aware and anticipatory.

#2: Your knife is meant to be felt, not seen.  It is not your job to threaten your opponent, it is your job to kill him.  If you pull out a knife when you are far away, there is a good chance he will run; that is not what you want.  You want to approach step #3.

#3: Use deception to close the distance.  Give your opponent a false sense of security and if they didn’t respect the fact that you may be carrying, a simple gut punch can actually be a fight-ending stab.

#4: Do not play the MMA game in a life or death situation.  You do not want to go to the ground when weapons are involved.  If your opponent comes at you, go for the head, not to grapple, but to twist, puncture and/or get he hell out of there.

#5: When weapons are involved, fight dirty.  Chivalry is not part of combat, it is for show.  This is a situation where the primary goal is survival; there is no way to tell who is waiting to come at you with a knife from behind.  Fight hard, fast and keep in mind that as you raise the bar of lethality, there will be consequences.  Make sure you abide by the law; if you are forced to break the law to save yourself, make sure you are justified in what you do.

#6: Do not fight unless you have to.  This is, perhaps, the most important rule.  Avoid fighting; it is usually not the only way to handle a situation and most people will be happy to leave without a fight.  If you can use your communication to diffuse the situation, do it.

Here, Marcaida explains his method


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