6 Countries That Will Support North Korea If It Starts A War With USA

Now that North Korea has flexed its muscle and show it can launch an intercontinental ballistic missile further than most realized, the conversation about a war is more real today than ever. This has certainly created a paradigm shift in Kim Jong-un’s capabilities, and the President of the United States has certainly taken notice. Despite warnings from the USA that swift retaliation is forthcoming if the testing does not stop, North Korea is warning that they are ready to start a full-scale war with President Trump.

With a North Korean warhead capable of hitting US soil, the question now is which countries would support North Korea in case it attacks USA? The following six countries would certainly want to stay on the good side of Kim Jong-un’s wage of war on President Trump and the rats living in the United States.

1. China

One of North Korea’s closest allies happens to be China, although they did condemn the most recent missile tests of Kim Jong-un. China wants to work with Russia to try and reach a diplomatic solution with North Korea, and strong links in the past suggest this is a possibility, but if North Korea does launch an attack on the USA, China would most likely side with Kim Jong-un. Although this relationship may have cooled in recent years, their traditionally close ties could result in North Korea having perhaps the strongest of allies if it wages war on the US.

2. Russia

Despite Kim Jong-un’s proclamation that he has the ability to target anywhere in the world with his countries nuclear-capable missiles, perhaps one of his biggest allies will be Russia. Even though Russia and President Trump have a very solid relationship, both Russia and the United States find their countries are more distant than the end of the Cold War. Despite the back-and-forth between Kim Jong-un’ and President Trump, Moscow has remained basically silent about the current situation. North Korea and Russia share a small border, and have enjoyed a year of friendship that only deepened their political and economic ties. Moscow has already agreed to write off $10 billion of Kim Jong-un’s and North Korea’s Soviet-era debt.

3. Benin

The relationship between North Korea and Benin is stronger than many realize. Benin used to be a communist state that had deep ties with North Korea, and today the two countries feel they have a very solid relationship. North Korea media still promotes the declaration of then Benin President, Thomas Boni, stating how the relationship between Benin and North Korea is one of tradition and friendship.

4. Bulgaria

The relationship between North Korea and Bulgaria dates back to 1948, and when under communist rule, a bilateral cooperation agreement alliance was signed. Even though Bulgaria is Kim Jong-un’s only alliance in all of Europe, it is a very solid one. Despite Bulgaria pulling back on the number of staff in the North Korean embassy, they share a relationship that is decades in the making and would certainly want to remain that way if a war with the United States was to unfold.

5. Madagascar

While the alliance between North Korea and Madagascar might seem unlikely on the surface, it goes back several decades and has to do with how well North Korea treated the country. Dating back to the early 1970s, North Korea began helping Madagascar to build their fledgling presidential Lavoloha Palace. North Korea also helped with building Madagascar’s waterways, all of these were free of charge, something that only helped to strengthen the bond of these two.

6. The Democratic Republic of Congo

Despite the Democratic Republic of Congo being notoriously unstable, North Korea has only strengthened ties with them in recent years. Recently it was discovered through a confidential report that was supplied to the UN Security Council that North Korea was supplying several Congolese troops and their police force with various weapons and combat training, in a sense breaking a UN arms embargo. The Democratic Republic of Congo would certainly want to side with Kim Jong-un’s army if a war with the United States was to unfold.

When it comes to which countries would support North Korea in case it attacks USA, these six are at the top of the list and have more to gain by siding with the North Korean dictator.