500 Year Old Chinese Manuscript Vividly Describes Alien Abduction

Scientists in China have recently made available to the public a document, written in 1528, which outlines an event that’s pretty hard to explain. The manuscript describes an alien abduction, proving that close encounters are not just a phenomenon of modern times.

A mysterious star

The writing begins by describing a star that crosses the sky from East to West, which eventually comes to rest in the vicinity of a tiny mountain hamlet. The village stonemason, consumed by curiosity, decides to proceed with an investigation.

His report describes the unidentified craft as being circular, as large as a dwelling, and imbued with brilliant coloration such as he had never witnessed. He then swooned, his mind overwhelmed with uninterpretable information.

An unearthly place


Next, the frightened man awakes, chilled, in a place filled with a strange red light. He reports identifying the sun, moon and stars, but not being able to identify any humans or known structures. Instead, he was surrounded by beings with third eyes and odd apparel, speaking an unidentifiable language. Out of fear, he again faints.

According to the document, the stonemason awakes at home soon after. Even though what had occurred seemed to him had taken little time, he finds that a year had passed in his absence. The author of this amazing story then goes to visit the craftsman who had gone missing for an entire year before mysteriously reappearing. The writer witnesses a red scar on the mason’s chest, and knew that the story he told was true.

Verification by experts.

This small piece of knowledge was found buried in a collection that was a gift to the Chinese Cultural Ministry. After the collection was authenticated by the ministry and subsequently published, this report was found among over five hundred pages of Ming Dynasty era accounts of medical topics, historical events, music and martial arts.


This story shows that close encounters and UFO sightings have occurred on Earth and have been recorded for hundreds of years.