5 Year Old Girl Reads 875 Books A Year, School Library Can’t Keep Up

This little girl is already such a bookworm, and she is only five years old. Sophia Moss from Lake Charles, Louisiana has read 875 books in just one school year.

She has already finished reading most of the books in the kindergarten section. She has also read most of the books in the grade one section of the T.S Cooley Elementary library.

She reads a book almost every day, and a log of the books she has read shows she keeps getting faster with her reading.

The five year old told KPLCTV ‘a lot of the days I read books. It’s just a couple days I don’t read.’ She adds ‘I just like reading!’

The Librarian at her school Mary Lanier says ‘this is very unusual for a kindergartner, especially to read this many books in a year’s time. Very unusual.’

Sophie’s father Carl is very supportive of his daughter being an avid reader, but he does admit that sometimes her reading hobby can get in the way of real life.
Carl says ‘she’d be reading instead of sleeping.’ He adds ‘she loves to read and she does it all the time.’ Sophie’s ability to read books at a fast rate is increasing every month. She used to check out five books every week from the school library. But according to the news channel that has risen to 20 books each week.