5 Ways Emotionally Abused People Love Differently


Emotional abuse at the hands of loved ones can really change a person.  Everyday, thousands of people are emotionally abused and manipulated by people who truly do love and care for them, but fail when it comes to expressing that love.

We all react and cope with emotional abuse in different ways, but you can always tell when your partner has been through a traumatic emotional experience because they tend to love in subtly different ways than most.

Here are five ways that the emotionally abused person loves differently:

They’re more gentle – In the first stages of the relationship they tend to keep their distance and play everything cool.  They’re not interested in coming off as clingy.  They understand how important it is for each person in the relationship to have their space.

Their hearts are guarded – Their hearts have endured much leading up to this point, and because of this, they keep up walls for protection.  They might come off as cold and unemotional at times, but this is simply because they’ve had to protect themselves.  Once you get let in you’ll find that their hearts are bigger than most.

Opening up to people is a big deal – They’ll often go back and forth when it comes to deciding whether or not to let you in.  Once they open up and let you inside, there’s no stopping the torrent of emotion that follows.  The flood gates have been opened and the love is in full effect, but they still enjoy…

Taking things slow – They want to jump into a budding relationship just as much as you do, but they’ve been burned by this before.  Everything in good time.  They like to take things slow, building bonds and allowing for vulnerability, bit by bit.

They’re afraid at times – Even when things are going better than perfect, insecurity and fear can creep up at a moment’s notice.  The intense feelings of love and affection can make them feel as though it’s all too good to be true, and that they might wake up in the morning without the loving partner that has made their life so dreamlike in the first place.


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