5 Unexplained Paranormal Events Caught On Camera

Now that every person owns a cell phone, it’s very rare that a an interesting event goes undocumented. You tube is now crowded with all sorts of mysterious unexplained videos. Some of these videos look so real that even special effect experts can’t validly prove them fake.

#1 Thai Girl Realize To Have Super Powers

This video was recorded in Thailand by a passengers on a bus. In this footage, we can clearly see how the girl with the black skirt pushes away the ticket control officers without touching them.

The events recorded in this video remind me of X-Man mutants. The only difference is that she wasn’t aware of her powers until she successfully floated the two man above the ground.

#2 Teleportation

Recorded by a public camera, at almost 4 AM, this video shows a girl saving a man’s life by teleporting him on the other side of the crosswalk while he was about to get hit by a truck.

#3 Struck By Lightning Twice and Still Alive

This man seems to be both luckiest and unluckiest person on earth, at the same time. In this video he get struck by lightning twice and survives without any consequences. Was god trying to tell him something?

#4 Flying man

As this couple poses for a picture, a flying man or an extraterrestrial rise in the sky. All the people in the area are shocked to see this.

#5 Girl Learning to Levitate

This video shows a child levitating, while supervised by her mother.