5 Things Your Birth Chart Reveals About You

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1. Your birth chart reveals that you don’t have just one sign.

That’s right. We spend all our lives asking “what’s your sign?” when we should be asking “what are your signs?” We each have a Moon sign and a rising sign too. It describes the zodiac the sun was in at the time. So for example, if you’re born on the 24th of May, your sun sign is Gemini. Your moon and rising signs are something else though.

2. Your birth chart shows you which career path best suits you.

Your birth chart has the incredible ability to help guide your professional decision making. Where the stars and planets were when you were born has a great deal of impact on where your strengths are. Your birth chart will help you see the areas where you individually excel.

3. Your birth chart shows you your weaknesses.

It’s not just about finding your strengths, but finding your weaknesses too. It can help you understand what experiences shape you into a stronger person and how to most effectively become the fullest person you can be.

4. Your birth chart shows you how certain planets and stars impact your personality.

Your personality and energy is impacted by the placement of certain planets and stars, depending on the day you were born. Pay close attention to what it has to say, then pay close attention to where planets and stars are in relation to one another in the night sky.

5. Your birth chart helps you plan for tribulations.

Each one of us experiences a set of trials and tribulations in life, and your birth chart can help you identify situations that could hurt you the most. This is good information to have, as you can plan for what may cause you trouble down the road.