5 Things To Know About Poppers

Poppers are slang for wide forms of inhaled alkyl nitrates that have strong, yet short-time simulation effects. We compiled a list of 5 things to know about poppers before you decide to use it.

1. Why are they called poppers?

Amyl nitrite is a compound that was first time synthesized in 1844. Amyl nitrite used to be stored in a glass mesh that people called “pearls”. Poppers got its name because the pears had to be crushed between the fingers, which led to a popping sound. Because of this, this sound-induced name remained until today in use for amyl nitrite.

2. How they can be used incorrectly

Like most other chemical compounds, poppers have a certain way of use. Let see how they can be used incorrectly. First of all, poppers are used by inhalation, indirect or direct, but always keep in mind that poppers are easily flammable and that you have to be very careful when using it – it can cause burns in contact with the skin. There are also cases where people swallow and drink poppers, which can be fatal – but this is mostly by accident. Also, poppers in combination with viagra is not a good choice as both products are correlated with pressure drop.

3. Why they are popular?

After the discovery, poppers were the most prevalent (“reserved”) among the gay community because it relaxes soft tissues. However, in today’s modern society, it is equally popular among heterosexuals. And not just because it is suitable for pleasant anal sex, but because it is the opiate that obviously has the most to do with sex. The stories of many people who have had a sexual experience with this opiate is amazing, its most vivid when they compare it to all other sex enhancement substances. Experience suggests that people adore him because he relaxes the body in a special way that is hard to imagine. Through mid-twentieth century poppers were used in bars/discos. As it is classified as a drug, and it’s easy to use via an inhaler, many countries have forbidden it.

4. What are the side effects?

Poppers work very quickly, thanks to the method of use – inhalation. But unlike other drugs and alcohol, the effect is short-term. While some of the users experience this moment as one lovely and pleasant feeling, others declared that this feeling is unpleasant and disorienting. Poppers also affect pressure drop because it affects blood vessels expansion. Meanwhile, it increases heartbeat, also known as tachycardia. There can also be some side effects that mostly occur as a yellow skin lesion around the space we use for consumption like face, lips, mouth, and nose.

5. Some countries have banned poppers

Because of all of the above, some countries have banned poppers. From 2007, in France poppers has been banned because of its harish effect, unless it’s used as an approved medicinal product. However, later this law was withdrawn because it could not be proven that excessive use is the same as recommended/prescribed use. On the other hand, Canada has completely banned poppers. For the UK, it is well known that poppers UK availability almost managed to be banned by legislation, but it was not successful for some technicality reasons.

If poppers are used according to instructions and reasonable consumption, it is a safe, cheap, and easy buzz. It is a perfect choice for all those who are seeking sexual adventure because it is easily available on the market. The biggest advantage is short-term effects, unlike other drugs and substances. So from time to time, poppers are a great way to enhance your sex drive!