5 Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist

They only talk about themselves.

This is easily the first sign of a narcissist. They only talk about themselves. You meet their parents and it’s like you’re an afterthought. They only talk about how they’re doing. They take almost no interest in your life. They’re blinded by their own stuff.

They tend to be really into what they do.

It’s fine to be enthusiastic about your job or hobbies, but narcissists tend to be so into what they do that they put you and everyone else on the backburner for it.

They create a fake image.

Narcissists often have very deep rooted personal issues with feeling secure and with high self esteem, so they create a fake image of themselves. They control every last detail about their lives, or at least the life that you get the opportunity to see.

They manipulate the facts.

Narcissists will alter facts about just about anything in order to make it conform to their personal belief system or their narrative. They embellish how things actually happened and skimp on details, or sometimes even add details to a story.

They’re entitled.

At the end of the day, the narcissist thinks they’re entitled because they’ve never been told otherwise. Don’t be a tool for them to get what they want.