5 Signs It’s Time To Break Up With A Toxic Friend

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They don’t accept you for who you are.

Your true friends in life will totally accept you for who you are. They won’t necessarily try to change you unless you want to. And even then, it’s you who does the changing. They’re backup for you!

You don’t feel good when you’re around them.

This is a sure sign it’s time to stop being friends with this person. They might belittle you, one up you, put you down, or be unnecessarily crude and sarcastic toward you. This kind of friend is not someone you need to have in your life.

They exhaust you.

Energy vampires are a real thing. They’re the types of people where, for some reason, after you’ve spent time with them, you are totally exhausted by them. It’s hard to explain but you certainly know it when you experience it.

It’s all one-sided.

We’ve all had a friend like this. You only hang out if you initiate it. And then it’s only if they’re free. And then it’s only if they’re in the mood and don’t have anything better to do. This isn’t a real friendship.

You’re just not the same anymore.

It’s true, we each grow in different directions sometimes. It’s not totally a toxic thing, but if you don’t see eye to eye anymore and you don’t enjoy the same things, it may be time to move on.