5 Proven Ways To Avoid The Yo-Yo Effect

No yo-yo effect? Did you know that over 80% of those who lose weight during the next two years struggle with the yo-yo effect and gain more weight than they managed to dump? What is the most difficult in losing weight and maintaining the weight obtained and how to deal with it effectively?

How to lose 20 kg – my story

Starting from my childhood, I have been overweight for over twenty years. Having struggled with the yo-yo effect with a greater or lesser effect, I managed to get back to the weight adequate to my height (184 cm / 80 kg), but these were the instant wins, the battles I won.

Their effects were not lasting and usually after a few months I got a yo-yo effect – proving that to win the war with overweight still a long way. At the moment when my weight exceeded the magical value of 100 kg, it finally dawned on me that I would not win this way with overweight.

What Albert Einstein has long ago said to me, “It’s crazy to do the same and expect different results. So I changed my diet, according to Low-Carb diet guidelines.

In six months I lost 20 kg without sacrifices and starvation, and most importantly, I have been maintaining this weight without problems for over 8 years. About the assumptions of my slimming diet at the time, about what and when I ate and what effects I was getting, I am telling in the podium How I lost 20 kg.

What is our ideal slimming diet

Most slimming diets that you can meet put emphasis on the rate of weight loss. It seems that this is the only, almost the main determinant of their attractiveness. This is not surprising to me, because these are the expectations of most people.

A quick review of Google Adwords, a tool for analyzing keywords entered into the search engine shows that no one is interested in a healthy, wise weight loss. What counts is the result of how to lose weight quickly.

In addition, we usually remember losing weight at the beginning of the year, and our enthusiasm goes out with the advent of holidays. The chart below shows how many search queries are related to weight loss in particular months of the year.

A very sad picture emerges from this. Most people expect quick results (upcoming holidays) and forget about slimming immediately or soon after they reach their destination or holiday. Some are reminded of this in January (New Year’s resolutions), hence the sudden January spike of these queries.

Why is the yo-yo effect appearing?

The answer to such market demand is to pour out pseudo weight-loss diets, which only put the emphasis on achieving maximum results in the minimum possible time. The aspect of maintaining health, proper nutrition of the body, so that it can function normally goes to the background.

In addition, in most cases, typical slimming diets put a key emphasis on counting calories and on a radical reduction in the diversity of food intake. During such a weight loss the body is actually “hungry, desperately keeping alive, using its iron reserves of minerals and vitamins.

The malnourished organism due to the lack of all necessary nutrients, still demands further portions of food. She hopes that in this way she will get what she needs – micro and macro elements, vitamins and phytonutrients. Not finding it in a typical highly processed diet, we are still hungry, overworked and unhappy …

Such a restrictive and burdened with the necessity of continuous counting of calories, the diet is very onerous and often simply leads to discouragement and cessation in the world. Embittered we find that we simply do not give advice.

However, even if we managed, we survived a long period of weight loss, the body is so exhausted and underfed that it desperately demands supplementing the necessary nutrients. When we get our dream weight and finish our diet, we often have wolf hunger attacks. As a result, we recover lost kilos very quickly, sometimes we even get something extra – this is the mechanism of the yo-yo effect.

How to lose weight without yo-yo effect?

Someone asked me how to lose weight? How long should a wise and healthy weight loss last? I have said so much time how much it took to gain the weight you want to shed. My interlocutor was shocked and, muttering under his breath, walked away disgustedly.

I tell it as an anecdote, and to make it clear, I do not think that slimming has to last that long – although it would be best. I am writing to make you aware that wise and persistent weight loss takes time.

How to lose weight without yo-yo effect

It is a conscious investment in health, which is not just about limiting or eliminating some products from your menu. Healthy and wise weight loss is a change in lifestyle, it leads to a situation in which eating healthy and unprocessed products cause that our body stabilizes its own weight.

Yes, I was not wrong. By changing your eating habits, changing your lifestyle, you will never have to lose weight again – your body will lead to the optimal weight for you. For me it worked, why should it not work for you? You can listen to this podcast about how to introduce healthy eating, or read the article How to start healthy eating.

What was my slimming diet based on?

In my case, the Low-Carb diet acted like magic, in half a year I lost 20 kg and thanks to a change in the nutrition style I could easily maintain this weight over the years. In this diet, as in any other good weight loss diet, the key point is the elimination of easily digestible carbohydrates.

Above all, all kinds of sweets, but also white flour, rice and pasta. Thanks to this, we do not have sudden jumps in the level of sugar in the blood that cause deposition of fatty tissue, followed by a rapid drop in blood glucose and hunger attacks.

In this place we introduce large amounts of fresh vegetables (practically without any restrictions) by adding good quality fat (olive oil, linseed oil, coconut oil). Carbohydrates are needed for us, but complex ones and in low amount, those that release energy contained in them slowly, while providing fiber and other nutrients.

To deliver them you can consume small quantities of wholemeal grains of pearl barley, buckwheat, brown rice, millet, as well as wholemeal flour products – dark pasta, wholemeal bread. Meals should

be eaten regularly (3-5 times a day) and care for adequate hydration – minimum 2 liters of water a day.

What would I do differently if I were to lose weight now?

If I were to lose weight now, I would only change one thing. I would eat fewer animal products, meat (especially red), cottage cheese and cheese (especially made from cow milk). Zoonotic products acidify the body, their metabolism requires taking alkalizing elements from the body’s reserves, which in the long run may lead to their deficiency. You can learn more about maintaining acid-base balance from the podcast. How to de-acid your body.

The protein is obviously necessary for us, however, it can be successfully obtained from other sources, for example legumes, nuts and vegetables. I do not necessarily mean the total abandonment of eating meat, but the abuse of meat is harmful to health. You can listen to more about the influence of eating meat on health and how to avoid it in this podcast.

Five steps to lose weight without a yo-yo effect

1. How to lose weight without yo-yo effect – acquiring knowledge

Slimming is not done by a diet, but by a permanent lifestyle change. At the beginning, you can, of course, ask someone to arrange a proper diet, adequate to your current life situation and expected results. However, in the long run it will be best if you become a dietician, trainer yourself, and become an architect of your new lifestyle. Because who knows your preferences better and your current life situation better?

So that you can do it, you need a constant flow of knowledge, first of all about the impact of food on your body. It does not have to happen in one week or one month. The most important thing is that you take the first step. From this podcast you will learn about a few books I recommend, from which it is worth starting your education.

2. How to lose weight without the yo-yo effect – hydration of the body

Water in our body has first of all to fulfill two functions to nourish and cleanse it. Nutrients supplied with food are transported to every cell of our body through blood. What do you think happens when you drink too little water? The blood becomes more dense and it becomes increasingly difficult to reach the furthest corners of your body – cells are suffocating (lack of oxygen) and are undernourished (lack of nutrients).

Similarly on the other side. The same (together with the lymphatic system) blood is responsible for the cleansing of cells from waste products, waste to be expelled. The thicker the blood, the harder it is to cleanse the body.

Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water daily, the golden rule is 30 ml for every kilogram of body weight. It is best to drink pure non-carbonated water, sometimes with lemon. Are also good herbal tea purge, chamomile, mint (in moderation). You will hear more about using herbs in the kitchen in this podcast. If you do not want to drink, it’s no wonder. Make a drink for a week and your body will start to cry about drinking.

3. How to lose weight without yo-yo effect – meal planning

Plan regular meals, preferably a few days ahead, at least at the beginning of your diet. Breakfast is very important, thanks to which the metabolism speeds up from the morning – the rate of burning of the food consumed, and that during fat loss goes first of all. The next meals should be about every 3-4 hours to constantly maintain a high rate of metabolism. Although if you do not feel hungry, do not force yourself to eat. Remember to drink something healthy in the meantime.

What to eat? First of all, unprocessed, full-value products

Products containing carbohydrates should be eaten in the first half of the day, and those containing protein (legumes, meats) in the second. Eating simple meals based on natural products, your body will quickly learn to signal you when it’s full.

However, if (especially at the beginning) you have problems with overeating, I recommend the article How not to overeat.

4. How to lose weight without yo-yo effect – moderate physical activity

What does moderate mean? It’s about an effort that increases heart rate for at least 30 minutes. It can be a quick walk, jogging, running, cycling, swimming and many other activities that you enjoy the most. Because that’s what it’s all about, to have fun with this new lifestyle. You can listen to this podcast on how to wisely exercise and enjoy it.

How often? The absolute minimum is 2 times a week, but the more often the better

5. How to lose weight without yo-yo effect – a positive attitude

You really have to start with this, as Henry Ford used to say – If you think you can do it, you’re right. If you claim that you can not make it – you are also right. That is why the first place in my list is gaining knowledge. Systematic broadening of your knowledge increases self-confidence, raises self-esteem and motivates you to even more effort.

Having the right knowledge, you will be able to design your own diet, your new lifestyle so that it perfectly matches your current life situation and provides you with the most satisfaction.


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