5 Mysterious Events Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life

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There are many things in this world that still needs an explanation. Things that come and about and not even science itself can figure out what has happened during the ocurrance. And when I say this I mean by very mysterious events that are seriously out of this world. Lucky for you, you have came to the right place to see it all caught on tape and give your honest opinion on it. With this being said, here are 5 Mysterious Events Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life! Lets….Begin!

1. Telekinesis

In the video that your about to see , a girl from Thailand is seen using some kind of never seen before Telekinetic Abilities that has shocked millions worldwide! The girl can be seen in a very confused mood doing some very paranormal things that very few times will we see within our lifetimes. I am very eager for you to see this so enough with the talk right? You be the judge in what is seen, so here….is the footage.

2. The Mortal Underpass

What your about to see is a lapsed footage of a security camera on a Spanish underpass that has had many car crash accidents in the same spot of the underpass. The cars shown in the accidents lose control for almost no explainable reason, while the most shocking footage is the one with the two trucks shown at the end as if one of the trucks materializes out of thin air. Kind of like a teleportation of some sort. Really weird. Anyways, here….is the video.

3. The Invisible Man

The video your about to see was taken by a dash camera of a car. Inside the footage, the car in question moves into the fast lane and as the tape continues, you can se a Jeep crossing overlane just in front of the car, and then suddenly jams in the breaks as it appears to have hit a man that came out of nowhere! And guess what? There was no man found on the ground. Weird right? Well, here is the video.

4. Duende In Mexico

This next video about to be seen shows a group of friends playing with a soccer ball inside one of the friends´s home. One with a camera and the others just goofing around when all of a sudden, they encounter what appears to be a very weird looking paranormal creature screaming and running past them. No one can really describe what was exactly caught here but most people believe this to be the famous Duende creature. But you be the judge on this one. Here…. is the footage..

5. Levitating Car

What your about to see is a video that has baffled the internet in many ways. Inside this CCTV footage, a van can be seen approaching a junction when the back end of it is lifted with no explanation as to how it was lifted. Some say that it was caused by a piece of steel cable which was caught up in the brush of a street sweepe, but witnesses claim that there was no cable to be seen after the ocurrance. Anyways, here is the video…