5 Bizarre Tales of People Coming Back From The Dead

These people were pronounced dead, some were already being mourned and this bizarre mistake almost cost them their life.

These tales are not taken from a Steven King novel but are real life stories which happened to people from all around the world. They were pronounced dead by mistake, but came back to the surprise of everyone around.

The grandma’ who came back from the dead to cook lunch

A Chinese woman, Li Sjuefeng was pronounced dead after her body was found in the bedroom without any signs of life and a visible wound on the head. They placed her in a coffin in house, but luckily for her the coffin wasn’t sealed. After 6 days the granny wake up from and rose from the coffin. Her family had already organized her funeral and her wake.

One day before the funeral her friends and family gathered in her house but found the coffin to be empty. After a bizarre search for the body they found the granny in the kitchen, cooking lunch. She couldn’t understand why were they so shocked at seeing her and later explained that she woke up form a long sleep. She was starving so she decided to cook something to eat.

A prostitute died while ‘working’

A prostitute from Zimbabwe died in a hotel room during sex with a client. After she collapsed, her frightened client called the police but at everyone’s surprise she came back from the dead just as they were putting her body in a metal coffin. She woke up screaming “You want to kill me!” Terrified staff and guests at the hotel, who had gathered to watch the scene unfold, fled in panic while the shaken up prostitute was escorted home by another prostitute.

She woke up after three days spent in the morgue

This is the most incredible story of all. A 61 year old woman from Russia was pronounced dead not once, but twice but she wasn’t actually dead neither times.  Lyudmila Steblitskaya was taken to the hospital after falling ill and when her daughter and granddaughter came to see her, the hospital staff informed them she had passed away. The grieving daughter started the funeral preparations and had spent 1330 euros on flowers and other preparations. She went to the hospital morgue to pick up her mother’s body but the doctors told her to wait a bit because they haven’t done the autopsy yet.

That’s when a frightened doctor approached her and told her her mother was alive and breathing. She stormed into the room and heard her mother calling out for her. She couldn’t remember what happened just that she wasn’t feeling well and went to the hospital. She had spent three days in the icy cold morgue while her family was in mourning. She woke up as the coroners were prepping her for autopsy and her skin had already started scaling from the freezing temperatures. The doctor who witnessed the whole ordeal asked a month of sick leave. One year after the unfortunate event, Lyudmila who’s suffering from heart problems, experienced another incident when she was pronounced dead. This time doctors knew better and woke her up from deep unconsciousness in a few hours.

A toddler woke up in a coffin

A two year old boy from Brazil woke up in an open casket, sat up and asked for a glass of water, after which he lied back down, looking lifeless. In a story that seems too unbelievable to be true, Kevin Santos stopped breathing as a result of complications from severe pneumonia. He allegedly passed away in a hospital in Northern Brazil in 7:40 PM and his body was wrapped in a bag and released to his parents. The parents organized a wake and the funeral was scheduled for the next day. An hour before the funeral Kevin woke up saying “Daddy I want some water”.

Everyone started screaming and couldn’t believe their eyes but Kevin lied down again. They rushed him into the hospital but doctors examined the boy and said he showed no signs of life. The family decided to postpone the funeral but the boy didn’t wake up again so he was buried.

She woke up on her own funeral and died of a heart attack

Russian Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, 49, was pronounced dead by doctors error. At her funeral a miracle happened – the deceased opened her eyes. But the scene of her own funeral and the mere thought of being buried live was probably too much so she started screaming just like everyone else. They rushed her to the hospital but the doctors couldn’t help her, she died of a heart attack.