35 Amazing Photos From NORWAY

1. You basically can’t take a bad picture in Norway.


2. You can live on this island, surrounded by beautiful Norway, and NEVER LEAVE.

3. You can see places like this in the middle of Oslo.

4. The cliffs and waterfalls are just stunning.

5. Waves freeze in Norway and look like this.

6. This is an incredible view

7. Just imagine how peaceful it would be to live here.

8. So many new friends to make.

9. There are just so many beautiful waterfalls.

10. You simply have to see this, because how else can you even believe it’s real?

11. The countryside will feel like home.

12.  No photo can do this justice.

13. Reflections in the water mean you always see double the beautiful.

14. Even the shacks in Norway qualify as dream homes with views like this.

15. You can look across the water and see this.

16. The skylines are colorful and unique.

17. Forests in Norway are pulled straight from a fantasy epic.

18. Who wouldn’t want to trade places with this girl right now?

19. The mountains are just begging to be climbed.

20. Norway’s cities are sprawling and full of life.

21. Its countryside is like stepping into a story book.

22. You don’t want to miss the summer view either.

23. The winter view is incredible

24. Simply incredible

25. There are plenty of interesting places to explore.

26. Awesome sights to see.

27. This looks right out of a scene of Frozen.

28.  Nothing gets more beautiful than the Northern Lights over snowy mountains.

29.  You’ll be completely be lost for words looking at a scene like this.

30. You won’t have words to describe this scene.

31. Because the sunset looks like this.

32. The west border is one long, gorgeous view of the the Norwegian Sea.

33. It’s full of gorgeous rivers and creeks.

34. The landscape will leave you awestruck.

35. And see the stars from right here.


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