33 People Who Prove The World Isn’t So Broken After All

The world is a good place, with good people who inhabit it.. but sometimes we need a little bit of a reminder:

1. This guy, who saw a person in need and realized he could help:

2. This biker, who held up traffic to help an older lady cross the street:

3. This barber, who offers haircuts at the cost of one hug each:

4. This officer, who handcuffed himself to a suicidal woman so she knew she wouldn’t go alone:

She changed her mind shortly thereafter.

5.Rugby player Brian O’Driscoll, who visited his biggest little fan in the hospital:

6. This crowd, who figured the fan in the wheelchair deserved to see the show just as much as anyone else there:

7. This samaritan, who helped a stranger get where they were going:

8. This thoughtful do-gooder, who helped a stranger get where they were going without a wet butt:

9. This team, who in a display of utter sportsmanship helped an injured opponent score:

10. This dry cleaner, who believes everyone should look their best when trying to get a job:

11. This “citizen of the Earth”:

12. This guy, who probably missed his train to help this lady with her bags:

13. This guy, who gave a kid the world for a brief moment in time:

14. This lady, who unknowingly demonstrated that kindness begets kindness:

15. This firefighter, who heroically rescued what was clearly “more than just a pet”:

16. This kind soul:

17. This loving launderer, who put off their load to make sure a stranger’s was dry:

18. And they say kids these days have no morals:

19. This mailman, who knows the importance of getting something other than junk mail every once in a while:

20. Dan:

21. This animal hospital, who truly knows how significant a pet can be to a person:

22. This good Samaritan:

23. These folks, who just want to return an expensive phone to its rightful owner:

24. This guy, who cleared his conscience after 13 years:

25. This animal lover, who knows the power of one good night of sleep:

26. This sports team, who let a kid with a congenital heart defect live his dream:

27. This exotic car forum, who banding together to help a disabled kid live his dream… over, and over again:

28. This team of paramedics, who didn’t just stop at saving an the man’s life:

29. This pet-lover:

30. This grocery store employee, who knows a simple thing like tying someone’s shoes can make their whole day:

31. This stranger, whose pay-it-forward scheme might just catch on:

32. This hero, who just did the right thing:

33. This Generous Tipper: