25 People You Would Only Find At Walmart

Attention Walmart shoppers, did you realize the craziest aspect of the store isn’t the clothing selections? Instead, it’s the clientele. Yep. In case you weren’t aware, there’s a website dedicated to this alternate universe, called PeopleOfWalmart.com. Here are 25 of the best images we could find from the site which truly sum up the… uniqueness of Walmart.

1. Which aisle are those shoes found?

I have a lot of questions here. First and foremost, where did our man find those stunning shoes? Major kudos. After a busy day of crocodile hunting, Walmart is the only place to be.

2. What are they returning?

Yet again, so many questions here, but we can make it easy. Those boots are absolutely killing it. Well done, sir… or ma’am. #awkward

3. Nap time in Walmart

It’s possible to have so much fun in Walmart that you end up catching up on some sleep in one of the aisles. Try to pace yourself next time. Okay, let’s be realistic, nobody paces themselves at Walmart.

4. Hopefully it was Halloween season

This is a stretch but I’m guessing she might be a cat person. It’s staring us down very harshly and judgmentally, but that’s okay. Our research has found that people of Walmart like to embody their animals.

5. Clothes say a lot

Wouldn’t it be great if all clothing directly described us? It teaches you a lot about a person without having to talk to them. Cut out the middle man. On a side note, I’d love to meet an actual ‘Twerk Queen.’ Is she taking suitors?

Okay, now to some Halloween themed people…

6. The deviled egg

She is one devilish customer. But her pitchfork is considered a lethal weapon in about 30 states. Thankfully this isn’t one of them.

7. She LOVES Valentine’s Day

Either her boyfriend will propose to her on the spot, or they will have a swift and immediate break-up. This lady understands what love is about. Life is beautiful

8. Almost a bluetooth

When it is really humid outside, this actually happens. She is not alone.

9. The male Gaga

In between shows, our talented performer has to purchase goods. Of course he shops for them at the neighborhood Walmart. Out of all the questions we have, near the top of the list is… what’s up with the keys?

10. Not the best punishment

Placing a plastic bag over a child’s head is always an odd idea, and not in a good way. Hopefully she did something to warrant this. Kidding. Maybe she should try this on her mom.

11. The perfect store for your junk business

At Walmart they aren’t sensitive when it comes to solicitors. You can pretty much advertise and run an entire office in front of the store. This person probably gets a good amount of clients too. Money, money, money…. MONEY!

12. The Disney-Elvis hybrid

This guy loves all things from the 50’s, but especially Elvis and Disneyland. When you can’t decide between the two, you have to go with both. And then you must go to a party later that night.

13. Hair that can clean hardwood floors

This could be an incredibly fancy hairstyle. Either that or it is a mop. It is impossible to tell the difference, but we can just assume the latter. Why? It’s Walmart.

14. Shockingly, he is one of the most normal shoppers

It is good to see Ace Frehley holding up nicely these days. KISS broke up such a long time ago. Way to go sir!

15. Dressing up for a shopping spree

Not only is he rocking the stunning white tank top, but he’s buying a pack of Natural Ice to celebrate the holidays. Not to pass judgement, but he has to be on some sort of list with some agency or authority.

16. Adam West is looking good

Even the bat wants to save money. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of everyday low prices. Evidently, anyone can do it.

17. What is he drinking?

When you decide to mix and match. Mixing your drunk pirate outfit with your leopard skin pants is bold but somehow quite stylish. Good move my man.

18. Since when did he retire from pro wrestling?

Surely he had a career in the WWE back in the 80’s and 90’s. Sadly, the recession has hurt everyone, including legends like him. Last I checked, you can’t purchase steroids in Walmart. But I can’t speak for the super-centers.

19. Gotta catch ’em all

When you are so in love with Pokemon, you can’t leave the house without your costume. Some folks call these people weirdos, I call them heroes. But they are also pretty strange.

20. Flying high

This seems appropriate, considering that all she probably does with her life is lounge in a wide open field and listen to an iPod loaded up with ambient soundscapes.

21. Ambitious attempt 

We always want people to express themselves, but the combination of slippers and ultra short jean shorts is simply not working. Having said that, some people likely find this uber sexy. In which case, they should be institutionalized.

22. Webster’s definition of ‘downward spiral’

At least he took the time to put on a hat. Does Walmart hand out complementary hand sanitizers? If not, it absolutely should.

23. Walking down the aisle… the dairy aisle

It’s every Indiana girl’s dream to be escorted down the dairy aisle of Walmart on her wedding day. You have to load up for the honeymoon. The plan is not to leave their room for any purpose.

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24. Textbook Walmart shopper

Huge gut, flip-flops, unbuttoned shirt, gold watch. Also known as dressed to impress by Walmart standards. This gentleman deserves respect. Nicely played.

And finally, the most perfect summation of Walmart shoppers can be found in this man…

25. Searching for product

He’s looking to mix up the color scheme this time. Maybe some orange and yellow highlights are in store? Or how about the jet black look? Surely he will make the correct choice.