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Monthly Archives: May 2020

What Makes Finland’s Teachers So Much Better Than Everyone Else’s?

Finland’s school system is swiftly becoming the envy of the world, primarily because of their willingness to experiment with alternatives to formal education to discover if different methods and approaches work better than the strict government controlled academic model. Teaching is a highly valued profession in this Northern European nation, and all over the world […]

Sauerkraut, Miso and 5 Other Foods To Supercharge Your Gut Health

Except for maybe the brain and heart, the stomach is the hardest working part of the human body. Think about it, from sunrise ‘til sunset your gut is putting in 100 percent of its effort into keeping your body functioning. Even when you don’t eat, your stomach goes to extensive lengths to let you know […]

The Image You See First Reveals A lot About Your Future

They say a picture says it all, but this one says it all! Which image did you see first? Tests like those are so much fun and usually give us good insightd about ourselves an our futures. Take a look at the image below, what is the first thing you notice? Technically there are four […]

No One Believes This Girl When She Tells Them What Her Job Is

A Norwegian woman is branching out into politics to end a stigma and make her day job more appealing to young women. Everyone seems to be shocked when Lisa-Marie Sommerstad reveals to them what she does for a living. The 25-year-old has been a bricklayer for four years and because she doesn’t fit the social […]

Planned Parenthood Organ Buyers Earned Bonuses For Baby Body Parts

A technician who participated in harvesting organs from aborted babies provided by Planned Parenthood says her company encouraged workers to obtain as many high-value samples as possible with incentives such as bonuses. In the latest exposé from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), former StemExpress procurement technician Holly O’Donnell admits bonuses varied according to body […]

Fishing Boy Thinks He Has A Huge Fish, Reels In 25 Year Old Lost...

April Deanhardt, who was since married and changed her name to Bolt, remembers the day when she was 32 years old and her purse was stolen from her in Anderson County, South Carolina. She had left it in a boat and had walked away from it for a moment. That’s when a thief ran over and snagged […]

86 Convicted Burglars Reveal How They Secretly Break Into Homes

Is that security screen door good enough to thwart burglars? How about that unlocked “doggie door”? Could a criminal shimmy in there? Do you leave the lights on all the time? A shocking survey of 86 burglars reveals how they broke in to homes, what deterred them and what you can do to keep your family and property […]

The Blue Fugates – A Family With Blue Skin Thanks To Inbreeding

People come in all colors – to an extent. You wouldn’t expect to see a human with naturally blue skin. But that’s the case for the Blue Fugates. Who are the Blue Fugates? The title refers to members of the Fugate family of eastern Kentucky, particularly those who lived in the early- to mid-20th century. And according […]

It’s The Worst One They’ve Found – It’s Over 2,500 Years Old With Bodies...

Here’s a stellar archaeological discovery: a tomb honoring a feudal lord and his wife included the remains of more than 100 horses and four chariots. The remains were found in a 2,400-year-old pit near the city of Xinzheng in China, holding the remains of horses and chariots believed to belong to an ancient royal household […]

Two Trapped Babies Miraculously Saved After Texans Cry Out To GOD

Over the weekend, Southern states were hit with devastating tornadoes and flooding, leaving at least 13 people dead and many more injured, reports CNN. Among the hardest-hit states was Texas, where five people were killed. Two Texas children who escaped death, a two-year-old and an infant girl, had their miraculous rescue captured by video. The compelling footage, which shows […]

Scientists Opened A Cave That Was Isolated For 5.5 Million Years and Found This

Movile Cave has been cut off for millions of years. Its air is thick with harmful gasses, yet it is home to an array of strange beings. The cave remained unopened for 5.5 MILLION years. It was discovered in 1986 a few kilometers from the Black Sea coast after scientists were sweeping the area looking […]

Medieval Skeleton Found Dangling From The Roots of A Fallen Tree

After a violent storm ripped through the Irish town of Collooney, locals were shocked to discover the remains of a 1,000-year-old skeleton hanging from the roots of a fallen tree. The body, which belonged to a young man who appears to have died a violent death, was found beneath a 200-year-old beech tree. In a […]

Survival 101: What Are Your Rights Under Martial Law?

Martial law occurs when the military is given control and authority over the functions of civilian government. While the constitution itself doesn’t explicitly mention the term “martial law,” it is technically allowed by it, if imposed during “extreme circumstances.” With the threat of martial law looming, it may be a good idea to figure out what rights ordinary […]

5 Difficult Truths That Will Change The Way You Live Your Life

“The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn,” wrote C. JoyBell C. It Is In Our Pursuit Of New Life Lessons That We Are Able To Change, Grow, And Improve […]

9 Year Old Tells McDonald’s CEO That She’s Fed Up With His Tricks

How often does a nine-year-old get to scold one of the most powerful CEOs in the world? Not often enough. But on May 23, third-grader Hannah Robertson did exactly that at the McDonald’s shareholders meeting when she told CEO Don Thompson, “It would be nice if you stopped trying to trick kids into wanting to eat your […]

Cannabis Saved Our Granddaughter’s Life, So We Donated $33 Million To Medical Cannabis Research

Would you be prepared to break the law to save your child’s life? That’s just what happened to the Lambert family from Sydney Australia, who decided to give Katelyn, then just a baby, a cannabis extract. “Who do you love more than your children?  – your grandchildren,” says Joy Lambert, Katelyn’s grandmother. “So at 67 […]

Research Reveals Nutrition Improves Mental Health Better Than Prescription Medication

Clinical psychologist, Julia Rucklidge, delivers an enlightening TED talk on the importance of nutrition and it’s role in mental health. Julia reminds us of a time when Dr. Semmelweis was ridiculed and dismissed for suggesting that doctors wash their hands before touching pregnant women. She compares the radical reaction that doctors had then, to the […]

What You Should Stop Buying At The Grocery Store ASAP

Packaged foods are certainly convenient, but they’re often made with added preservatives and ingredients that are not necessary to include if you were to make the product yourself. In the interest of better health, try making these foods below at home. Here are five items you should stop buying at the grocery store ASAP and […]

I Normally Don’t Care For TV Commercials, But This Is Easily The Best One...

If you are a lover of nature and find yourself inspired by survival stories, then the latest advertisement from Shangri-La hotel chain may be exactly what you are looking for. The hotel and resort chain is well-known for its hospitality and has locations in Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Europe. Their latest […]

Turns Out, ADHD Doesn’t Really Exist, According To Harvard Psychologist

​A renowned and tenured Harvard Psychologist is receiving a bit of backlash for his claims regarding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD. That said, since the psychologist hails from one of the top universities in the country and is regarded as a one of the most eminent psychologists of the 20th century, the […]

This Amazing Drink Can Cure Diabetes In Just 5 Days

Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases of our time. It occurs when the body is unable to produce insulin or can’t use it properly, resulting in high blood sugar levels. The condition has no known cure, and the only treatment involves taking insulin shots for the rest of the patient’s life. There are […]

Snow In The Sahara: Desert Sees Snow For The First Time In 37 Years

Amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata took incredible pictures of snow covering the sand in the small Saharan desert town of Ain Sefra, Algeria, yesterday afternoon. He captured the amazing moment snow fell on the red sand dunes in the world’s largest hot desert for the first time in 37 years. Snow was last seen in Ain […]

Guinness World Record Holder: The Secret To Rapid Fat Loss Is Not Just Diet...

Have you ever heard of that crazy trend where you submerge your body in a tub of ice in order to help lose weight? Are you wondering if this trend really works? According to journalist and anthropologist Scott Carney, this trend is definitely onto something extraordinary. In Carney’s book, What Doesn’t Kill Us, he investigates this […]

The Other White Meat: Why You Should Eat Coconut For Strong Muscles and More

So you want lean muscle mass, eh? Then put down that burger and listen up! Regardless of all that propaganda out there telling you that beef is the best way to increase your muscle mass or that egg whites and chicken are foods you should eat to get lean, those health hypes couldn’t be further […]

Use This Lotion and You Will Never Get Any Wrinkles On Your Skin

Aging is a natural process that cannot be prevented, and some of the early signs of aging are noticed in the appearance of Fine lines on face and wrinkles around the corner of the eyes, lips and on the forehead. Wrinkles and Fine lines on face are caused by the loss of collagen from the […]

Women Have Right To Sell Their Bodies For Sex, Says Cambridge Professor

  Prostitution should be as respected as being in the armed forces because women have the exact same right to make money from their bodies, Cambridge economist Victoria Bateman argued this week. Director of studies at the Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge, Bateman argued in an article for the Times Higher Education magazine […]

Putin: 95% Of World Terrorist Attacks Are Orchestrated By The CIA

Shockwaves are reverberating around the Kremlin after an extraordinary meeting called by Vladimir Putin yesterday during which the Russian president said that “95% of the world’s terrorist attacks are orchestrated by the CIA,” and the St. Petersburg metro bombing must be investigated “with this in mind.“ Speaking at a behind closed doors forum for the highest echelons of […]

Here’s Why Your Blood Is Red But Your Veins Are Blue

Our body is a constant source of mystery and even though we walk around on a daily basis not knowing certain things about ourselves, this is what makes the process of self discovery even more fun. One of the most commonly considered mysteries of the human body has to do with our veins. After all, […]

Rescue Dog Throws Himself From Helicopter Into Giant Waves To Save Lives

Finding yourself trapped in the water without a way to save yourself can be a life threatening situation and when these situations come about, it can be to find a large and furry animal to hold onto until help is finally able to arrive. Did you know that there are special dogs who are specifically […]

Archaeologists Discovered 47 Pieces of Orichalcum – A Metal Used On ATLANTIS

Is this the ultimate proof Atlantis DID exist? Some 2,600 years ago, a ship sank off the coast of Gela, to the south of modern-day Sicily. What experts found inside the wreckage has shaken the archaeological community: 47 pieces of a precious alloy that according to ancient accounts, was one of the most precious metals […]

Georgia Family Loses Everything In A Fire, Except A Bible

God works in mysterious ways. At least, that’s what one Glynn County family believes after they lost everything in a fire, except a Holy Bible. The fire happened on Belle Point Parkway in Brunswick, Ga. last Friday. A family friend, Stephanie Levy, said Rachel was living at the residence with her aunt and uncle, Carol and […]

Scientists Discover Horrifying Creature Living In Mummy Before Death

It might sometimes be hard to believe in an era when satellites and fiber optics bring news flash news from the present around the globe at the speed of light, but there is still tons to discover about the past. And archaeologists, often aided by advanced technology, find new pieces of information all the time. For […]

What Happened To The Flags We Planted On The Moon?

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 touched down on the moon. At 10:56 pm eastern standard time, Neil Armstrong accomplished another first. With the immortal words, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” (or something like that) Neil Armstrong became the first human to step foot on a major celestial […]

Martense Lane Rock – Unremarkable Boulder Is Said To Bear The Hoof Print of...

Before Brooklyn had spread itself beyond Greenwood Cemetery a stone could be seen in Martense’s Lane, south of that burial-ground, that bore a hoof mark. 14,000 years ago this rock came to the neighborhood of Sunset Park – It was brought here by the Wisconsin glacier. The glacier pushed rocks & dirt across the United […]

Here’s a Place Prophecy Is Literally Set In Stone

“I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Yerushalayim, they shall never hold their peace day nor night: ‘Ye that are Hashem’s remembrancers, take ye no rest, and give Him no rest, till He establish, and till He make Yerushalayim a praise in the earth.’” Isaiah 62:6 (The Israel Bible Speaking at the Prophecy in […]

Corey Feldman May Have Just Revealed One of His Alleged Predators On National TV

As the world begins to see Hollywood’s dark underbelly for the first time, those who attempt to downplay or otherwise cover for the predators are being exposed as complicit in the abuse. Because their facade is collapsing, those in the mainstream who could once look the other way in the face of abuse or smear the […]

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