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Monthly Archives: June 2019

How To Channel Your Creative Energy To Bring Your Ideas To Life

Those who live in harmony with themselves, live in harmony with the universe. Harmony is agreement, peace, friendship – the polyphony of infinite frequencies. Waves of light and energy vibrating constantly and endlessly, resonating deeply through – and as – All That Is. Everything is energy. Scientists and mystics unite in this truth. The cutting […]

Not Just Austim, Major Yale Study Shows Vaccines Tied To Multiple Brain Disorders

It is no question that the subject of vaccines is profoundly controversial. On both sides of the argument exist truths and lies that can hinder the ability of some to make rational decisions. For the last 50 years, the world has taken a front row seat to the phenomenological occurrences of the rise of brain […]

‘I’m Naming Names’ McAfee Vows To Expose Corrupt US Officials and CIA Agents In...

Bitcoin evangelist John McAfee has threatened to “bury” the US government if they keep harassing him over unpaid taxes, promising to leak a huge trove of files proving corruption throughout Washington and its allies. “I’ve collected files on corruption in governments. For the first time, I’m naming names and specifics,” McAfee warned in a string […]

Plants Cure Cancer, Not Chemicals

Unbeknownst to most, a Copernican revolution has already taken place in cancer theory. Today, the weight of evidence indicates that plants and not chemicals are the solution for reversing the global cancer epidemic. Our understanding of what causes cancer has undergone something akin to a Copernican revolution in the past decade. Biological fatalism has been […]

Gary Webb: Murdered For Exposing The Truth

When you first take a look at Gary Webb, there’s nothing particularly intriguing about the guy. There are no indications that this seemingly ordinary human being carries with him an extraordinary message. No distinct feature that hints at the potential for greatness, or his ability to help inspire revolution. But such is the elusive nature […]

Evidence To Show The Mayans Were Helped By Aliens

There are a number of rumors surrounding the Mayan people and aliens. Like the Egyptians, many people believe the civilization was visited by extraterrestrials and this gallery has the evidence to prove it all. 1. The Mayan Calendar The Mayan had a calendar that predicted that accurately predicted every lunar eclipse, but how did they know […]

Woman Dead For 23 Hours In Hell Reports Seeing Michael Jackson, Pope John Paul...

Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora, aged 18 from Ecuador wrote Prepare to Meet Your God and in it, she talks about being dead for 23 hours and finding herself in hell among many celebrities that include Michael Jackson the singer and Pope John Paul II. The woman testifies (watch the original video testimony at the end […]

29 Holistic Doctors/ND’s Poisoned, Some Suffering “Life Threatening Conditions” at Conference

Our main source is US News and World Report hence the title. Several have asked me if this is a satire piece. Like all my pieces I write- it is factual and very real. I am honored Health Nut News has been quoted by some mainstream news sources now on this piece. 29 “holistic doctors/ naturopaths […]

This Is Hidden At The Bottom of Lake Michigan, and Most People Have No...

We’ve talked about how undeniably creepy underwater statues can be, but most of those are just installations. They serve no more purpose than for the sake of art itself. However, the story behind the giant crucifix under the waters of Lake Michigan holds a special meaning for the people of Petoskey. The structure has been […]

The FBI Is Keeping 80,000 Secret Files On The Saudis and 9/11

The secret ‘28 pages’ are just the start. The FBI has another 80,000 classified documents, many of which deal with Saudi connections to the 9/11 terror plot. What’s the Bureau got? The Obama administration may soon release 28 classified pages from a congressional investigation that allegedly links Saudis in the United States to the 9/11 attackers. A former Republican […]

Nearly 1,700 Suspected Child Predators Arrested In DOJ Operation “Broken Heart”

The Trump Department of Justice arrested nearly 1,700 suspected child predators in operation “Broken Heart.” The nation-wide campaign was conducted by the Internet Crimes Against Children task forces. Via the Department of Justice website: The Department of Justice today announced the arrest of almost 1,700 suspected online child sex offenders during a two-month, nationwide operation conducted by […]

The President Who Told The Truth

This video contains one of the most awesome, inspiring and truthful speeches ever given by a president. This very speech must have caused a lot of panic among the higher echelons of the elite. Kennedy had been in office for only 3 months and he was already taking unprecedented steps to empower ordinary people. Kennedy […]

Mystic Rabbi’s Visions of Trump: Obama’s Betrayal Reversed, UN Will Fall, Europe Will Burn

On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States, Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, a prominent mystic and spiritual leader, made several startling predictions this week concerning the impending transfer of power and the changes in store for America, Israel, and the world. “The media will discover that outgoing President […]

E-Bomb: The Electronic Weapon That Can Make A Plane “Disappear”

Over a dozen nations have now mobilized search teams for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The mysterious disappearance has left investigators all over the world wondering what could have happened. This is a huge investigation, as evidenced by the fact that China has re-tasked ten satellites to search for the wreckage, suggesting that the People’s Republic […]

First 3D Printed Vertebra Successfully Implanted In 12 Year Old Boy

The world’s first 3D printed vertebra has been successfully implanted in a 12 year old patient from China. The patient had a malignant tumor on his spinal cord and was subjected to extensive surgery at Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH). In order to prevent the cancer from spreading, it was necessary to remove second vertebra […]

How John D. Rockefeller Used The AMA To Take Over Western Medicine

The Flexner Report was a very useful tool commissioned by oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller had made a massive fortune with Standard Oil and was setting his sights on gaining a monopoly in the drug and pharmaceutical industry. However, first he had to get rid of the competition, which consisted of natural non-allopathic healing modalities […]

50% Of All Colon Cancer Cases Can Be Avoided By Avoiding These 9 Things

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancer types in the world. Although not as deadly as others, it is still dangerous and should be caught as early as possible – in this cases, thesurvival rate goes up tremendously. According to latest research, this type of cancer can be prevented by avoiding some simple […]

Masonic Letter Reveals Plans For World War III

The following is a letter that speculation claimed that Albert Pike wrote to Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871 regarding a conspiracy involving three world wars that were planned in an attempt to take over the world. The Pike letter to Giuseppe Mazzini was on display in the British Museum Library in London until 1977. SCROLL DOWN […]

I Drank Warm Water With Lemon and Honey For 365 Days

In this article we’re going to present you the experience of Crystal Davis. She is a citizen of the United States, and one day, she decided to drink hot water with lemon and honey every morning on an empty stomach, for a whole year. She just wanted to know what kind of changes will occur […]

Saudi Princess of The Royal Family Says Geoengineering Is A ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’

A couple of months ago, HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud, humanitarian and daughter of King Saud, compared geoengineering science and programs to weapons of mass destruction, arguing that their implementation is like setting off a bomb without the nuclear explosion. She also stressed that geoengineering threatens the world’s water and food supply, and is one […]

Climate Change Uncovers A Lost Atlantis Swallowed By The Sea In Wales

In an unexpected turn, the effects of climate change on the coast of Great Britain are revealing insights into how earlier communities coped with the effects of climate change at the end of the last Ice Age. Since last winter’s brutal storms uncovered more of the submerged forest of Borth on the Welsh coast, archaeologists […]

All Politicians Must Face Anti-Corruption Polygraph Tests

The Russian public chamber has proposed a nationwide program in which civil servants, politicians and even civil activists undergo universal polygraph tests to detect and purge those previously engaged in corruption schemes. We propose that these tests are taken by all candidates for positions in the civil service before they are officially employed and also […]

In Case of A Heart Attack You Have 10 Seconds Only To Save Your...

Heart attack is something that many people face with nowadays. Unfortunately, it cannot be predicted, and if we’re lucky we might never experience anything like that. Luckily for you, in this article we’re going to present you several useful advice’s along with a video which could potentially save your life if you ever find yourself […]

Naturally Detox Your Body With These 6 Power Foods

There are all kinds of intense detoxification protocols out there that can help cleanse the colon, blood, liver, and other bodily organs and systems of toxic materials. But sometimes the easiest and most effective way to keep your body maintained and in check is to simply incorporate more cleansing foods into your everyday diet. Here […]

Radiation Level In Tuna Off Oregon Coast Tripled After Fukushima Disaster

While the state of Oregon gears up to test its shores for radioactive contamination from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, university scientists have found that radiation levels in some albacore tuna caught off its coast have tripled. According to researchers at the Oregon State University, the results came after tests analyzed the cesium levels in 26 tuna […]

Shape Shifting Creature Reportedly Captured In Ghana

How do you know if you’re looking at a shape-shifter? If the creature is in human form, you either have to wait or take the word of the police officers who captured it when it changed from half-human-half-duck into a small human. If you ask them why no one took a picture of the half-human-half-duck, […]

92 Year Old Woman Caught Trafficking Cocaine Says She Is CIA Agent

Texas Rangers have apprehended a 92-year-old woman who was caught trying to smuggle no fewer than 20 kilos (44 lb) of cocaine at the American-Mexican border this week reports the San Antonio Chronicle. Julia Maria Estrada Sanchez told authorities she was in fact on the CIA payroll and on a top-secret mission for the U.S. government. […]

12 Natural Antibiotics That Our Ancestors Used Instead of Pills

Over the last several decades, over-use of antibiotics has reached an all-time high. The result has been drug-resistant bacteria and “superbugs” that evolve faster than scientists can figure out how to fight them. A future where bacteria are at the top of the food chain is not unheard of. Long before there were pharmaceutical antibiotics […]

What You Didn’t Know About Your Bottled Water‏

Remember the days when getting a drink of water meant going to the kitchen sink to fill up a glass? Yeah, we don’t either. Nowadays the market for water is flooded (get it?) with choices to meet your H2O preferences. But with so many options, it’s hard to know what exactly you’re drinking. Spring water? Artesian […]

Selfie Taken By Russian Woman Clearly Has “Bizarre Creature” In The Background

A bizarre selfie was taken by a Russian business woman named Olesya Podkorytov onboard a jetliner that has social media speculating as to what exactly it might be. Olesya did not actually notice the very strange looking figure until her photo was uploaded, and then she was inundated with comments pointing out the alien looking figure. […]

How To Strengthen Your Nervous System

The nervous system is a complex network of autonomic, motor and sensory nerves, which are involved in everything your body does. From regulating your breathing to controlling your movements, from digestion to regulating temperature, the nervous system plays a role in many important functions of the body. Problems with your nervous system can occur due […]

How Old Is The Earth: 6,000 Years, Or 4 Billion?

“Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever Thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, Thou art God.” Psalms 90:2 (The Israel Bible™) After successfully debating Bill Nye, a celebrity scientist, Ken Ham built a $92 million theme park in Kentucky with a full-size replica of Noah’s Ark as […]

If You Have One of These Old VHS Tapes It May Be Worth Over...

Got VHS tapes collecting dust on a shelf somewhere? Maybe you already reclaimed the space and they’re sitting in an attic long-forgotten. Hopefully you didn’t throw them out, though, as it turns out there might be quite the market for some old tapes. Modern directorial practice for movie releases and re-releases tends to include adding […]

Apparently Milk Is More Dangerous Than Cannabis

Growing up, most of us were encouraged to drink milk, but new research suggests that this isn’t exactly the best advice in the world. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, some of the things we’ve understood about the benefits of milk like improved bone health could be completely false. A 20 […]

Everyone Knows This Is Used To Unlock Your Car – But There’s Another Use

Do you know how to fool a potential burglar, rapist, or attacker using only your car keys? No, this isn’t some self-defense trick. It’s a common sense preparation that many people can take to reduce the risk of becoming a crime victim. The tip was posted recently by Bryan Silva on Facebook: “Put your car keys beside your […]

Stop Using These Toxic Supermarket Toothpastes

Did you know that your generic supermarket brand toothpastes are highly toxic? I’m talking about your Colgate, McLeans and Crest brand toothpastes. All these brands and more contain ingredients that can be highly dangerous to your health in the future. I’m going to list just a few of these ingredients that are used in your […]

Reveal Your Life’s Purpose By Asking These 15 Questions

You came here for a reason, didn’t you? You can feel it in the depths of your being. The trend becomes unmistakable once fat intake increases for a population. Your life is inconceivably meaningful. You arrived on Earth for a purpose. What that purpose is, you have to uncover (and create) yourself. It’s an epic […]

Hidden Secrets of New York City In Plain Sight

This photo of the Twin Towers, which were destroyed on September 11, 2001, clearly shows Luciferian/Nephilim symbolism surrounding them. As a side note, the Statue of Liberty was built by the Freemasons. It is actually Lucifer the Light bearer. God is up front. Evil is extraordinarily deceptive, sneaky, and oftentimes masquerades as good. When our […]

‘Captagon’ ISIS Favorite Tiny Pill Fueling Syria’s War and Turning Fighters Into Superhuman Soldiers

The Washington Post called it “the tiny pill fueling Syria’s war and turning fighters into superhuman soldiers.” The BBCsaid it was “the drug fueling conflict in Syria.” Many other media outlets — Reuters, Voice of America, the Guardian, Time— have reported on this apparently powerful pill and its outsize presence in the Middle East, especially […]

Men In Black Caught On Tape Real Video

This video was sent to us via email by a man who works as a security guard for a law office in Alaska. He was able to catch something extremely strange on a security camera in the main lobby. What you’re about to see is immensely bizarre. Watch this and decide for yourself. Due to […]

Scientist Creates New Flu Virus That Can Kill All of Humanity

Working at a lab with a relatively low level-two bio-safety rating, University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka has created a strain of flu that can completely escape the human immune system. The new genetically-engineered virus is based on H1N1, which may have killed 500,000 people just five years ago. Most people today have a level of immunity […]

How Food Giants Keep Us Sick, Fat and Coming Back For More

Michael Moss’ new book reveals exactly how the food industry uses three key ingredients to create never-satisfied cravings for very unhealthy foods. The international obesity epidemic didn’t just happen by accident. Sure, people’s lifestyle habits shifted from active to sedentary. And, yes, we moved to the suburbs and stopped cooking at home so much. But a new […]

Watercress Is The Healthiest Vegetable? Carrot Is #26? Here’s A Chart To Memorize

The Center For Disease Control is not only tasked with preventing Ebola outbreaks, and serving as a backdrop for The Walking Dead episodes. The federal agency is tasked with teaching us about healthy living, including defining so-called Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables. PFVs are attributed with preventing all kinds of diseases and broadly defined as “green leafy, yellow/orange, citrus […]

Alien Disclosure By PEPSI – Watch Their Black Knight Video

Earlier this year i published the article about Black Night Satellite . Black Night Satellite has been described the same way before, as a spacecraft in near-Earth orbit, estimated to be 13,000 years old. Would that make it something a previous human civilization like Atlantis put up before they were destroyed in the last POLE SHIFT? […]

Former President Jimmy Carter Says America Has Become An Oligarchy

Despite being one of the most hated presidents in American history─right behind Nixon and Bush Jr.─former United States President Jimmy Carter has been known to be a little outspoken from time to time. He publicly criticized the NSA’s citizen spying programs and even announced that he would not be using his email, convinced that the […]

Someone Analyzed The Bible and Quran To See Which Is More Violent

Software engineer Tom Anderson had long heard individuals debate whether or not terrorism was related to Islam being a fundamentally violent religion – so he decided to look more closely. In particular, he used text analytics software he had developed to compare the Bible and Quran, looking in particular at words categorized in eight different […]

7 Reasons To Avoid Fake People Who Drain Your Vital Energy

Each and every day, we encounter different types of people. And while we can’t take anyone for who they are at first glance, we often have an innate sense of who someone is within moments of meeting them. Sadly, even the most spiritual people can be toxic, and in a world full of an increasing […]

Revolutionary 3-D Printer Can Build 10 Houses In 24 Hours, And For Only $5,000...

A Chinese company used giant 3D printers to make 10 full-sized, detached single-story houses in one day! To remedy the housing crisis, as well as the increasing demand for economical and sustainably-produced living spaces, many architects are experimenting with 3D printing.  One such designer is Ma Yihe, the owner of the private firm WinSun. According […]

Mandatory Memory Wipe – California Senate Bill No. 86

“Mandatory Memory Wipe” SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – State Senator Richard Pan, (D), architect of California’s notorious SB-277, (mandatory school vaccination), today proposed SB-86, which calls for mandatory erasure of all painful “memories, thoughts, and emotions” from the memory banks of all school age children. Proponents of the bill seek to protect children.  But critics, who dub it the “mandatory memory […]

Naturopathic Doctor Forced To Shut Her Clinic After Wave of Death Threats & Government...

A world-famous doctor who offered her naturopathic services for free was forced to close her clinic after the Philippine equivalent of the FDA went after her and she received a wave of death threats. Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch went to a conventional medical school, but the fact that doctors are encouraged to prescribe treatments to patients that […]

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