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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Humans With Blood Type Rh Negative Belong To An Extraterrestrial Lineage

New Theory Suggests that Humans with blood type Rh Negative Belong to an Extraterrestrial lineage Humans have possible four general blood types: A, B, AB and O; this classification is derived, according to scientists from proteins which are found on the surface of cells which are designed to fight off bacteria and viruses in the […]

Santiago Flight 513 Commercial Airliner Takes Off In Germany In 1954, Lands In Brazil...

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the world’s most famous conspiracy theories and important element of the supernatural. It was first found in the seas, but later, rumors and stories about the Bermuda Triangle translated into it being in the airspace: People were apparently being teleported from one side to the other, thousand of miles […]

Only Three Countries Left Without A ROTHSCHILD Central Bank

The Rothschild family is slowly but surely having their Central banks established in every country of this world, giving them incredible amount of wealth and power. In the year of 2000 there were seven countries without a Rothschild owned or controlled Central Bank: Afghanistan Iraq Sudan Libya Cuba North Korea Iran It is not a coincidence that […]

This Is Why The Flag Is Reversed On Military Uniforms

There are many military traditions and symbols of which many people do not know the meaning. One that many don’t know about is the reversal of the U.S. flag patch on military uniforms. If you’ve ever wondered what the meaning of this is, here’s the interesting explanation. According to Providr, Army Regulation 670-1 states that […]

The Church and Its Followers Shocked: Scientists In Turkey Have Found Evidence That Noah’s...

Mountain Ararat in Turkey has been linked to Noah’s Ark in a number of biblical manuscripts but it all looked like an irrelevant detail because it couldn’t be proven. However, an American researcher seems to have proven that the archaeological site deep in the mountain is in fact Noah’s Ark! How It Was Discovered Back […]

‘I’m Done – Priscilla Presley, 72, Becomes The Latest Celebrity To Quit Scientology, 40...

Priscilla Presley has become the latest celebrity to walk away from the controversial Church of Scientology, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Presley, 72, who has been a member of the religious sect which counts Tom Cruise and John Travolta as members, told friends she had quit the religion after nearly four decades. ‘I’ve had […]

Ten Consumer Products You Should Avoid

Most of the consumer products in conventional stores these days contain harmful ingredients that can destroy your health. These harmful ingredients are sometime listed in ways that make them hard to detect. The purpose of this is to prevent you from finding these dangerous ingredients. Many of these harmful ingredients are not lethal because they […]

Hidden Fortress Discovered Under Alcatraz

Before it was a notorious prison, housing the likes of Al Capone and George “Machine Gun” Kelly, Alcatraz was the site of a military fortress guarding San Francisco Bay. Alcatraz is known for being one of the most infamous prisons in United States history. From the 1930s to 1960s it housed the likes of Mickey Cohen […]

Juice That Raises People From The Death: It Has Been a Hit Around The...

This amazing juice has been suggested to people suffering from cancer for decades since it can strengthen your immune system, improve your blood count and restore your energy. The juice is easily prepared and has only one flaw – it isn’t tasty to drink. However, the benefits go far beyond its taste. The main ingredients […]

Innocent Man Stands Up To Entire SWAT Team Raiding His Home With No Warrant...

An Odessa man and his family were rudely awakened by a dozen militarized DEA and SWAT officers with AR-15s at their front door. Instead of cowering to the men who were clearly not authorized to be there, this man stood his ground and sent them on their way. “We were rudely awakened, they just started […]

Public Fridge Full of Goodies For Homeless People To Help Themselves

Simple, effective and open 24 hours a day! A Belgian charity has installed a fridge in Brussels for people to leave food for the homeless. The fridge was placed in the street on December 23rd and has been fully stocked since then, thanks to generous members of the public. Homeless people and those struggling to buy […]

Dramatic Video Captures Rebirth of The River Zin In Israel’s Negev Desert

While the Hollywood version of the biblical Noah’s Ark story recently hit movie theaters, some lucky Israeli residents of the Negev Desert’s Wadi Zim region got to see a real flood in the Holy Land as a dramatic video posted to YouTube captured the rebirth of the River Zin. Within seconds, the dry riverbed, also known as nahal in Hebrew and […]

How Horseshoe Crab Blood Saves Millions of Lives

Photo credit: PBS. Horseshoe crab blood being drained for use in checking the sterile state of medical equipment.During World War Two, soldiers learned to fear treatment as much as enemy bullets. Unsanitary conditions and equipment in field hospitals made open wounds a breeding ground for bacteria that killed thousands, particularly the fast-acting and barely detectable gram-negative […]

China Wants To Build High Speed Railway To US Through Siberia and Bering Strait

The idea of traveling between the United States and China without flying might seem ridiculous to virtually everyone, but if Beijing gets its way that’s exactly what will be possible in the future. According to a report in the Beijing Times stated on Thursday that the country is considering building a new high-speed railway that would ultimately […]

Top Rabbi Rules That Marijuana Is Kosher For Jewish Holiday

Israel’s leading ultra-orthodox rabbi gave those celebrating Passover – a Jewish holiday which has strict dietary laws – some food for thought by ruling that marijuana is actually kosher for the eight-day festival, if used medicinally. Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, referred to as “the leading living ultra-Orthodox halachic authority,” took many by surprise when he said […]

Son Wakes From Coma After His Elderly Mom Nursed Him Day And Night For...

A man who was left in a coma following a car accident in east China has woken after 12 years. The first thing he saw were tears streaming down the face of his 75-year-old mother, who had been by his bedside day and night for over a decade. The loving mother, Wei Mingying, had spent her entire […]

She Checked Herself Into The Hospital So She Wouldn’t Kill Herself…..It Cost Her $18,000

With stories like this one, it’s no wonder most Americans support universal healthcare. Here in the land of the free, getting vital health services is incredibly expensive. We’re used to it, kind of. We accept that it’s the price we pay for living here, sort of. We hear legends of far-off, foreign lands like Canada […]

Why Millions Of Women Are Missing Around The World…..It’s Because Of This “Extreme” Obsession

THERE are millions of women ‘missing’ around the world, and there is one thing to blame — the “extreme” preference for sons. It’s a preference being seen almost universally, and in an increasing number of countries it’s producing demographic distortion. There are about 117 to 126 million women believed to be ‘missing’ in Asia and […]

The Meteorite That Crashed Into A Car

On October 9, 1992, a brilliant fireball flashed across the evening sky over eastern United States startling thousands of spectators attending the weekly high school football matches being played across the East Coast. The fireball, that witnesses described as being brighter than the full moon, was travelling almost horizontally and heading northeast. In just forty […]

Devil In Detroit: Satanic Group To Build Temple In Motor City

The Satanic Temple, a New-York-based religious group, is to build its first chapter house in Detroit, where it will perform services such as marriages, including same-sex, and funerals. It says the sacrificing of people or animals will not take place. Detroit was picked as a location for the flagship chapter house because of its “underdog” reputation and […]

Mystery of The Strange Briefcase and Two Mysterious Skulls

In the summer of 2015 in Elbrus hunters warehouse found another suitcase “Ahnenerbe” from the country of origin of the skull, presumably belonging to the huntsman of the German division “Edelweiss”, a ring and a set of Nazi uniforms. On the ring depicts a profile of a soldier in a mountain caps to which are […]

Police Chief Who Raped 7 Year Old Boy Found Dead In His Backyard

A former Texas police chief has just been found dead only days before he was set to face trial for the sexual assault of a child. Former West Columbia police chief Michael Palmer, was found unresponsive around 3:45 p.m. in his back yard, according to sources within the West Columbia Police Department. A trial had […]

Flat Earthers Now Think The Earth Is Shaped Like A Doughnut

A Flat Earther (well, an ex-Flat Earther) now thinks the Earth is actually shaped like a doughnut. Not comfortable with the idea of our home looking like a vinyl record, Flat Earth Society member Varuag, has posed the possibility of the planet actually being more of a Krispy Kreme. ‘I was wondering how a theory […]

Octopus Escapes From Aquarium Down A Drain Leading To The Ocean

Aquarium workers figured out his escape route from his suction-cup tracks. An octopus at an aquarium in New Zealand slipped through a gap at the top of his enclosure in a bold attempt for freedom, before making his way to a drain pipe which led to the ocean. The octopus, named Inky, used to be […]

Sworn To Silence: Law Enforcement Can’t Talk About This Tool They Use Every Day

A California technology company got into the business of creating “essential intelligence solutions for law enforcement” that “enhance policing efforts.” But to work with them, you have to keep your mouth shut. It’s no secret that police departments around the country are deploying automated license plate readers to build massive databases to identify the location […]

Raw Milk Farmer Jailed For Removing Gov’t Surveillance Cameras From Own Property

A Canadian farmer that provides raw milk to his community was reportedly arrested and jailed for removing government surveillance cameras from his own property. The Canadian government is filing charges against the man for ‘theft.’ When Michael Schmidt found cameras on his land that had been spying on him and his friends, he simply removed them […]

10 Horrifying Ingredients That Prove McDonald’s Is Not Fit For Consumption

We all know Americans like fast food, and especially McDonald’s, but this list of ten toxic ingredients found in McDonald’s foods should certainly have you reconsidering the next time you’re craving a Big Mac! While most of us are aware that every mouthful of a McDonald’s meal contains fat-promoting ingredients, we often don’t realize how […]

How To Call Someone Through Telepathy Using Only Your Mind

Telepathy is something a lot of people dismiss as something impossible but truly awakened individuals know all too well how real it is. Telepathy is the ability to speak to others without the use of your words, and instead using your mind. Being able to call others with your mind is something you have to really […]

Neuroscientists Believe They’ve Found Proof For Life After Death & Present It To The...

Scientific knowledge is expanding every day at an exponential rate, and the implications of new developments, particularly those that challenge the current framework regarding the true nature of reality, are far-reaching indeed. One area that continues to become a focal point of study for many physicians and neuroscientists is the relationship between mind, brain, and consciousness. Is […]

Japan’s Buddhists Run A Deadly 1,000-Day Marathon – Only 46 Monks Have Completed The...

The kaihōgyō — a seven-year, 1,000-day marathon — is among the world’s most difficult physical challenges. It is rarely completed, and those who fail are historically expected to kill themselves. Why do Japan’s Buddhist monks take on this nearly impossible challenge? Many of us have that friend—the one who runs marathons. Their car is plastered with bumper stickers: 13.1, […]

Barman Saw A Guy Spike A Girl’s Drink – So He Swapped Their Glasses

A barman decided to literally give someone a taste of their own medicine, when he witnessed an attempted date rape. He was on duty when he noticed a man at the bar slip a drug into the drink of the woman he was with, he confessed on the app Whisper. The man, who stayed anonymous, […]

Hikers Hiked 9600 Feet Up The Mountain and Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes When They...

Over the last three years, my wife and I have started a new tradition. We have gone camping in New England (Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire) and have climbed a mountain each time. For my wife, who hails from New York City, getting out into the New England woods is a dream come true. And […]

Harrowing Footage Shows The Moment A Woman Fell Into A Shark Tank

THIS is the terrifying moment a woman falls into a shark tank during feeding time at a Chinese shopping mall. The woman miraculously survived despite splashing in the water as two sharks circled her for about a minute. She was pulled from the water by two security guards and walked away uninjured, according to local […]

The Reason Why Doctors Urge People To Stop Using E-Cigs

Most people use e-cigarettes as a “safe” alternative to cigarettes, because the “vaping” mechanism eliminates a lot of the smoke that builds up tar in the lungs. However, a recent Harvard study has shown alarming links to a serious lung disease, and there is now deep concern in the medical community linking e-cigarettes to a […]

Bolivia Ended Their War On Drugs by Kicking The DEA Out of Their Country

Bolivia, one of the world’s three coca-growing countries (along with Peru and Colombia), found a way to end its bloody drug wars – by legalizing coca and kicking out the DEA. Although the strategy runs counter to that of the U.S. (which continues to pursue its largely useless eradication and interdiction policies elsewhere), it has […]

30 Reasons To Never Put Another M&M In Your Mouth Ever Again

“They melt in your mouth, not in your hand!”  That may be true of M&M’s, but it’s time to reconsider whether these little chocolate snacks are worth the risk. Many people have already gotten involved, signing a petition urging the makers of M&M’s to use their $27.4 million profit to make their product safe again. […]

How The Color of Your Tongue Can Reveal Health Problems – 7 Warning Signs

The color, texture and moisture of your tongue can be key in determining the overall state of your health. Here are some keys changes to look out for. The tongue consists of a group of muscles that allow us to taste food, to swallow, and to talk. Naturopath Laurence Kirk of The British College of Naturopath and Osteopathy says “Your […]

I-Phone ATM PIN Code Hack- How To Prevent

Mark Rober demonstrates this new simple way for ‘bad guys’ to steal your ATM pin code without you noticing. Fortunately, the way to prevent this from happening is also very simple. This information is so important to SHARE — help your family and friends protect themselves!   

FDA Approves New GMO Pineapple Without Independent Safety Testing: Here’s What You Need To...

While more and more people are becoming educated about the true history of Monsanto and genetically engineered foods, most still don’t realize one extremely important piece of information: the FDA’s surprising lack of safety testing. In regards to GMOs, the FDA’s declaration of “substantial equivalence” means that there is no long-term, independent safety testing of […]

Strange Metallic Spheres Found In Siberia Could Be Alien

Are the mysterious metallic spheres of Siberia really of Extraterrestrial origin, as some believe? It is very well-known that since ancient times, Siberia has been a very mysterious place. Numerous incredible findings are connected to that part of Russia. One of those mysterious places in Siberia is the area of Yakutia, virtually unexplored and very […]

The Mystery of “Flower of Life” & “Sacred Geometry”

    The “Flower of Life” can be found in all major religions of the world. It contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the “Great Void”. Everything is made from the Creator’s thought. After the creation of the Seed of Life the same vortex’s motion was continued, creating the next structure known as the Egg of Life. […]

This Is Why You Should Be Especially Careful With Expired Potatoes

Potatoes can be a delicious, versatile food that may be used for countless tasty recipes. Unfortunately, though, not only can they be unhealthy, but they are sometimes downright deadly. If you have potatoes in your home that have been sitting out for a long time, you may want to throw them out. Read on to […]

Vegetables That Fight Cancer?

Consumption of raw vegetables confers protection against genotoxic agents, finds a 2015 study from Poland. (1) Analyzing food frequency questionnaires from colorectal cancer patients, hospital-based controls and healthy laboratory workers, the study asked… “Can consumption of raw vegetables decrease the count of sister chromatid exchange?” Sister-chromatid exchanges (SCEs) occur when a chromosome is duplicated for […]

Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts Gardasil To Become The Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of […]

What Biting Your Nails Says About Your Personality

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a compulsive nail-biter. In fact, I’m nipping at my cuticles as I write this. People always ask me: “What are you so nervous about?” But I know it’s not just about nerves; I bite my nails even when I’m lounging on the beach. Well, apparently, I do it […]

Clean The Ovary Cysts With The Best Recipes – Ovary CYST Cause Bloating, Lower...

Ovarian cysts are a fluid-filled sac in the ovaries which affects thousands of women around the world every year. The cysts are usually benign, but sometimes they can be dangerous and the main reason for cancer. The CDC says that pre-menopausal women are more likely to develop the cysts than post-menopausal women. Small cysts don’t […]

Ever Wonder Why You Can’t Stop Eating Oreos? Study Shows Oreos As Addictive As...

It turns out the “white horse” is just as addictive as the “white and black horse.” Researchers at Connecticut College say fatty, super-sweet treats are just as addictive, and maybe even more so, than hard drugs like cocaine. Their study focused on lab rats and the choices they made when offered “America’s favorite cookie” and some of […]

Lemon and Baking Soda – Powerful Healing Combination For Cancer

If you are a supporter of alkalizing therapy, then this natural treatment for cancer will resonate with you. In vitro tests have shown cancer cells thrive in acidic and oxygen-free (anaerobic) environments. The first to describe the correlation between the acidic environment and cancer cell growth was Dr. Otto Warburg, who was awarded the Nobel […]

Sorry, Monsanto: GMO Crops Now Banned In 38 Countries, Grown In Only 28

As Monsanto fights to gain control of world-wide agriculture, they’re finding opposition in many countries, as GMO crops are no banned in ten more countries than they’re allowed to be grown in! In 38 countries, GM crops are banned on the government level, with the backing of the country’s scientists, doctors, and environmental agencies. The […]

Federal Court Admits Hepatitis B Vaccine Caused Fatal Auto-Immune Disorder

In our society today, newborns are injected with loads of chemicals nearly as soon as they enter the world. In the name of “prevention”, we give them vaccines that we aren’t even sure are safe. As a matter of fact, in many cases, we know them to be unsafe. This is the case with the hepatitis B vaccine, […]

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