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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Daredevils Put A Handmade Net 400 Ft Up And 200 Ft From The Cliffs

Every year during the Fall season in Moab, there’s been a growing number of adventure sport athletes who converge in this incredible desert landscape to enjoy the elevated views and seek out exciting new ways to get the blood pumping through our veins. Amongst the two main groups of people who gather here are the BASE jumpers […]

Human Trafficker Admits To Killing Over 400 Children In Video Confession

Slavery may be deemed a historical term in many societies at this point, but it’s certainly not a thing of the past. Human trafficking, for instance, produces hundreds of billions of dollars in profit by trapping millions of people in unfathomable situations around the world. Human traffickers resort to violence, threats, deception, debt bondage, and […]

The 40 Hour Work Week & More: How Culture Has Made Us “Hungry Ghosts”

Consumerism is Heavily Nurtured by Corporations Here in the West, a lifestyle of unnecessary spending has been deliberately cultivated and nurtured in the public by big business. Companies in all kinds of industries have a huge stake in the public’s penchant to be frivolous with its spending, and in the documentary “The Corporation,” a marketing […]

New “X-Files” Will Take On 9/11 Conspiracy, World Government And NSA Spying

Government corruption was always one of the main themes that played out in the classic television show “X-Files,” and it was typically shown in the form of UFO and alien cover-ups. However, the show’s creator said in a recent interview that the new revival of the series will also touch on some of the more […]

Abused Dog Petted For The First Time

The dog in the video below was abused so much that when a kind-hearted woman Monica Mitreanu tried to calm the poor soul by petting him, he was so petrified, that a gentle, loving touch seemed like a threat to him. This happened on November 11th in Breasta animal shelter in Craiova, Romania. Craiova is known as […]

Sperm Whales Found Dead In Germany, Stomachs Full of Plastic And Car Parts

The whales’ deaths are symbolic of humanity’s shocking disregard for marine life. Sperm whales were found stranded on shores around the North Sea, an area that is too shallow for the marine wildlife. Only recently were details of the animals’ necropsy released. However, scientists were deeply disturbed by what they found in the animals’ stomachs. […]

11 Ways To Live A Happier Life, According To A Psychologist

Happiness is something that we all strive for, yet many of us find it challenging to grasp and even harder to maintain. Especially during these difficult economic times, happiness can feel like it is hiding just behind next week’s paycheck, a new job, or a distant raise. However, as Dr. Robert Putnam of Harvard University recently […]

11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick and Fat

Digestive, skin, bladder and kidney problems, fatigue and headache are just some of the adverse effects from not drinking enough water. We need it as much as air we breathe in! It’s not a joke. Did you know that when you start feeling thirsty your body is already dehydrated? The best practice is to sip […]

Incredible! You’ll Never Believe How You Can Use These Items

There are some things in our house which we just take for granted and never stop to think we can use them for something other than what they were originally designed for. I don’t know about you but I find great joy when I find some additional use for the common household items. It can […]

Moving Statues Of A Man And Woman Pass Through Each Other Daily, Symbolizing Tragic...

“Man and Woman” is a 8 meter (26 foot) tall moving steel sculpture by Georgian sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze. Located in the seaside city of Batumi, Georgia, the two figures represent a Muslim boy, Ali, and a Georgian princess, Nino, from a famous 1937 novel by Azerbaijani author Kurban Said. The tragic story ends with the […]

25% Of Fish Sold At Markets Contain Plastic Or Man Made Debris

Roughly a quarter of the fish sampled from fish markets in California and Indonesia contained man-made debris—plastic or fibrous material—in their guts, according to a study from the University of California, Davis and Hasanuddin University in Indonesia. The study, published last week in the journalScientific Reports, is one of the first to directly link plastic and […]

Is The Snow Natural, Or The Result Of a Geo-Engineered Or HAARP Attack?

The surprise storm that has largely crippled the southeastern US has generated a buzz online as people post videos of the snow’s weird characteristics. People all across the country have recently began posting videos, and photo’s, of snow that will not melt. Some people are even reporting that the snow has a strange odor, like chemicals. Is […]

Fascinating Evidence Shows Why Water Fasting Could Be One of The Healthiest Things You...

**Please be advised that you should properly research how to fast if it’s something you are considering. This is just a tidbit of information that’s out there.  If you have pre-existing health conditions, fasting may not be right for you. Make sure and do your research before embarking on something like this. Fasting is the […]

New Tech Uses WiFi To Read Your Inner Emotions – Accurately, and From Afar

You may have the best poker face in the world. You may choose to keep your feelings close because you consider your emotions nobody’s business but your own. Or maybe you don’t think it’s smart to give too much away. No matter — a team of researchers has developed a system that can read your […]

Snowboarding Girl With GoPro Doesn’t Realize She Is Being Chased By A Bear

Lucky she was on a snowboard and moving fast. Maybe she should unplug the music when skiing. Bears can get up to 30 mph for short distances. This one ran out of gas and the girl wasn’t dinner.

Chelsea Clinton Sends Happy New Years Tweet To The Church of Satan

Chelsea Clinton wished The Church of Satan a Happy New Year Tuesday during an exchange on social media. Amid a Twitter conversation with American model Chrissy Teigen, the former first daughter discussed how she had found herself in numerous threads with the Satanic church the previous year. “In 2017, @ChurchofSatan & I were put on […]

‘Zombie’ Takeover: K2 Drug Epidemic Strikes NYC

New York lawmakers are demanding that internet companies stop selling synthetic marijuana, known as K2, widely used among New York’s homeless population. The city and state have already launched an aggressive campaign to limit sales in convenience stores. The drug is a potent mix of herbs sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids, and is sold in a […]

Is The World Run By Psychopaths? See What John Lennon Had To Say About...

Spooky and thought-provoking words on government and people power in a fascinating compilation of interview clips. Is the world run by psychopaths? John Lennon thought so, and many of us would have to agree with him in the decades that have passed since this clip was recorded. A compilation of old interviews with the former […]

Facebook Is Censoring Your Feeds and This Is Why

Please Share this on Facebook. The result: self-affirming content streams, ‘filter bubbles’ which won’t expose viewers to new perspectives. 

Warning If You Find These In Your Home Get To A Doctor Immediately

Pests can be a problem no matter where you live. People all around the country have to deal with roaches, ants and even mice or rats. Most of the pests you encounter in a home are just a nuisance and are not really any threat to the residents. This is not always the case. Some […]

Powerful Satirical Illustrations Show What War Really Looks Like

Wars have been an essential part of the history since the beginning of human civilization. Throughout the centuries, nations slaughtered each other for the sake of religion, power, land and natural resources. Even today, when mankind seems to have reached its highest point of development and the medieval violence is left far behind us, we […]

This Is What Happens After You Quit Smoking: A Timeline of How Your Body...

Addiction: It’s something most of us have struggled with at some point in our lives, and it’s something that many people still struggle with today. We came across this post on several different sites, and it’s definitely worth sharing; you never know what message will be the right one for someone to make a positive […]

Canadian Government Orders Residents To Get Rid of Their Old Wood-Burning Stoves Or Pay...

In a blatant attack on those who prefer living as self-sufficiently as possible, citizens of Montreal have been ordered to first register their wood-burning stoves, and then ultimately get rid of them within three years, unless they meet rigid air quality standards. The deadline to register wood-burning stoves and fireplaces in Montreal was December 22, […]

Large Double Chin Could Be An Indicator of Underlying Health Problem

Double chin refers to the layer of subcutaneous fat around the neck that sags down. It is very common among obese people and the elderly. Double chin is generally considered as a cosmetic problem. However, they can also cause several serious health risks if left untreated. Causes of Double Chin A double chin occurs when […]

The Jaw Dropping Benefits of Cholesterol Doctors Don’t Ever Talk About

Cholesterol is in every cell in your body. It’s an integral part of your cell membranes, helping good molecules pass into cells while keeping others out. It’s not well known, but most all of your cells — and your liver in particular — make a lot of the cholesterol you use to function (about 1,000-1,500 […]

After Fighting For Freedom, 76 Year Old Vet Sentenced To Die In Prison For...

As public frustration helps sound the death knell for the drug war, its arbitrary laws and policies appear even more absurd. In the latest inexcusable enforcement of an antiquated law, 76-year-old disabled veteran Lee Carroll Brooker will live out what should be his golden years behind bars — for simple possession of cannabis. Brooker had […]

Iowa Couple Discovers Hidden Treasure In Their Home After Tearing Down a Wall

Everyone dreams of discovering hidden treasure. For one couple in Iowa, that dream just came true. Kevin Brannen and his fiancée Kristina Hokansen were hoping to find some sort of lost or hidden treasure while renovating the new home they just bought. After reading lots of stories about people finding secret artifacts or even passageways […]

Bill Gates and GMO Zombie Eggs

Are you eating fake eggs made in a laboratory? Who knew? This is like some mutated organism plasma-like “goo” from the movie “Alien.” Who in their right mind would dare eat it? Well, lots of people who don’t know that they’re eating it, that’s who. When will it be substituted and remain as such without […]

These 3 Zodiac Signs Have The Strongest Sense of Intuition

Three of the twelve Zodiac signs have the strongest intuition of all – is your astrological sign on the list? The Zodiac sign is a window into the soul and reveals the inner-most hidden traits of the person born under that sign. The power of the Zodiac reveals the people who are born with the […]

6 Mind Expanding Movies That Will Make You Question Reality

Some movies are made to touch our heart and soul with an overabundance of sentiment. They make us come in touch with our humanity and empathy. And some films are made to touch our mind, to get our mental cogs working, to awaken and expand our consciousness. They are films that deal with questions that we are […]

Magic Mushrooms Do To Heal Cancer Patients

Why has the Western world only just started to pay attention to this truly awesome medicinal combination? Recently we reported the amazing story of an Australian woman who cured her stage 4 terminal lung cancer with cannabis oil.  The doctors had said nothing could save her life, and didn´t offer any hope at all. Chemotherapy would […]

Why Won’t European Politicians Do Anything To Stop The Rape Epidemic In Europe?

An epidemic of rape is sweeping all across Europe, and yet European politicians seem almost completely unwilling to stand up and do something about it. In some major European cities, women are absolutely petrified to go out by themselves – especially at night. Things have gotten so bad that some people are now making up […]

Scientists Have Discovered How The Brain Controls Aging, And Have Finally Managed To Slow...

The quest for the real-life equivalent to the ‘fountain of youth’ has led to an incredible anti-aging market, projected to be worth $191.7 billion by 2019. People seek out anti-wrinkle products, hair coloring, hair restoration treatments and more, all with the purpose of slowing, reversing or hiding the signs of aging. Not only does aging create a […]

Chocolate Gives Statins A $29 Billion Run For Their Money

With the blockbuster cholesterol-lowering class of drugs known as statins being widely promoted for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, despite their having over 300 documented adverse health effects (including heart failure!), how does chocolate sound as a viable, heart-friendly alternative? We already connect amorously with chocolate (to the tune of 6 billion lbs of cocoa consumed […]

Saudi Millionaire Cleared of Rape Charge Because He ‘Accidentally Fell’ On Victim

Ehsan Abdulaziz United Kingdom —Picture the scene: It’s the middle of the night and a man gets up to switch off the TV and get a glass of water. An 18-year-old girl is sleeping on his sofa so he offers her a t-shirt to wear. Coincidentally, his penis happens to be sticking out of the […]

5 Signs Someone Is Manipulating You

It can be hard to tell if and when you’re being manipulated. People can be skillful at the craft of covering up their true intentions. Here’s what you should be looking out for. 1. Knowing they’ve manipulated others. Want to know the easiest way to peg a manipulator? Know that they’ve tried being the puppet […]

CAUTION: If Your Hands Are Cold All the Time, Your Health May Be at...

Having cold hands after you’ve spent the whole day in the cold is nothing but normal. Your limbs tend to be colder than the rest of your body as more blood and warmth is sent to the vital organs such as your heart, brain, liver etc. But, if you are somewhere warm and your entire […]

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Take 9 Deep Breaths Before...

One of the main reasons people have such a hard time losing weight and why we live in an obese society is that people are not eating their meals in a parasympathetic state. I have reviewed practically every diet book or plan ever written and not one person has ever mentioned how important this is […]

N. Korea Says Its H-Bomb ‘Capable of Wiping Out U.S.A At Once’

North Korea claims it’s ready to detonate its H-bomb capable of wiping out the whole of the US “all at once.” The comments come amid increased week-long tensions on the Korean Peninsula following Pyongyang’s claim about its latest underground nuclear test. “The scientists and technicians of the DPRK are in high spirit to detonate H-bombs […]

White Terrorists Kill More Than Muslim Terrorists In US, Cops Kill More Than Both

In spite of chronic government claims that Muslims are to blame for acts of terrorism in the United States, a new study has refuted this narrative. The analysis, conducted by the Washington D.C.-based research group New America, found that since 9/11, more people have died from deadly, ideological attacks committed by white, right-wing extremists than from attacks instigated by […]

Company Wants To Resurrect Humans With Artificial Intelligence Within 30 Years

Remember the sci-fi movie Transcendence where the main character dies and his consciousness gets transferred into a computer? It is possible that something like this may soon become a reality; at least, this is what one company claims. Well, at the moment, such a possibility still belongs to the category of science fiction, but it […]

Cops Slam Unarmed Woman On The Pavement, Killing Her In Front of Family

Cleveland police officers recently killed a 37-year-old African American woman who died after police slammed her head on the concrete, just outside of her family’s home. Her brother explained that Tanisha Anderson was pronounced dead at Cleveland Clinic after the assault by the Ohio cops. The pronouncement came early Thursday about two hours after the […]

10 Unsettling Teachings Of The Eccentric Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley  (1875-1947) was the Master Satanist of the 20th Century. Aleister Crowley is probably the Black Magician who is the most popular foreground figure in Hollywood and the Music Industry today. He is considered being the one who “invented” backward messages on music recordings (used by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones to name […]

Professor Thinks We Should Stop Teaching Kids Math, Claims It Perpetuates White Privilege

A University of Illinois math education professor has started a bit of controversy after she made a statement alluding to the fact that the ability to solve geometry and algebra problems and teaching such subjects perpetuates so-called white privilege. The conversation came out when the professor, Rochelle Gutierrez, shared her views on the subject in […]

F-18 Fighter Plane Captures Stunning UFO On Video – Government Admits UFO Research Is...

 Following the release of a new report from The New York Times (NYT) about efforts by the United States government to investigate unidentified flying objects (UFOs) as a potential threat to national security, some amazing video footage has now been released suggesting that this threat may be more imminent than previously thought. There have been at least two separate […]

Meet The Congressman Who’s Heroically Breaking The Law By Giving Medical Cannabis To Sick...

“Unjust laws exist; shall we be content to obey them, or shall we endeavor to amend them, and obey them until we have succeeded, or shall we transgress them at once?” – Henry David Thoreau Witnessing the slavery and imperialism being carried out by government during the mid-nineteenth century, Henry David Thoreau was compelled to […]

Former Pentagon Official Confirms: UFOs “Proved Beyond Reasonable Doubt”

 For decades scores of people from around the world have sworn that they have seen alien spacecraft from outer space. No small amount of those sightings have occurred in the United States. Yet each time the “official” word from our government has been that “alien beings” don’t exist because we’re all alone: No life exists in […]

Why Balsamic Vinegar Is Even Better Than Apple Cider Vinegar For Diabetics

Inside your body, you have some specialized cells called “beta cells.” Beta cells are very important, because they make insulin. And insulin is a hormone that controls the level of glucose in your blood. Too much glucose and you could experience a number of symptoms, such as fatigue and excessive thirst. Not enough glucose, and […]

Apparently You Should Be Taking A Shot of Whiskey Everyday

Growing up I heard a tale once that I pretty much just ignored, chalking it up to southern mothers talking about old wives tales. I was told that a shot of whiskey a day – a single shot – was in fact fairly healthy for you. See why I couldn’t believe it? Now, years after […]

Researches Show Vitamin N Can Turn You Into A Very Different Person

Are you getting enough vitamin N? Do you even know what vitamin N is? In recent years, the term “vitamin N” has been used as a synonym for nature. So the question is in fact relevant to all of us. My guess is many of us do not get enough vitamin N in our lives. […]

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