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Yearly Archives: 2017

McDonald’s Begins Closing Restaurants Across U.S. As Clean Food Movement Sweeps America

Finally our efforts to avoid processed foods and Frankenfoods are paying off. For the first time in decades McDonald’s is struggling and has to close more restaurants than it opens after worldwide drops in sales. According to an Associated Press review of McDonald’s regulatory filings, this hasn’t happened since 1970. Earlier this year the fast […]

Mathematical Proof That Man Made Climate Change Is A Hoax

One of the grandest scientific hoaxes ever perpetrated against humankind is that Man’s modern life (along with cattle farts) is causing catastrophic “climate change”—or “global warming,” depending on the day. There has been a plethora of evidence to prove the whole thing is a hoax, for anyone willing to actually see it and accept it. […]

The Toilet Always Smells Fresh and Stays Clean

Cleaning the toilet is one of the things no one likes to do. However, it must be done in order to keep your toilet fresh and to protect your health. People usually clean the toilet with cheap products full of chemicals that can seriously harm your health. However, you should know that there’s a simple […]

Why Do I Jerk Awake Right As I’m Falling Asleep?

If you’re unsure if you’ve ever experienced a hypnic jerk, then ask yourself this question: Have you ever woken up with a sudden jolt just as you’ve started falling asleep? Or maybe it felt like you were falling? It could be that it felt like you were having a huge muscle spasm. You may have […]

This Amazing Japanese Technique Will Help You Overcome Laziness

PUTTING AN END TO PROCRASTINATION AND LAZINESS ISN’T AS HARD AS YOU THINK, THANKS TO THE JAPANESE TECHNIQUE OF KAIZEN. There are things we would like to accomplish. Personal goals for ourselves and our lives should take priority, but they fall behind sometimes. We procrastinate and lose faith. Sure, we have the best intentions at […]

60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours

Would you exercise for an hour every day if the workout powered your home for twenty-four hours? People often complain about the high costs of energy and the fact that they “never have time to workout.” This invention certainly solves both conundrums. And, most importantly, this free power invention has the potential to lift the […]

He “Quit Money” And Has Been Living In A Cave For 17 Years

The last time Daniel Suelo pulled out his wallet, he was standing inside a phone booth in Moab, Utah. He pulled out his last $30, along with his passport and ID, and left them sitting in the booth before walking out into the desert. That was the year 2000, and Suelo says he hasn’t used […]

US Government Says It’s OK To Hack Your Car, Tablet or SmartTV

The Library of Congress just granted a set of copyright exemptions, giving the owners of smart TV sets and cars the ability to tinker with their devices without violating copyright law. This will allow the installation of third-party software. Every 36 months, the US Copyright Office – a division of the Library of Congress – […]

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Sues Netflix For $1 Billion

The drama surrounding Netflix’s Narcos has suddenly got more dramatic than the show itself! Following the death of location scout Carlos Munoz Portal, Pablo Escobar’s brother told Netflix they should hire hitmen for security during the filming of the show. Portal was shot dead in a rural area close to Mexico City on September 11 […]

The 5 Traps Used To Shut Down and Limit Human Consciousness

The human condition at present is one of slavery, a new kind of slavery, where bondage is psychological and spiritual rather than physical. Human consciousness is the target in a broad war of control where people willingly acquiesce to social conditions which clearly fail to serve their best interests, even doing them harm. We accept […]

10 Things Men Don’t Find Attractive In A Woman

Maybe you weren’t aware of it, but just like other women, men may also find some things unattractive about women’s looks. Here are the 10 things that are a big no-no for men: Too much make up A bit of makeup is fine, but masking your face completely won’t make your partner ecstatic. Apply makeup […]

Cops Warn Of New Scam That’s Targeting Any Driver Who Visits A Gas Station

While it has never happened to me, I can imagine that getting mugged is terrifying. When someone with a gun or knife comes up to you and asks you for your belongings, the victim must feel their heart in throat. Their lives are on the line for the small amount of money in their purse […]

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Built Its Own AI That Outperforms Any Made By Humans

With the exponential growth of machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence, a certain anxiety over future job losses and human obsolescence has crept into popular culture. What’s to stop artificial intelligence from replacing humans across the board? Well, one might respond, they’ll still need humans to create them. Right? Not necessarily. According to researchers at Google Brain, their […]

Was Moses Forecasting What Herzl Would Do With Modern State of Israel

“Then Hashem said to Moshe, ‘Set out from here, you and the people that you have brought up from the land of Egypt, to the land of which I swore to Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov, saying, “To your offspring will I give it.’” Exodus 33:1 (The Israel Bible) At the 120th anniversary celebration of the First Zionist Congress on […]

This Man Smuggles God’s Word Into A Place Where Getting Caught with a Bible...

North Korea is widely known as the most oppressive place on earth for Christians. It’s a place where believers practice their faith in secret. North Koreans cannot even own a Bible or speak the name of Jesus in public. Possessing a Bible could get you 15 years of hard labor in a prison camp, or […]

A Scientist Just Reconstructed The Face Of A Scottish ‘Witch’ Who Died 300 Years...

In the 18th century, a woman named Lilias Adie from Torryburn in Fife, Scotland, was sentenced to be burned to death after “confessing” to being a witch and having sex with the Devil. Adie ended up dying in her jail cell in 1704 before she could be burned. Some say she committed suicide. While at […]

Remains Of Buddha Found? 2,500 Year Old Cremated Bones With Revealing Inscription Unearthed In...

In what could be an enormously significant finding for Buddhists around the world, archaeologists in China have unearthed an ancient ceramic box containing cremated human remains, which carries an inscription saying they belong to Buddha, also known as Siddhārtha Gautama. Siddhartha Gautama, also known as the Buddha or “Enlightened One,” is probably one of the […]

It’s Supposed To Be A Routine Haircut, But It Ends With Emergency Surgery

It is scary and amazing to think that our lives could end at any moment, for there are few to no forces that are preventing us from contracting an illness or entering into any misfortune at any moment such as being hit by a vehicle. A life threatening situation can rise out of the blue […]

‘God’s’ Massive Hands Captured In The Sky In Weird Optical Illusion

A video has been posted online that is said to be ‘baffling’ the internet thanks to a ‘mind-bending’ optical illusion captured on camera. It emerged after a man attempted to capture a terrifying storm that turned the sky above Mackay, a city in Queensland, Australia, black. Dark storm clouds are seen rolling in while at […]

70% Of People Say They Can ‘Hear’ This Silent Gif

An artist recently made an animated gif but what they did not realize is that their creation would spark a scientific mystery and get the internet buzzing. CAN YOU HEAR THIS SILENT GIF? IF YOU CAN YOU ARE SPECIAL The gif shows electricity pylons playing skipping, and there is no sound or music attached to […]

Hospital Patient Found Dead After Teleporting Into A Ceiling

With so many science-fiction books, movies and television shows, it is easy to get an idea about people having special abilities. These people seem to have superpowers of some sort, which they use to save the day or drift over to the dark side. Many people sometime throughout their life, have dream t about having […]

Meet the CIA’s Big Brother: The Multi-Billion Dollar US Spy Agency You’ve Never Heard...

When American’s think of spy agencies, the typical agencies that come to mind are the CIA and the NSA. Yet very few of us have ever heard of one of the most important spy groups in America, otherwise known as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Even Barack Obama was reported to have not recognized the […]

Glitch In The Matrix: Watch NFL Player “Float” To His Feet After Diving For...

The following video captures Buffalo Bills receiver Zay Jones “floating” back to his feet after diving for a pass in the end zone. We’re not sure whether it’s a feat of superhuman strength. a problem with the video feed itself or a glitch in the matrix that proves once and for all that our world […]

Statins Are Gateway Drugs For Big Pharma: Take One and You’ll Need Four Or...

One out of every three American adults take statins, and if you think that sounds like good news for statin manufacturers, you’re missing the bigger picture. All of Big Pharma benefits when people take statins. In fact, statins can really be thought of as gateway drugs. After all, they have so many side effects that […]

Why Are There So Many Random Shoes On The Road

It is one of the enduring mysteries of modern times: a lone shoe on the highway, abandoned and without its sole mate (pun intended). So how did it get there? It is a question that has seemingly been asked since the times of lone sandals on the streets of Rome. The mystery surrounding abandoned footwear […]

Man Buries 42 School Busses To Build The Largest Private Doomsday Bunker In North...

In the quiet Canadian village of Horning’s Mills, 100 km north of Toronto, lies the 12.5-acre homestead of Bruce and Jean Beach. On the surface, the land appears to be a typical rural property, but buried deep under those green fields is the largest private nuclear fallout shelter in North America- The Ark Two. Bruce […]

German Man Needs To Drink 20 Liters Of Water Per Day To Stay Alive

German architect Marc Wübbenhorst has to drink at least 20 liters of water a day or risk dying from dehydration. The 35-year-old suffers from the rare metabolic disease Diabetes insipidus, which causes intense thirst and the frequent excretion of large amounts of diluted urine. If Wübbenhorst stops drinking water, his body starts to dry out, […]

Preparing For Alien Encounters – Turkish University Has a Major In Ufology and ET...

If I heard a young person say this, my first thought would be that they’re on the football team and the “Science of Daydreaming” classes were full. However, if the young person showed an acceptance letter from Akdeniz University in Turkey, they’re telling the truth and their parents are in for a big surprise. Erhan […]

A Facebook Post Tells Us Why Our Neighbors Have Water-Filled Bags On Their Front...

With one of the worse hurricane seasons of recent years finally coming to an end, it is important to be prepared for what’s to come in the future. Edward Obediah Sweat wanted to make sure his friends and family in Florida were able to stay safe by sharing a variety of tips on his Facebook page. More than […]

12 Rules To Become A Winner In Life According To A World Leading Psychiatrist

One of the world’s leading psychiatrists and psychotherapists, Mikhail Litvak, generously shares with us the short guides on how to overcome every obstacle in life. When we put these guides to heart and apply them on a daily basis, we will surely become winners in life. 12 Rules to Become a Winner In Life According […]

15 Things That a Heartbreak Does To Your Body

Nobody wants a heartbreak. Though, in the bigger perspective, it brings life lessons and strengthens the fragile spirit. But even though it might be spiritually rewarding, a heartbreak has physical consequences. And you should get to know them! By knowing the physical consequences, you have enough room to understand yourself and the close people who […]

Lobster Found With A Pepsi Logo ‘Tattooed’ On Its Claw

A lobster found with a Pepsi logo ‘tattoo’ has sparked concerns about the extent of litter in the world’s oceans. The lobster was found off the coast of New Brunswick by a woman who drinks around 12 cans of Pepsi a day and quickly recognised the familiar logo. No one knows how the Pepsi tattoo […]

Man Always Sees The Same Homeless Man At Starbucks – Then He Helps Him...

Adam August would often see Tarec Atkinson, a homeless man, at a Starbucks in Marin City. He would always tell himself that he’d treat Tarec to lunch one day but always found an excuse not to. But one day, he finally decided to do it. “It might have been selfish but I was lonely,” August […]

Why The US, France and Britain are Destroying Syria

Since Russia stepped up to the plate, suddenly western countries can’t wait to bomb ISIS. Are they now there to get the job done? Or are they there to stop Russia increasing its influence, and to make sure it doesn’t succeed where they failed? The world is falling over itself to bomb Syria. The following statement […]

Purple Potatoes May Cut Your Risk of Developing Colon Cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

The first experience I had with “purple” potatoes was earlier this summer when my bride and I had several Army buddies over for a social gathering, and one of our guests brought a multi-colored potato salad as her contribution to the food table. I was flabbergasted, as was my friend’s hubby, who told me he’d […]

7 Parenting Behaviors That Prevent Your Children From Being Successful

We all want the best for our kids, but Dr. Tim Elmore, a distinguished researcher and author of several best-selling books on psychology, believes he has found some parental behaviors that might actually run contrary to that goal. While these behaviors seem innocuous enough on the surface, and maybe even beneficial, they can actually end […]

Did A Meteorite Change The Course of Christianity 2,000 Years Ago?

Did an ancient meteor have such a life-changing impact on witnesses of the day that it shaped a religion and altered the course of history? Astronomers theorize that the dramatic flash and boom that converted Paul the Apostle may have been an exploding meteor. In the Christian Bible, it is written that a man named […]

Feng Shui Color Principles For Balancing Energy In Your Home

What is Feng Shui Exactly? Most articles and even some books will explain what colors to pick for each room and why without really giving details on the elements of Feng Shui and how it actually all works together effectively.  The English translation for Feng Shui is “Wind-Water”, which envisioning this alone can evoke a […]

How The Royal Family Really Makes Its Money

It seems like only yesterday that Britain’s most iconic landmarks were being set aglow with pink to celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte, but fans of the British Royal Family are already looking forward to a third royal baby for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are spearheading […]

Hospital Saves Man’s Life After He’s Shot – 9 Years Later, He Becomes Doctor...

In 2007, Kevin Morton Jr. was shot in the stomach during his night shift at a Detroit’s Arby. He had just closed up the restaurant and was getting into his car. Suddenly, a man stepped out of the shadows and shot Morton in the abdomen, forever changing the course of his life. That night, as […]

Wisconsin Moves To Be First State Ever To Nullify Federal Cannabis Prohibition Through Legislation

Madison, WI – Yet another state is moving towards legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use. However, Wisconsin is going about it in a most Constitutional way. The state of Wisconsin introduced a bill last week that would effectively nullify the federal prohibition of marijuana in the state. According to the 10th Amendment Center: “Rep. […]

10 Year Old Boy From Texas Just Invented A Device To Prevent Babies From...

Bishop Curry V was inspired to create the “Oasis” when a baby in his neighborhood died last summer after being left in a car. A young Texas boy has invented something that every parent could use: a device to prevent infant hot car deaths. Bishop Curry V is a 10-year-old fifth-grader at Melissa Ridge Intermediate […]

Root That Kills 98 Percent of Cancer Cells in 48 Hours

Researchers are always looking for ways to fight cancer. While most of the tests fail, a few have amazing results. In fact, some show better results than chemotherapy. Let’s face it, chemo is very painful and also kills healthy cells in the body. In fact, it’s believed to cause death in most cancer patients. The […]

‘The Media Coverage On Syria Is The Biggest Media Lie of Our Time’ —...

Flemish Father Daniël Maes (78) lives in Syria in the sixth-century-old Mar Yakub monastery in the city of Qara, 90 kilometers north of the capital Damascus. Father Daniel has been a witness to the “civil war” and according to him, Western reports on the conflict in Syria are very misleading. In short: “the Americans and their allies want […]

Loving Husband Lists All The Reasons He Loves His Wife Who Is Battling Depression

Tim Murphy, a Los Angeles-based engineer, surprised his new wife Molly with a beautiful love note. Molly, who suffers from depression, had just returned from a trip to San Francisco and was feeling particularly blue. When she flopped down on her bed, she noticed Tim has written a 15 point love note on their bedroom […]

Use Vodka And Banana For Straightening Your Hair

Permanent hair straightening chemicals or everyday use of iron can seriously damage your hair and appearance. Today you can try several homemade treatments that most probably you never heard about and they have the same effect. Vodka The famous supermodel Eva Herzegovina admitted that she used vodka for lighting the hair, but it is equally good […]

Chinese Monk Breaks Stick With Neck

While flexing your biceps might be the traditional way to showcase toughness, a monk in China shows off another body part – his neck, which he uses to break sticks. The impressive – and presumably painful – feat amazed spectators at a martial arts festival. Over 100 monks and 200 martial arts masters showed off […]

Bizarre Secret Messages Hidden In Google Translator

Is there some sort of hidden code in plain sight, while using Google translate? Many are now wondering, why they are seeing hidden messages displaying – while trying to translate from Somali to English. There are specific key letters used, to type out in sequence. After doing this, strange phrases begin to display. These letters […]

5 Times Scientists Have Suspiciously Died After Making Big Discoveries

In this day and age, conspiracy theories are everywhere. The phrase “fake news” has become almost meaningless as people use it to describe anything going on that they don’t like, but the original purpose was important. There are websites out there that present conspiracy theories as actual fact when they’re not, and we’ve learned that […]

Two Muslim Families Entrusted With Care Of Holy Christian Site For Centuries

The key to one of Christianity’s holiest sites is held by a Muslim family, and it has been for centuries. This is more than just tradition. It is the very essence of Jerusalem, part of what makes the Old City’s cultural and religious history so special. We meet Adeeb Joudeh at the Jaffa Gate to […]

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