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Monthly Archives: April 2017

8 Root Causes Of Eczema Doctors Never Treat

Eczema is a collective term for a group of related skin disorders. These disorders cause symptoms such as inflammation, dryness, redness and scaling. While only 2-4% of adults develop eczema, it’s much more common in babies and children. Once the barrier of the skin becomes dry and damaged, irritation and sensitivity will follow. Symptoms of […]

Scientists Have Told Women To Stop Wearing Bras – This Is Why

Scientists have just told women to stop wearing bras, and it wasn’t for National No Bra Day on October 13th. Apparently, going without a bra promotes more tone and supporting breast tissue and wearing a bra from a young age does not help support the chest, reduce back pain or prevent breast sagging. Jean-Denis Rouillon, […]

Burn This Outside and You Will Never Be Bothered By Mosquitoes Again

Mosquitos suck. Literally. They can turn the most relaxed of backyard barbecues into a frenzy of swatting and knee-slapping. And then there are allergies and serious viruses like Zika that can be transmitted by the annoying little buggers. But you know what sucks even more than mosquitos? Some of the commercial repellants that’ll suck your wallet empty […]

Sylvester Stallone Just Shared A Tribute To His Old Dog, And It’s Absolutely Beautiful

Sylvester Stallone, the actor best known for his role in Rocky, just shared the most beautiful tribute to his dog Butkus. The 70-year-old writes: “When I was 26, totally broke, going nowhere VERY fast, owned two pair of pants that barely fit, shoes that had holes in them and dreams of being successful were as […]

Lawsuit Claims This Deodorant Causes Severe Rashes & Burns

According to a class action lawsuit, Old Spice deodorant causes chemical burns on customers. Though Procter & Gamble’s website states that the deodorant has “no known effects” post-use, there appears to be evidence to the contrary. The plaintiff in the case, Rodney Colley, claimed that severe rashes formed under his arms after only a few […]

10 Foods Your Liver Loves You To Consume

Certain foods  help maintain a healthy liver. This article will introduce you to seven of the most important foods that keep the liver clean and healthy. Poor lifestyle and dietary habits negatively impact the liver. Adopting healthy lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, lower alcohol intake and less exposure to toxins may help promote liver health. Avoiding […]

Whales Found Washed Up On Shore Died With Stomachs Full of Plastic and Car...

 In January, 29 sperm whales were found stranded on shores around the North Sea, an area that is too shallow for the marine wildlife. Only recently were details of the animals’ necropsy released. However, scientists were deeply disturbed by what they found in the animals’ stomachs. According to a press release from Wadden Sea National Park […]

This Amazing Drink Can Cure Diabetes In Just 5 Days

Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases of our time. It occurs when the body is unable to produce insulin or can’t use it properly, resulting in high blood sugar levels. The condition has no known cure, and the only treatment involves taking insulin shots for the rest of the patient’s life. There are […]

What He Did Every Night Caused Cancer In His Eyes and He Died Make...

Recently, a 40-year old man got the worst unexpected news – he was suffering from a rare type of eye cancer! The man went to see a doctor and complained that he wasn’t seeing clearly. After doing some tests, the doctor delivered the bad news to the patient. To make things even worse, his eyes […]

Over 128K People Call For Bill Clinton’s Arrest

A petition calling for the arrest of former President Bill Clinton for alleged election law violations has gained over 60,000 signatures. He made appearances at three polling precincts in Massachusetts on Super Tuesday. State officials said he acted legally. “This is a call for the immediate arrest of President Bill Clinton for clear, knowing and […]

This Is The Best Natural Laxative To Clear All The “Stuck Poop” In Your...

The mixture we have for you today is a powerful natural laxative that you can easily prepare at home. It contains prunes, a fruit rich in fiber that will improve your digestion and treat problems such as constipation. Here’s how to prepare it: Ingredients 150 gr. of dates 150 gr. of prunes 5 cups of […]

Magical Natural Viagra: If You Like To Have Long and Fantastic Erection Use These...

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and there’s a good reason why. They are delicious and rich in numerous essential nutrients that can satiate you and boost your energy levels. However, science has found another reason to enjoy bananas even more – according to new studies, the tropical fruit can […]

Corrupt Vaccine Industry Has The Motive To Stage a Massive False Flag “Outbreak” To...

The vaccine industry is unique in the fact that the more its products fail, the greater the demand for its faulty products. Simply stated, when vaccines are accidentally distributed with live viruses instead of attenuated (weakened) viruses, they cause the very outbreaks of disease they claim to prevent. Once the outbreak happens, the pharma-funded mainstream […]

Women Have Right To Sell Their Bodies For Sex, Says Cambridge Professor

Prostitution should be as respected as being in the armed forces because women have the exact same right to make money from their bodies, Cambridge economist Victoria Bateman argued this week. Director of studies at the Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge, Bateman argued in an article for the Times Higher Education magazine that […]

All Female Auto Shop Will Do Your Hair And Nails While Your Car Gets...

Women are tired of getting ripped off when they visit the mechanic, which is why the Girls Auto Clinic was founded. Most women expect to be ripped off when they visit a car dealership or an auto mechanic, which is why the Girls Auto Clinic was founded. And, it’s doing more than soothing females’ anxieties […]

People With Higher IQ’s Are More Likely To Use Illegal Drugs

Researchers have found that those with high childhood IQs are more prone to illegal drug use as adults. But what does this correlation really mean? Two major papers have found a positive correlation between high childhood IQ and adult drug use. The first was published in 2011 (Intelligence across childhood in relation to illegal drug use in adulthood: […]

Horrifying New Study Shows People Willing To Hurt Complete Strangers Just To Obey Authority

For the state to make war, it must convince the populace that killing other people is just and necessary. Many different rationalizations have cropped up over the millennia – from controlling resources to exterminating races to “fighting terrorism” – but murdering strangers requires a particular obedience to authority. Fifty years ago, psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted […]

Avoid These Leftovers Lurking in Your Fridge, They Could Make You Sick

Experts warned that eating leftover rice may yield to food poisoning. Cooking rice does not always destroy all the pathogens residing on it. There is also a higher risk of food poisoning when rice is left at room temperature. Dr. Bejamin Chapman, North Carolina State University’s resident Food Safety Specialist, said in an interview that […]

People Who Never Get Sick: Here Are Their 5 Secrets

Follow these 5 rules and give illness the run-around. It’s tempting to dismiss it as luck: Some people might catch a slight cold or suffer an occasional ache or pain now and then, but they never seem to suffer from flus, fevers and illnesses that send the rest of us diving under the covers for […]

Scientists Have Discovered A Secret Function Of Lungs

A good starting point for any scientist in any field is to acknowledge that there’s a lot that we don’t know. We don’t know, for example, why there is more matter than antimatter in the universe. We don’t know quite how the evolution of the dinosaurs panned out. And, perhaps most surprisingly of all, we […]

With This Method, ​You Can Learn Anything in Just 20 Hours

No matter how much we want to acquire a new skill, there’s never enough time to do everything and learn all we want to know. But from this moment on, you can remove the “I don’t have time” phrase from your vocabulary. We at Bright Side are sharing a method that will allow you to learn anything in just 20 hours. Author Josh Kaufman, who is passionate about learning new things, decided […]

There’s A Hidden Feature In The New Pound Coin That’s Baffling People

The new £1 coin that will be hitting the Britain’s tills and Poundsaver stores has entered circulation this month and it has a feature hidden to the naked eye. With the British economy more and more uncertain introducing a fancy new twelve-sided coin may seem ill-timed. However just like Brexit, it’s happening and there’s not […]

No One Believes This Girl When She Tells Them What Her Job Is

A Norwegian woman is branching out into politics to end a stigma and make her day job more appealing to young women. Everyone seems to be shocked when Lisa-Marie Sommerstad reveals to them what she does for a living. The 25-year-old has been a bricklayer for four years and because she doesn’t fit the social […]

Woman Found Buried With Husband’s Heart on Her Coffin

Forget roses and chocolates. Modern-day romantic gestures pale in comparison to what one Renaissance couple did after death: The wife went to her final rest with her husband’s heart on her coffin. The heart of Toussaint de Perrien, a patron of religious orders in Brittany, France, was cut from his chest after death, placed in […]

Bizarre Chicken With FOUR LEGS Is Born In Brazil

A chick made sure he made an entrance to remember when he entered the world last week – by hatching out of his shell with four legs. Farmer Dienes Lima, 25, who owns a bird farm, was moving hatch lings from the brooder to the nursery when he came across the abnormal bird. And needless to […]

‘Miraculous’ Discovery Of Ultra-Rare Indochinese Tigers In Thailand

A a small population of Indochinese tigers have been discovered in Thailand, a find that conservationists have called ‘miraculous’. At least four females and six cubs were found using hidden cameras, according to Thailand’s national parks and wildlife department. There are only around 350 giant cats from the Indochinese family left in the world partly, it is believed, […]

Mysterious Sculptures Discovered During St. Mary’s Church Restoration

Hidden and forgotten for nearly 200 years, a mysterious carved head of a woman’s profile with historic and religious significance has been discovered in St. Mary’s Church. St. Mary’s announced on March 29th that the rare and precious finding dates back to 1848 when the church was built by Newport’s Irish immigrants and may be […]

Judge Orders Removal of Gas Pipeline From Native American Property

Seventeen years after the expiration of an easement, a federal judge has ordered an energy company to completely remove its pipeline from the properties of 38 Native American landowners — none of whom have been compensated for the company’s use of their land since the year 2000. Now, the pipeline company will have just six […]

The Real Drug Lords: A Brief History of CIA Involvement In Drug Trafficking

In the beginning, CIA arms, money, and disinformation enabled Corsican criminal syndicates in Marseille to wrestle control of labor unions from the Communist Party. The Corsicans gained political influence and control over the docks — ideal conditions for cementing a long-term partnership with mafia drug distributors, which turned Marseille into the postwar heroin capital of […]

This Is Why You Should Put Irish Spring Soap In Your Garden

This spring, the luck o’ the Irish will keep your garden safe. If you’re concerned about pesky rabbits, deer and other herbivores munching on your trees and plants, look no further than Irish Spring soap.   Irish Spring smells wonderful, but there is more to this soap than its great scent. Irish Spring soap can […]

This Beautiful Town In Germany Built Out of Diamonds In The Middle Of 15...

Seriously, what more could you want? The town of Nordlingen in southern Germany is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Not only did it celebrate its 1100th birthday in 1998, it is also situated slap bang in the middle of the Ries meteorite crater. This was formed 14 million years ago, when an impactor 1.5km […]

5 Lies You Were Taught In School About Native Americans

5. The Native Americans Weren’t Defeated by White Settlers Lie: Add in some war, throw in some smallpox… Not much is said about how the Native Americans were wiped out. Native American civilization’s fall is usually explained away with its inability to compete with the White Man’s technological prowess. Truth: In the decades between Columbus’ discovery of […]

The Five Biggest Lies About ‘Ebola’ Being Pushed By Government and Mass Media

All the disinformation being spread about Ebola by the U.S. government and the complicit mass media will unfortunately make the Ebola pandemic far worse. That’s because the public isn’t being told the truth about how Ebola spreads and how individuals can help prevent transmission of the disease. At every level of media and government, protecting […]

Mysterious 555 Million Year Old Organism Reveals Ancient Life Was Strangely Advanced

Life on Earth has been through quite the journey. After its emergence around 4.1 billion years ago, life evolved and diversified rapidly during the Cambrian Explosion. This relatively short period occurred around 542 million years ago, and most modern life can trace its ancestry back to the creatures that evolved during this event. However, an […]

This Is What Happens To Coins That Are Tossed Into Fountains

BEFORE YOUR magical journey into throwing money into fountains begins…   …YOU SHOULD READ THIS. It’s from the Sun Sentinel about WHY we throw coins into fountains in the first place. SERIOUSLY, it’s interesting: Palm Beach County psychotherapist Fran Sherman says giving, even in tiny amounts, makes people feel good while feeding their own “wishes and […]

Depression and The Harmful Medications That Go With It

Depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed mood and psychiatric disorders. More than 120 million people on the planet suffer from depression, that is a lot of medication to be distributed. Depression is a condition that really requires no medication; it’s become evident that depression is a condition that’s heavily marketed by the pharmaceutical […]

If Ebola Hits U.S. Even Healthy Americans Will Be Quarantined

With concerns growing over the deadly Ebola virus, which has killed 670 people in West Africa, preparations are already underway in the United States, where even healthy Americans will be subjected to forced quarantine in the event of an Ebola pandemic. Western governments are now issuing alerts to doctors to be on the lookout for symptoms of […]

South Koreans Oust President After Corruption and “Occult Activity”

Now-former President Park Geun-hye faces at least 13 charges after having businesses donate to a fraudulent Foundation in exchange for political favors. She also shared highly classified State secrets with a female aide with whom she had an intimate relationship. Police arrested her before she could destroy or tamper with the evidence. Via the use […]

Dolphins Get High By Chewing on Pufferfish and Passing Them Around

Yet another awesome discovery about dolphins show that they get recreationally high by seeking out pufferfish, catching them in their mouths and swimming around with them. The pufferfish, when in trouble, balloons and discharges a neurotoxic chemical.  In small doses, the chemical can kill, but in the small doses absorbed by the dolphins, it just gets […]

Does Weight Loss Tea Work? A Sales Free Look

Weight loss teas claim to suppress appetite, increase fat burning and boost metabolism. But do they work? This article takes a sales-free look at the scientific evidence. What Is Weight Loss Tea? Weight loss teas are usually a blend of tea and herbs, depending on the brand. They’re said to help with weight loss by […]

NASA Studying How To Travel Faster Than Light After Finding Trappist-1

NASA recently reported finding a treasure trove of planets, all able to support life in a nearby solar system, called Trappist-1, according to a Harvard paper on the subject. Now, as if NASA hasn’t been using interstellar space travel for decades now, this arm of the military industrial system says it is beginning to “study” […]

Are You In a Bad Mood Or Is It An Earth Bound Spirit Who...

When the physical body dies people are not always ready to move on. They can choose to remain in the vibration they were at when embodied. They do not have more knowledge. They do not become more enlightened.  They are still subject to the sympathetic person. Why? They feel much more comfortable being in a […]

Chinese Dog Eating Festival Starts In Just 3 Months

WARNING! Graphic content: The annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival is right around the corner, despite years of protests the festival is still going on. If you are unfamiliar with the festival, thousands of dogs and cats are murdered and eaten. Last year around 10,000 dogs and cats were used during the 10-day festival, which takes […]

Scientists Opened a Cave That Was ISOLATED For 5.5 MILLION Years and Found This

Movile Cave has been cut off for millions of years. Its air is thick with harmful gasses, yet it is home to an array of strange beings. The cave remained unopened for 5.5 MILLION years. It was discovered in 1986 a few kilometers from the Black Sea coast after scientists were sweeping the area looking […]

We Should All Know These 10 Things About Our Blood Type

All people belong to some of the blood types, A, B, AB, or O, which is determined from birth. Experts claim that every blood type has its own properties, shared by its members. This is a review of the most important characteristics of blood types: Blood type and offspring About 85% of people are Rh […]

Freemason Shaquille O’Neal Says The Earth Is Flat

Retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal is 33 degree Freemason. As him being Freemason I can’t trust him anything he says simply because all Freemasons are liars. Retired American basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal revealed his belief about the shape of the planet Earth speaking during a show on an internet radio station. “It’s true. The Earth […]

OBAMA Signed Executive Order To Allow Detention Of Americans With Respiratory Illnesses

This is REALLY getting bad, folks. An amendment is in the wake of Ebola scare, or is it?! This is alarming on the highest level! Agenda 21. Concentrations camps. FEMA. Destruction of America. Dictatorship. Death of the Constitution. As the Ebola outbreak continues to cause concern, President Barack Obama has signed an amendment to an […]

She Rubbed Garlic On Her Foot, and Then Something Unexpected Happened

There are tons of cosmetic products on the market, but the main question is – how many people actually know about the things you put on your body? Anna Jimenez decided to investigate what was put in the most popular cosmetic products, and to discover what is toxic and what is not. She sat down […]

I Normally Don’t Care For TV Commercials, But This Is Easily The Best One...

If you are a lover of nature and find yourself inspired by survival stories, then the latest advertisement from Shangri-La hotel chain may be exactly what you are looking for. The hotel and resort chain is well-known for its hospitality and has locations in Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Europe. Their latest […]

Biosecurity Board Suspends Entry of 26 GMO’s To Turkey

The Biosecurity Board has decided to ban the entry of 26 genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into Turkey amid ongoing debates about whether genetically modified rice passed through customs. The board, which is the deciding body on the issue in the country, unanimously rejected the entry authorization demands.The banned products include genetically modified sugar beet and […]

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