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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Noam Chomsky: If Trump Support Drops, US May See ‘Staged Terrorist Attack’

With President Trump’s approval rating sinking below even the nadir of presidential favorability, it stands to reason only a paucity of the billionaire’s campaign pledges have been addressed as originally promised — and although typical for modern U.S. presidents, his base has begun to grow weary of hollow vows. The country is indisputably on edge. […]

Conspiracy Theory No More, Harvard Reveals Big Oil Approved ‘Stratospheric Injection’ Geoengineering

Officially kicking rumors of ‘chemtrails’ into overdrive, Harvard scientists announced the launch of a $20 million geoengineering program, set to kick off mere weeks from now — the first such project this comprehensive in scope — in a bid to stave off soaring global temperatures. Geoengineering, in other words, just moved one colossal step closer […]

Idiocracy Director: It’s Kind of Scary How Quickly The Movie Became a Documentary

For years, fans of the 2006 cult film Idiocracy have lamented society’s drift toward the fictional reality in which farmers and leaders water their crops with sports drinks but can’t figure out why they won’t grow. Earlier this year, the film’s screenwriter, Etan Cohen, tweeted, “I never expected #idiocracy to become a documentary.” Now, Mike […]

NGA: The Massive Spy Agency You Haven’t Heard Of

 If you’re one of the countless Americans who was distraught to learn of the revelations made by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, the mere idea that there might be yet another agency out there — perhaps just as powerful and much more intrusive —  should give you goosebumps. Foreign Policy reports that […]

‘Bible, Not Google’ Gives Israel Right To Land

Israel’s communications minister says the Bible is enough to prove that his country has legitimate land claims, despite what Google or Wikipedia say. The remarks were made during an event supporting West Bank settlements. “Defense is important and security is important but the most important thing is the moral claim of Israel and we are […]

Obama Routinely Bombed 5 out of The 7 Countries Trump Just Banned, But The...

While the lying media is freaking out over President Trump‘s (temporary) travel ban for seven Middle Eastern countries deemed security risks, they didn’t give a damn about Obama bombing them. Though the media is currently in a tizzy because Trump’s executive order held up around 300 people at airports, Obama’s bombings were reported as completely […]

Muslim Parents Protest Against Gay Teacher at Berlin Preschool

Muslim parents have threatened to gather signatures for a petition against a Berlin preschool, after discovering that one of its male teachers is gay. Many of the parents have removed their children from the nursery. The protest by parents at the kindergarten in the northern district of Reinickendorf was reported by German media earlier this […]

John Podesta Facing Jail For Lying About Holding 75K Russian Bank Shares

John Podesta is facing jail time after it was revealed the former Clinton campaign manager broke federal law by covering up the fact he owned tens of thousands of shares in a Russian bank. By not declaring the 75,000 Kremlin-backed stock shares before joining Obama’s White House as a special counsellor, Podesta broke federal law. His fate now lies in […]

Smart Meters Could Be Overbilling You By A Whopping 582%

Most people understand that utility bills are a necessary evil if they want to live in the modern world – even if utility bills eat up a large portion of monthly income. That said, few are willing to pay more than they should be paying, and yet, according to a stunning new report, some people […]

Is Lemon A Cancer Cure?‏

With an increase in reporting by major media outlets discussing the many health benefits of various fruits and vegetables and how they play a part in fighting disease, you may have already heard that lemons cure cancer. While this isn’t completely factual, there have been several studies that purport to show a strong basis in using lemons […]

Child’s Autistic Symptoms Miraculously Disappear After His Doctor Does THIS

Recent estimates predict the cost for autism care in America will rise to a staggering $461 billion (if not a trillion dollars) by 2025, and the current costs are already more than double the combined costs of stroke and hypertension. But what if doctors have been treating autism all wrong, and simpler, more effective solutions are within reach […]

I Am 60 Years Old And This Plant Returned My Vision, Removed Fat From...

Maintaining good health is not a simple task, as it requires diligence and a lot of self-care. Aging makes this even more difficult given that as normal process that occurs within the human body it causes many changes and affects all bodily parts. For instance, the eyes are some of the organs that suffer the […]

“This Antibiotic Will Ruin You” – A Woman Had to Undergo 20 Surgeries to...

These antibiotics received countless warnings time and time again. Since 1992 consumers have reported the devastating effects they can have on the body, and yet the FDA did nothing. In 2016, the drug warning was finally updated to include the reports, but for many it was too late, and for some, this class of drugs is still […]

If You Find One of These Bizarre Egg Sacks In Your Back Yard, Try...

#1 The Devil’s Fingers Imagine walking into your backyard and seeing this grotesque figure nestled in your grass…what would you do?! The Clathrus archeri aka Devil’s Fingers is one of the most bizarre mushrooms you will EVER come across. Native to New Zealand and Australia, Clathrus archeri is also known as devil’s fingers. It is what’s known as a […]

What Hiccups, Ringing Ears, Popping Joints And A Whistling Nose Mean For Your Health

Our body regularly knows to humiliate us at the times when we wouldn’t dare hoping anymore. The stomach begins making strange clamors, our nose begins shrieking and our ears begin ringing when we’re out in the open and it makes us feel awkward. In any case, despite the fact that we frequently expel these things […]

Scientists Wirelessly Control Mice With Brain Implant

Mind control has gone from science fiction to science fact thanks to a remote-controlled brain implant that can control the path taken by mice, as footage released Tuesday by neuroscientists shows. The implant, which is narrower than a human hair, alters the neural networks of the mice using wireless signals, allowing researchers to study neural […]

Man Died Alone In An Old Age Home. What He Left Behind Brought Tears...

In one dull nursing home, there was a quiet man who lived his last days writing a beautiful poet about his life. MakFiliser died in a nursing home seemingly leaving nothing behind him, as he never received any visitors. When the day came to clean out Mak’s room, however, one nurse couldn’t believe what she […]

The Astor Bloodline: One of The Satanic Bloodlines That Rule The World

Based on Christian Illuminati researcher Fritz Springmeier’s book “Bloodlines of the Illuminati.” The Astor family represent some of the wealthiest people in recent history, with their name stretching back to the 1720s. Their power and wealth are reflected in the numerous important landmarks in the New York area named after them. Notable family members include […]

Project Stargate: CIA, DoD Had a Well Funded Secret Program Aimed At Developing Psychic...

In recent years, the United States has produced some of the most advanced technology the world has ever seen. We have robots that are capable of going out onto the battlefield and carrying out missions that are too dangerous for humans to participate in. We have drones flying through the air that can surveil vast […]

This One Ingredient Can Remove All Your White Hairs And Grow New Hair

When it comes to graying hair we all know the simplest solution, hair dye, they do a decent job at covering the grays but we know they’re loaded with chemicals and not everyone likes to expose themselves to unnecessary risks. However, hair dyes are not the only solution; there are more natural alternatives that can […]

For The First Time Ever, UFC Fighters Allowed To Smoke Pot Before Fights

When the Nevada Athletic Commission slammed UFC fighter Nick Diaz with a $165,000 fine and whopping five-year suspension for testing positive for cannabis in a 2015 drug test, it seemed the benign — but too oft-maligned — plant had won no friends in the field of professional fighting. Less than two full years later, however, […]

Touch The End Your Toes Then You Will Know Heart Problem or Not

To know the work of the heart is still good or ill, researchers have an easy guide which is quite simply touching the tip of your toes. If your body is still flexible to reach your toes, means your heart is still quite healthy. In the journal Heart and Circulatory Physiology explained that by testing one […]

Bowel Cancer is Massively Rising Among Millennials: But Don’t Trust The Cancer Establishment

According to a paper published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, bowel cancer (colorectal cancer) is rising in young people when it was previously a “disease of the elderly,”and a declining form of cancer. Headlines about this read: “Colorectal Cancer Rates Are Rising Sharply Among Young Americans” – and doctors don’t know why“ […]

China Claims Discovery of Its Largest Gold Mine Worth $22 Billion

The biggest ever gold deposit of an estimated 380 tons has been discovered in China, announced Shandong Gold Group during a news conference in Beijing on Tuesday. According to local media reports, the Xiling gold seam in eastern China is more than 2,000 meters long and 67 meters wide. At full capacity, the mine could […]

Pakistan’s ‘Last Jew’ Wins Right To Convert From Islam

After much legal wrangling, Pakistan has officially allowed a man who has been dubbed the country’s “last Jew” to change his religion from Islam to Judaism. Fishel Benkhald was born to a Muslim father and Jewish mother. At the time of his birth, he was registered as a Muslim but says he never practiced Islam […]

Doctor Faces Trial For Cutting Off 4 Year Old Boy’s Penis During Circumcision

A doctor is facing trial in Switzerland after severing a four-year-old’s penis during a circumcision operation and ‘wasting time’ before sending him to hospital. The medico is accused of inflicting serious bodily harm through negligence. The tragic incident occurred on July 2014, when the boy’s parents took him to the doctor’s office in Geneva. The […]

Sexual Hookups Could Be Bad For Your Health

Not many species in the animal kingdom bond for life. Perhaps 5 percent of smaller animals stay true to one partner forever, including otters, seahorses, Gentoo penguins, Turtle doves, Black vultures, prairie voles, beavers, and wolves. Among primates, the percentages are similar, and among mammals, even fewer are monogamous – only about 3 percent mate […]

This Woman Made Breakfast For Their Children And Kills Them By A Mistake We...

It’s not uncommon for moms to prepare homemade breakfast for their kids and get them to eat something healthy and home-cooked instead of fast-food and snacks in schools, which is a very good thing but sometimes even moms can make a terrible mistake and regret it for the rest of their lives. The following story […]

These Famous Stock Cubes Are Poisonous

Knorr, Maggi, Ajinomoto, Kitano – all these brands have been highly popular and the favorite choice of stock for millions of people. People buy these stock cubes considering them healthy, but rarely anyone knows that the flavoring used on them contains one very dangerous ingredient – monosodium glutamate. Monosodium glutamate is a chemical additive that […]

12 Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer That Every Guy Needs To Know

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), prostate cancer is one of the deadliest diseases for men. However, it can be treated if the symptoms are detected on time – the earlier you recognize them, the higher the chances of survival. The symptoms of the disease vary from man to man, and often resemble other […]

After 500 DC Kids Go Missing Police Advise Kids To “Stay Home” To Avoid...

After over 500 juveniles were reported missing in D.C. since the beginning of 2017, and a letter signed by several congressional officials requested federal assistance from the Justice Department in investigating the matter, a DC police commander, when asked, “What preventative measures can young people take, specifically so they don’t become a victim of human […]

DUI Checkpoints Now Include Mouth Swabs That Can Tell If You Smoked Pot Days...

On St. Patrick’s Day, California’s southernmost metropolis decided to debut a roadside test for those suspected of driving under the influence of cannabis. Several “sobriety checkpoints” were set up throughout the city with the standard invasions of privacy, but this time they added a mouth swab test known as the Drager 5000. If a cop […]

Doctors Gave Boy 3 Days To Live, Then His Mom Secretly Gave Him Cannabis

Both anecdotal evidence and clinical research are beginning to show the promise of cannabis in treating a variety of health issues. According to one family in the U.K., cannabis helped a dying teenage boy recover fully from complications from leukemia. The family recently appeared on the British talk show, This Morning, to discuss their experience. […]

The Most Powerful Family You’ve Never Heard Of

Meet the Mercers. History is full of powerful families that have left their mark on the political and economic systems of their age. During the Italian Renaissance, there were the Borgias and Medicis. In the United States, a number of families have realized America is not only the land of opportunity but also the land […]

Mentally Deranged Rachel Dolezal Tells BBC She Is ‘Transracial’

Former leader of NAACP, Rachel Dolezal, has told the BBC that she is now officially ‘transracial’ – meaning that she has transitioned from white to African American. In a bizarre interview with the BBCs Newsnight show Dolezal, 39, claims that “the idea of race is a lie,” and says that ethnicity is not biological. The notion […]

This Mother Passed Out After Giving Birth – Once She Heard Her Baby Cry...

And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. One of those miracles happen in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, The mother gave up for 3 hours after giving birth, the child couldn’t stop crying, and when the child touch the Mother while crying she came back to life. We […]

He Told His Wife The Pit Bull Needed To Go – Then The Dog...

No creature on this planet knows loyalty as well as the humble canine. When you look at a dog with its human family, you see a loyalty like no other. This story has been circulating around social media for years now. Dad was worried the family pit bull would be a threat to his newborn […]

Turmeric Honey Remedy for Keeping You Healthy Naturally

Raw honey and turmeric are remedies that have been around since ancient times to treat a wide variety of illnesses. When combined, honey and turmeric’s medicinal properties become more potent making it a remedy that can fight all kinds of common illnesses while providing a wide variety of health benefits to help prolong and enhance […]

How Showing Compassion For Animals Can Improve Personal Well Being

Compassion is the humane side of suffering, which inspires the most beautiful acts of humanity. In man’s world, animals often bear the worst of our dark side, suffering under the stresses of cruelty and ruthlessness, however, being compassionate towards animals may actually be good for your health and well-being, perhaps even prolonging your life. For […]

Bogus Doctor Jailed For 10 Years After Providing Fatal Buttock Injections

A fake cosmetic surgery doctor who injected toxic materials including super glue into a patient’s buttocks, causing catastrophic injuries, has been sentenced to 10 years in a US prison. Oneal Ron Morris, of Coconut Creek, Florida, accepted a plea deal on Monday after facing the prospect of a jury trial over the manslaughter of former […]

The Secret Covenant

THE SECRET COVENANT The Author of THE SECRET COVENANT is UNKNOWN. Questions as to the origin of THE SECRET COVENANT have been debated and as it seems most have even dismissed it as a work of complete fiction but to those who have obtained a deep understanding of these things when presented with the facts […]

UN Calls For Worldwide Treaty To Phase Out Pesticides & Transition To Sustainable Farming

The debate concerning the safety of chemical pesticides used on food crops for humans and animals alike rages on. Some believe the risk is negligible, and simply washing your produce mitigates any potentially risks these chemical pose, while others argue that plants grown in pesticides absorb the chemicals into their flesh, which means washing the outer skin offers little protection. […]

Stop Supporting Child Slavery By Avoiding These 6 Companies

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Americans sure do. In fact, the average American citizen eats over 11 pounds of chocolate each year. But there’s a downside to this sweet treat beyond simply questionable ingredients. Many of us purchase our chocolate without thinking about who made it, and that’s a problem, since a variety of large corporations have […]

NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof of Climate Engineering

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The photo images shown below were captured from NASA satellite sources, they are truly alarming. These images provide shocking and undeniable proof of the ongoing global climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management assault on our planet and its life support systems. Highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals […]

One of The Most Important Scientists In The World: “Most Cancer Research Is Largely...

“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.” The above quote comes from Linus Pauling, Ph.D, and two time Nobel Prize winner in chemistry (1901-1994). He is considered one of the most important scientists […]

I Put This In The Corners of My House & The Next Day All...

Raise your hand if you think cockroaches are the worst! These nasty critters can enter anyone’s home, and are pure scavengers who feed on leftovers whenever they can find them. Besides this, the main problem with the pests is that they carry dangerous diseases. Can a cockroach hurt you? Although they don’t bite or sting, […]

New Male Sex Robots With Bionic Penises May Just Replace Men In The Pleasure...

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding plastic sex dolls in recent times, but now, a company named “Real Doll” is upping the game by creating male sex dolls as well. These robots will work on batteries and can be charged like a phone. They will also be able to respond verbally and, according […]

Top British Universities Found Producing ‘Fake Research’

Hundreds of allegations of “fake research” conducted at some of the UK’s top universities were reported between 2011 and 2016, figures show. According to figures released by 23 of Britain’s 24 Russell Group universities following Freedom of Information (FoI) requests submitted by the BBC, the scale of fraudulent research is much higher than official Research […]

Canada To Legalize Cannabis For Recreational Use In 2018

In an effort to devastate drug profits in the criminal underworld, Canada’s Liberal government is reported to be preparing a move to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Next month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s party will announce plans to permit the use and possession of a certain amount of the psychoactive drug, according to CBC News. […]

Smart Kids More Likely To Smoke Weed & Drink Alcohol As Teens

Children who do well in school are more likely to smoke weed and drink alcohol as teens and adults, but less likely to smoke cigarettes, according to a new study. The study, carried out on more than 6,000 young people in England over a 7-year period by University College London researchers James Williams and Gareth […]

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