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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Nobel Prizes Were Awarded To Nazi Scientists Who Developed Zyklon B To Exterminate Jews

When the late Swedish chemist and engineer Alfred B. Nobel (1833-1896) made the decision to set aside a $9 million cash sum upon his death to establish the Nobel Prize, his vision was to honor the great men and women throughout time whose accomplishments in peace, literature, physics, chemistry, physiology, medicine, and economic science conferred […]

Fmr IMF Chief Sent To Jail As Spain Prosecutes 65 Elite Bankers In Enormous...

In many other countries, excluding the United States, corrupt bankers are often brought to task by their respective governments. The most recent example of a corrupt banker being held accountable comes out of Spain, where the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Rodrigo Rato, was sentenced to four years and six months behind […]

BAYER Bought Concentration Camp Victims in WWII

Everyone has heard of Bayer, the pharmaceutical company that runs aspirin commercials on television. Not everyone knows, however, of Bayer’s dark past. The successor of pharmaceutical conglomerate IG Farben, the company was a huge donor to Hitler’s electoral campaign and supporter of the Nazis. IG Farben worked closely with the Nazi party to take over […]

Subway Chicken Contain Less Than 50 Percent Chicken DNA

According to one study, Subway’s chicken isn’t too “fresh.” A DNA study by Trent University and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reveals that some chicken products from the sandwich chain contained less than 50 percent chicken DNA. According to the CBC, researchers at Trent University sampled both the oven roasted chicken filets and the chicken […]

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