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Monthly Archives: March 2017

World Class Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: “We All Lie For The...

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 4 out of 10 Americans trust the mass media. However, this ostensibly optimistic number is likely due to Americans simply distrusting the mainstream media sect which is not in line with their side of the two party paradigm. Liberals have a hard time believing FOX News while conservatives have […]

Man Found $ 95,000 That His Wife Hid For Years. Her Reason Will Shock...

One elderly couple are together for more than 50 years, and until this moment had no secrets from each other. There is one thing – the wife asked her husband never opens a shoe box, which she always kept on the top shelf of the closet. Her husband did as she asked and never looked […]

It Turns out Some Conspiracy Theories About Monsanto and Roundup Are True

 If we had a dime for every kooky conspiracy theory we’ve heard alleging some vast corporate conspiracy to exploit the treasures of the earth, destroy the environment and poison people with unknown carcinogens all while buying off politicians to cover their tracks, we would be rich. The problem, of course, is that sometimes the conspiracy theories prove […]

Doctors Urge Parents To Save Their Kid’s Baby Teeth

Have you ever played the ‘tooth fairy’ game with your kids? Y’know, the one where you get them to hide their newly-displaced baby tooth under their pillow so a magical little creature can slip in at night and replace it with some cash. As fun as it is, it’s pretty short-lived. Your kid gets a […]

14 Foods With Almost No Calories and a Lot of Nutrients

We are constantly advised to consume more nutrient-rich foods, but we end up eating more, and still lack those important ingredients into our bodies. Therefore, we need to learn which foods are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, and increase their intake on a daily basis. Also, we need to try and get the most […]

Coconut Oil Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger If You Use It For...

Coconut oil is definitely the most popular natural oil these days, and besides its multiple health benefits, it also has a wide range of uses, so it definitely deserves its fame. When it comes to health issues and food regimes, it is undoubtedly the best ingredient you can use. We give you several reasons more […]

Use THIS Simple Trick To Keep Ticks Off All Summer Long

Ah, the great outdoors. The sun on your face, the fresh smell of nature, the breeze in your hair… does it get any better? Well, it could. There’s nothing worse than coming home from a picnic, a hike or a fun day at the bike trails to find a tick burrowed in your skin. If […]

The Top 6 Inflammatory Foods and How To Detox From Them

There are a multitude of diets to choose from, or exercise programs that run the body ragged. The simple truth is that our bodies weren’t meant to eat Lean Cuisine meals or to be engaged in hours and hours of intensive exercise. If a person examines the evolution of our body from the caveman days, […]

This Is What It Means If You Get Chills While Listening To Music

YOU KNOW THAT FEELING WHEN YOUR SKIN TINGLES FROM HEARING A CERTAIN SONG? WELL IT TURNS OUT THAT GETTING CHILLS FROM MUSIC HOLDS A SIGNIFICANT MEANING. I know you’ve had it happen to you- a certain song comes on the radio, or you hear someone sing in just the right way, and a shiver goes […]

Ikea’s Hydroponic System Allows You to Grow Vegetables All Year Without a Garden

 Ikea’s indoor garden system is the perfect option for those who wish to grow their own food all year round but don’t have the garden space to be able to do it. Ikea’s indoor hydroponic garden allows anyone to grow fresh produce at home without the need for soil or any previous gardening experience. The […]

347 Bee Species Dangerously Close To Extinction

Albert Einstein stated that if bees disappeared from the surface of the earth, the human race would follow in 4 short years. Of 4,337 native bee species in North American and Hawaii just researched, 347 are precariously close to full-stop extinction. No bees, no food, people. No morning coffee. No roses. No arugula for your […]

Court Rules that Insurance Company Must Cover Medical Cannabis Treatment

A judge in New Jersey ruled that a man’s insurance company must pay for the cost of his medical cannabis treatment. This may establish an important precedent in the medical industry. Andrew Watson, who lives in Egg Harbor, New Jersey, enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program in 2014. He sought financial reimbursement for the purchase […]

Wi-Fi Devices Increase Mercury Release From Dental Amalgams

Recent research indicates that our increasingly Wi-Fi saturated environment could be greatly amplifying the dangers of mercury exposure from dental amalgams. A new study published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology, entitled, “Effect of radiofrequency radiation from Wi-Fi devices on mercury release from amalgam restorations”, reveals that our now ubiquitous exposure to Wi-Fi radiation may be […]

This Is What Your Sitting Position Reaveals About Your Personality

Even if you don’t realize it, you are probably getting signals from the body language of those around you. In the same way, your own body language is an important factor in the way others read you. Poor body language can make you seem dishonest or uninterested, even if your words make you seem friendly […]

8 Foods That Will Help You Look 10 Years Younger

Age is just a number, but feeling younger than you are can help you keep a youthful glow and an adventurous spirit. Diet plays a vital role in our health, longevity and our skin! Here are eight anti-aging foods that can help keep your skin looking young and beautiful! 1. Berries  Whether you prefer strawberries, […]

Experts Warn! Check For THESE Tiny Eggs Before You Prune This Spring

Nature can be beautiful and wonderful (flowers, trees, the sunrise and sunset), or pesky and a little revolting (worms, ticks, bees, spiders), depending on how you look at it. Some see birds as a fascinating and beautiful part of nature, while others simply focus on the white stain dripping down their car windshield. Regardless of […]

The Enslavement System Is Crashing

All signs point to the total collapse of the enslavement system: organized religions/organized cults, ruling elites, corrupted justice system, fiat money, shadow government and all lower frequency ways of living. The dominoes have been started. A higher dimensional world is taking shape and physically manifesting. The mass mind control is rapidly breaking down. Once the […]

She Ruined Her Body To Save Her Life, And People’s Reactions are Disturbing

Megan Jayne Crabbe gained 115 pounds in one year to save her own life, but when she posted a picture of it, haters told her she “ruined her body” by getting “fat.” Her response? Her happiness and mental health is more important than dying for a dress size. The 23-year-old was diagnosed with anorexia when […]

3 Foods You Should Never Wash Before Cooking And 3 You Should Always (Most...

Sometimes our habits make us believe we are doing the right thing, but in actuality, some of our traditions leave bacteria on foods that could seriously contaminate us. Keep reading and find out how to handle these foods safely for your health and that of your family. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetes, […]

New Study Shows Legal Weed Far Better at Stopping Opioid Overdose Epidemic Than Drug...

There’s one thing that appears to be saving more lives during the opioid epidemic than anything else – medical cannabis. While government touts meaningless attempts at addressing the problem – paying lip service to the people while protecting Big Pharma’s profits and filling jails – people are saving themselves by turning to an ancient plant. […]

Horrifying Precedent — Court Rules Cops Can Allow Dogs to Maul Innocent People

A disturbing and reckless precedent was just set by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, which held that the U.S. Constitution does not necessarily require cops to stop a K9 from tearing an innocent person to shreds. Seriously. According to the ruling in the case of an innocent homeless man being mauled nearly to […]

The Exterminator Wanted To Charge Me $200 To Rid The Ants. Then A Friend...

Ants can be a real problem in a household.  They are small, hard to catch, and nobody wants to pick up an ant! Plus, no matter how airtight and sealed your bathroom or kitchen is, they always find a way inside. How they do it, no one will ever know. But as soon as you […]

Mini Mozart: Experts Amazed As Girl, Two, Performs Her First Piano Concert Just Six...

Her hands are so tiny her fingers barely span more than a few keys at a time. She uses a booster seat to get level with the keyboard and it takes all her concentration to play without looking. But even before she is three years old, Lavinia Ramirez has astounded experts – with her first […]

How Men And Women Really Feel About One Night Stands According To Science

Do you know what is that general opinion or thinking about One Night Stands? A survey report reveals something interesting. #1 – One Night Stands Are Not That Rare Roughly half of us will have a one night stand in our lifetimes if we are from the U.S.A. or Western Europe. This is according to […]

Dad Nearly Lost His Baby After She Choked On Popular Snack, Then He Sees...

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare…seeing their child gasping for air. It’s the moment that you think you’ve trained for but if it really happens you are also afraid that you will be so panicked that you will freeze up. When we feed our babies’ FDA approved snacks that they enjoy, we genuinely feel safe and […]

Ideal Exercises For Your Body Type

Exercising will give you the results you expect only when you adjust your training to the specific shape of your body. In this article we will give you the four most common body types, and once you determine which part of your body needs the most attention, you will be able to choose the right […]

One Exercise, Four Minutes, 28 Days, New Body

Get your body in perfect shape in the same way as thousands of people do around the world. The perfect body shape can be achieved by one effective exercise- plank. It is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the central part (core) of the body. It may seem easy so beginners often skip […]

9 Ways to Use Salt for Gorgeous Skin, Hair, Teeth, and Nails

Our bodies contain the same concentration of minerals and nutrients as sea water, so it’s no wonder that sea salt is a natural ally to balance, protect, and restore the body and skin. One of the major differences between sea salt and ordinary salt is the mineral content: Sea salt is laden with minerals, including […]

Woman Ate Only Bananas For 12 Days And The Picture Results are Shocking

When Yulia Tarbath decided that she needed to give her health a boost, she went to banana island. However, this island wasn’t the kind that most people imagine, brimming with beachside hammocks and drinks with cute umbrellas. Rather, “banana island” is a term commonly used to describe the consumption of only one fruit, and no […]

10 Ways To Supercharge Your Digestive System

  If you’re having trouble with digestion, poor health is not far behind. As Hippocrates is often quoted as saying more than 2,000 years ago, “All disease begins in the gut.” Your organs, blood, eyes, hair, bones, thoughts and feelings are literally built from the food you eat. Your ability to break down food to […]

US Deploys Drones in South Korea Capable of Striking North Korean Targets

The US military will permanently deploy armed Gray Eagle drones at Kunsan air base outside Seoul, South Korea, which could hit North Korean military targets and destroy its command-and-control infrastructure. The deployment of drones, which will be assigned to the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division, is part of a broader plan […]

Do Spirit Pond Inscriptions Show That The Holy Grail Was Taken To North America?

Forensic geologist, Scott Wolter, has put forward a radical new theory concerning a set of three inscribed stones found near Spirit Pond in Phippsburg more than 40 years ago.  According to Wolter, the controversial stones are evidence that the Knights Templar fled Europe for North America after their persecution in 1307, bringing with them the […]

Woman Accidentally Cremated While She Was Still Alive

When loved ones die, there are multiple ways that people choose to immortalize them. The most common way, of course, is to bury the deceased friend or relative inside of a coffin with a tombstone resting on the surface. Another unique process, which is relatively new, involves using the body as fertilizer to grow a […]

Incredible Dog Warned Family Their Daughter’s Blood Sugar Was Low When She Was 5...

The bond between a dog and their human is amazing – we would even go so far as to call it mystifying at times. Sadie, the child in the photo below, was born with type one diabetes and Downs Syndrome. In order for Sadie to be at her best at all times, her blood sugar levels must be […]

Gaza Man Builds DIY Solar Desalination Machine, Creating 2.8 Gallons of Clean Water Every...

The Israeli occupation of Gaza has devastated the community, rendering some 90% of the water undrinkable due to salinity or pollution.  People walk through checkpoints to get to work or school and the quality of life has been grueling under Israeli imposed martial law. This is partly why the invention, created by Fayez al-Hindi, is […]

This Calls For Boycotts….. After It’s Revealed Reason Walmart Fired Hardworking Minimum Wage Employee

Walmart hasn’t had the best reputation as far as employee relations goes, and it looks like they’ve recently had another incident that has people fuming. Fifty-two-year-old Thomas Smith didn’t have a glowing past but he was turning over a new leaf and trying to push some good out to the world. After spending some time […]

Have Christians Been Misinterpreting This Scripture For Hundreds of Years?

I grew up singing the Ira Stamphill song “I’ve Got a Mansion Over the Hilltop.” Although it was originally written during the economic hardships of the Great Depression, it remained quite popular in rural Pentecostal congregations like the one I attended as a child. The lyrics of the song proclaim that, in the midst of […]

This 81 Year Old Man Is Travelling Across India Since 22 Years

Where there is a will, there is a way. With strength and determination, a landless farmer, Dashrath Manjhi moved a mountain and achieved the unachievable. With exemplary grit and courage, one can achieve anything. 81-year-old, Mr. Bageecha Singh has been traveling around India since 20 years. He is campaigning against child labour, smoking cigarettes, chewing gutkas and female foeticide. He believes that […]

The Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Have you ever noticed how mentally and physically refreshed you feel after sitting by a gashing waterfall? Or how you experience a boost in energy after spending some time at an untamed seafront? What makes you feel so good in spots of this kind is the abundance of negative ions, which get produced in some […]

Gluten Free Foods Found Saturated With Glyphosate Weed Killer

In recent laboratory tests, many gluten-free foods were found to containing alarmingly high levels of glyphosate weed killer, a chemical described as a “probable carcinogen” by a scientific subgroup of the World Health Organization. Gluten-free foods are widely consumed by people who aren’t even gluten sensitive in the first place. As I explain in the eye-opening […]

Why This Old Man Kills His 93-Year-Old Wife Is Shocking

91-year-old Nelson Harvey killed his wife, and the reason is so heartbreaking that I broke into tears. His 93-year-old wife, Evelyn, was terminally ill. What type of man in his sound mind will kill his ill life? Such a cold blooded incident may bring goosebumps to anyone, but sometimes the things are not as they […]

FBI Used Best Buy’s GEEK SQUAD To Increase Secret Survialliance of Public

Recently unsealed records reveal a much more extensive secret relationship than previously known between the FBI and Best Buy’s Geek Squad, including evidence the agency trained company technicians on law-enforcement operational tactics, shared lists of targeted citizens and, to covertly increase surveillance of the public, encouraged searches of computers even when unrelated to a customer’s […]

Canadian Residents Freaked Out as “Bright Pink” Water Gushes From Taps

It would be considered very unusual to turn on your faucet and see a stream of hot pink water come rushing out, but for one small town in Alberta, Canada this perplexing circumstance has become a reality. Canadian residents of Onoway, a town just northwest of Edmonton say that they were shocked to see “bright […]

Famous Singer: I Was Dead For 8 Hours; Then Jesus Touched My Body

When Daniel Calveti was just 6 months old, his parents made a promise to God. Their baby boy was deathly ill with bacterial meningitis, and some neighbors had been talking with them about Jesus. “They prayed and they said, ‘Jesus, we don’t know how to walk with You, but if You heal Daniel, we promise […]

Do You Have a Stuffed Nose Or Clogged Sinuses? This Simple Trick Will Clear...

No one ever says that they like having a stuffy, clogged up nose. When your sinuses are super blocked and you can only breathe out of your mouth, it’s more than enough to make life miserable. The uncomfortable stuffy feeling can even hurt and lead to other health problems. Breathing becomes labored, lips get dry, […]

Dogs’ Reaction To Finding Cats Sleeping In Their Beds Will Leave You Speechless

Cats love cozying up in small spaces. Cats can also be furry little jerks. So, it’s safe to assume that when a cat decides to sleep in the (much larger) bed of a dog sibling, it’s done purely to screw with the dog. Sadly, dogs are too polite for confrontation and resort to halfhearted pleas […]

Octopus Escapes From Aquarium Down A Drain Leading To The Ocean

Aquarium workers figured out his escape route from his suction-cup tracks. An octopus at an aquarium in New Zealand slipped through a gap at the top of his enclosure in a bold attempt for freedom, before making his way to a drain pipe which led to the ocean. The octopus, named Inky, used to be […]

Electric Wheel Lets You Turn Any Bike Into an Electric Vehicle in Under 60...

If you’ve been in the market for an electric bicycle but haven’t had the funds, or are attached to  your current bike frame, this is probably your dream come true. A company called GeoOrbital has developed an electric wheel that you can pop onto your current bike frame in under 60 seconds.  It come, complete, with […]

Feds Drop Charges In Child Porn Case To Protect Secrets

In a case that’s drawn criticism from multiple angles, last week federal prosecutors in Washington state dropped all charges against a man who allegedly downloaded child pornography from a website that was infiltrated, taken over, and allegedly even improved by the FBI. The site, Playpen, operated on a platform designed to mask the real identities […]

Don’t Believe Your Eyes, These Strawberries Are Not Red

It’s been almost exactly two years since “the dress” optical illusion and now another conundrum has popped up that plays with our perception of color, as if somebody is celebrating the deep division and fractured relationships caused by the dress’s viral success. The image of a bright red strawberry tart with a blue-ish tint was shared on Twitter by […]

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