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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Man Visits Ex Wife’s New Family With His Three Kids, What Happens Next Is...

Sean Whalen shares a post that delivers deep insight into a problem that many adults in the world face today. He has discovered something life-altering that many people never learn in a lifetime. Through the love for his children, he has found that putting down the guilt and blame of a failed relationship is the […]

North Korea Says It Has ‘Approved’ Nuclear Strikes On The United States of America

North Korean army says it has final approval for nuclear attack on the USA  involving “cutting edge” nuclear weapons. This comes after Pentagon said the US military prepares to deploy an advanced missile-defense system to Guam to defend American military bases in the Pacific as a “precaution” following North Korea threats. The DoD has announced […]

Official Bilderberg Attendee List Released

Here is the official list of attendees for the upcoming Bilderberg meeting at The Grove in Watford, England, as well as the agenda. Hertfordshire, England 6-9 June 2013 Current list of Participants Status 3 June 2013 Chairman FRA Castries, Henri de Chairman and CEO, AXA Group DEU Achleitner, Paul M. Chairman of the Supervisory Board, […]

Residual Income Digital Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Residual income is earning money even when the work is done or your presence is not needed. For instance, a landlord can earn from their assets such as houses or rentals, or authors from their books. These types of owners continue earning from their assets, unlike an employee who needs to work to earn a […]

This Is What Happens To Your Stomach When You Chew Gum For More Than...

I’ve never been a great fan of chewing gum – especially when I glimpse it wandering around an open mouth or, worse, it litters the sidewalk and sticks to my shoe. In the privacy of your own home, the occasional stick of gum isn’t a big deal, and the occasional indulgence may even offer some […]

This Statue At Cairo International Airport Looks Like It Defies The Laws of Physics

This photo of a seemingly-gravity-defying sculpture at the Cairo Airport is making the rounds on social media. At first glance, there is something about it that seems off. Then you look closer and you realize it seems impossible! This statue at the airport in Cairo looks like it defies the laws of physics… How did they […]

This is Why You Should Never Release 1.5 Million Balloons At Once

In 1986, organizers with United Way of Cleveland thought they had the perfect idea to generate a little publicity and create a beautiful spectacle in the process. With a crowd of volunteers working all hours, they filled 1.5 million helium balloons, and released them all at once. Unfortunately, they had no idea the terrible consequences […]

These May Seem like Photos… But Look Closer… When You See It, You’ll Want...

These may look like photos of icebergs, but look closer… there’s something unique about the way US-based artist Zaria Forman created these incredible images! Look very very closely at this image… It looks likes a photo, but there’s something secret about how it was made… This is the work of the talented Zaria Forman, and these are not […]

Kayakers Find An Amazing Secret Hidden In The Ohio River

In July of 2012, James Malott and his friends thought they’d do some kayaking down the Ohio River. They were just a bunch of normal guys, but they were about to come across a find that only explorers discover after extensive searches. The Middle Of Nowhere They are kayaking along and they run into this […]

Check Your Internal Organs For Any Diseases With This 60 Seconds Test

If you want to make this simple and easy test, all you need to do is take a plastic bag and a spoon. By using this simple technique you can check whether everything is all right with your gut hormones, respiratory organs, metabolism teeth and kidneys. First of all, you should take some “dirt” from […]

Cuicuilco, the Oldest Pyramid In The World?

As history goes on, we seem to forget the mysteries surrounding our past, civilization, and our origins. Pyramids are present in every corner of the globe, we can find thousands of pyramids with different design and size, and there are thousands of undiscovered pyramids across the world, waiting to be discovered. We are very familiar […]

America Has Collapsed Into A PHARMA State Run By Government Protected Drug Cartels

Much like a “narco state” that’s run by narco terrorists, America has now collapsed into a pharma state run by “legal” drug cartels protected by a hopelessly corrupt government. The evidence is all around you: How the drug cartels control Congress, universities, medical schools, science journals and of course the entire fake news media (previously known […]

Welcome To America: Family Fined, Threatened With Jail For Building a Sand Castle

In the ostensible land of the Free, cops claim the legal authority to extort money from you, or even kidnap you for a slew of activities which have no victim. Window Tint, smoking a plant in you own home, not wearing your seatbelt, walking across the street, sagging your pants, and even juggling — can […]

History of The New Year

      In 46 B.C.E. the Roman emperor Julius Caesar first established January 1 as New Year’s day. Janus was the Roman god of doors and gates, and had two faces, one looking forward and one back.  Caesar felt that the month named after this god (“January”) would be the appropriate “door” to the […]

If You See A Thin Blue Line On A Car Or On The Street,...

The ‘Thin Blue Line’ is a reference to what is keeping society peaceful and functioning. In literature it means that there is only a thin blue line holding society together, the line between order and chaos, who are the officers in blue. When used in reality, it’s a symbol of support for law enforcement. It […]

People Are Going Nuts Trying To Find The Pair Of Missing Legs In This...

Reddit user jr0d7771 posted this photo of a group of women posing in a place that is obviously–pro Green Bay Packers. The photo seems straightforward enough until you realize that there are six women but only five pairs of legs. Which begs the question: Where are the missing legs in middle? The photo has divided […]

She Spilled Baking Soda On The Bed And When You See Why, You Will...

We are sorry to disappoint you, but the mattresses you are using every single day are the perfect environment for the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Changing the linens just won’t do the cleaning for you, as the dust, dirt, sweat, and other body fluids pass through the sheets and end up in the mattress. […]

Another Massive Pedophile Ring Uncovered, With Clear Ties To Pope Benedict’s Brother

Pedophilia is a big problem these days, and has been for a while. For decades, and more recently with the Harvey Weinstein case, Corey Feldman’s revelations and more, people in positions of great power have been implicated in this type of activity, but it doesn’t stop in Hollywood. Pedophilia and child trafficking has plagued the world of politics as […]