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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Aquafina Admits It’s Just Tap Water

The largest bottled water brand in the world, Aqualina, has finally admitted that the water they sell is exactly the same as the tap water. Under the pressure from Accountability International, they have changed their labels to specify P.W.S. — Public Water Source. Despite the fact that this water is purified and filtered, it is […]

39,000 Year Old Mammoth Goes on Display in Moscow

Yuka Mammoth An almost perfectly-preserved 39,000-year-old female mammoth has gone on display in Moscow, as scientists speculate on how the ancient creature died, and what she can reveal about the extinct species. Discovered in 2010 in Russia’s Arctic Circle, Yuka – as scientists have dubbed her – has arrived from Japan on the latest, week-long […]

10 Things To Keep In Mind When Loving A Highly Creative Person

It has been proven that highly creative people’s brains work quite differently than other brains. That special brain wiring that can create such wonderful art, music, and writing can often lead to strain in a relationship, because of those differences. If you’ve ever loved a highly creative person, you know that it can seem like […]

10 Tooth Brushing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Brushing your teeth as part of your morning and evening rituals plays an important role in oral hygiene. It helps you maintain good oral health by removing food particles, debris and plaque from your teeth and bacteria from your mouth. Good oral health also impacts your overall health. It helps prevent respiratory diseases, reduce the […]

Wait, You Can Wash Your Hair With Honey? A DIY Honey Shampoo Recipe

So what you’re thinking is probably what I thought the first time I read about this too. Pouring honey into your hair and washing with it? Sounds messy. But this honey shampoo is nothing like that. There are some clear benefits to washing your hair with honey shampoo. The slightly acidic nature of honey helps […]

Bill Gates Drinks From A Machine That Turns Poop Into Fresh Water

In November,  a new bus in the UK was powered by poop. Well, now there’s another scatological venture in town, and — brace yourself — it involves water. Bill Gates wants to turn poop into drinking water. In order to prove his dedication to the cause, he actually takes a sip of it on camera. […]

Mega Mosquitoes 20 Times The Size Of Regular Ones Set To Invade Florida

 One of the most ferocious insects you’ve ever heard of — it’s the size of a quarter  — is set to invade Florida this summer. The Sunshine State, already home to man-eating sinkholes, invading Burmese pythons, swarming sharks, tropical storms and other disasters, can expect to see an explosion of shaggy-haired gallinippers: Psorophora ciliata, a type of giant mosquito, according […]

9 Last Names on The Brink of Extinction

Is your last name Miracle, Tumbler or Villan? If so, you’re a dying breed! Just be happy you’re not a Bread or Spinster, otherwise you’d be presumed extinct! Unusual names have lingered for centuries, but did you know that they can become extinct? Any last name with under 200 “bearers” is endangered, and we’ve found some which […]

“I’m No Doctor, But I Think the Wine Helped:” This Man Refused Chemo, Went...

“How long do I have to live? Because I have work to do,” told high-spirited Stamatis Moraitis to his doctors when he was diagnosed with lung cancer in his 60s. The answer “6 to 9 months” did not satisfy him. Stamatis’s homeland was a Greek island of Ikaria, and it has become famous as the […]

Major Volcanoes Along The Ring of Fire Are Going Off Like Firecrackers

So far this week, we have seen the most dangerous volcano in Mexico erupt, and three major volcanoes in Indonesia all erupted within the space of just 72 hours.  Mexico and Indonesia are both considered to be part of “the Ring of Fire”, and all along the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean volcanoes are starting […]

Scientists: San Andreas “About To Blow” – Mega Earthquake Warning

Scientists have warned that a recent spike in Earthquakes around the San Andreas Fault is a harbinger of a much bigger mega earthquake about to strike California.  Following Thursdays 6.5-magnitude earthquake off the coast of California, another 7.8 earthquake hit the Solomon Islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Experts have warned that these inexplicably large earthquakes […]

Mainstream Media Ignore Largest Child Porn Bust In History

One of the largest child sex abuse cases in modern history uncovered by Norwegian police has been shamelessly ignored and covered up by Western media outlets. The year-long investigation named “Operation Darkroom,” has so far resulted in the seizure of 150 terabytes of child porn involving young children and babies, with top politicians, lawyers and authorities implicated in the […]

She Never Leaves Her House Without A Tennis Ball With A Hole In Her...

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world: locking your keys in your car. It instantly makes you feel stupid, as well as powerless. You can see them right there through the window, but you can’t get to them! It’s like an unsolvable puzzle, in which the only answer is to pay someone else […]

Oregon’s School Letter Threatens Parents With Call To DHS If Kids Are Not Picked...

The principal of Swegle Elementary School apologized Wednesday for a letter sent to parents that states the school will call DHS if parents do not pick up their children on time each day. The letter, dated June 24, was given to KOIN 6 News by Chelsea Eichenauer, a parent at the school. In the 3rd paragraph, […]

On The Hunt For The Sea Monster Eating Swimmers In Paradise

Multiple giant craters on the floor of the Barents Sea is believed by scientists to be the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of more than 8,000 people in the Bermuda Triangle. A famous angler is now seeking to unravel the mystery of disappearing swimmers in the Bahamas. Jeremy Wade, the angler, is on a hunt […]

Photographic Series Showing What 200 Calories Looks Like In Different Foods

WiseGEEK just conducted a very visual and informative study and presented a photo series, which compares what 200 calories actually look like in different foods. You’d think that even with Summer coming up, a handful of gummy bears couldn’t hurt much, right..? Well, turns out, just 51 gram of those gives you the same amount of calories […]

HSBC Documents Reveal Criminal Conspiracy of Banks and Governments

International news outlets the Guardian and Le Monde, working with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), published articles based on their analysis of leaked files showing that the Swiss private banking arm of HSBC, Europe’s largest bank, functioned for years as a tax evasion and money laundering firm. The company ran a branch that […]

Australian Honeybees Unable To Make Honey

Australia’s hottest spring on record has spawn droughts and intense heatwaves; it has been disastrous for honeybees as their hives are melting whilst temperatures soar. Aussie honeybees generate about $6B per annum for the 12th largest economy on the globe including pollinating almost 70 percent of food crops, cotton for clothing, over $150M in honey […]

‘Frankenvirus’: Scientists Set To Revive Giant 30,000 Year Old Virus Discovered In Siberian Permafrost

French scientists have announced they found a new prehistoric virus in the frozen Siberian wastelands, and are planning to bring it back to life. They promise to make sure that the giant virus won’t harm anyone. The virus is called Mollivirus sibericum, translated as ‘soft virus from Siberia’, and measures at 0.6 microns, just over […]

Researchers Conclude Wireless Radiation Causes Cancer After Latest Scientific Findings

National advocacy group calls on major children’s health organizations to promote safe technology in schools with the “Turn It Off 4 Kids” Initiative. The National Association for Children and Safe Technology (NACST) is taking action after two recently published studies indicate there is sufficient evidence demonstrating exposure to wireless radiation, also known as RF-EMF, causes […]

Vaccine Strain Of Measles Found In Measles Outbreaks

If you’re worried about your child contracting measles, whooping cough or one of the other scary-sounding infectious diseases being hyped up by the mainstream media right now, you might want to steer clear of recently vaccinated children rather than the unvaccinated. What you’re not being told by the corporate media is that attenuated vaccines like […]

Why Aren’t ISIS and Al-Qaeda Attacking Israel?

With the recent slaughter of Palestinians taking place on television screens across the world, only the grossly misinformed would believe that Israel’s Palestinian extermination program is actually “self-defense.” Yet for all of Israel’s whining about how it is being targeted by “Islamic extremists” and “terrorists,”(which should be translated to mean Palestinians, Iran, or any other secular or nationalist […]

CDC Now Admits Ebola Can Spread Through The Air up To 3 Feet Away

When it comes to trusting the Obama Administration and, increasingly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, no one is making it harder for Americans to do so than the White House and the bumbling gaggle of bureaucrats and political hacks that it employs. For weeks now, the CDC chief, Dr. Thomas Frieden, has said […]

The Heroine that NOBODY Remembers – Meet Late Irena Sendler The Women who SAVED...

Sometimes the greatest heroes are the ones that nobody have heard of. The ones who work behind the media, behind the propaganda and the justification of the world. These are the heroes who need our sincerest gratitude. They do not do it for glory or fame, nor they seek redemption or approval. They do it […]

10 Evil Crimes of The British Empire

At its height, the British Empire was the largest to have ever existed. Aside from covering most of the globe, it was responsible for some of the greatest advances in engineering, art, and medicine that the world will ever know. The Empire gave us steam engines, penicillin, radar, and even television. However, life under the […]

You Started Off Your Life With A Tail, But Now Just Have A Tailbone…....

Humans can’t seem to keep a tail, suggests new research that finds our early ancestors lost tails not just once, but twice. The findings, published in the journal Current Biology, not only help explain why people don’t wag dog-like tails, but they also shed light on why we all have a tailbone and begin life with […]

They Were Married For 70 Years Before Anyone Found Out The Shocking Secret They...

When Kenneth and Helen first met each other as teenagers in Ohio, they felt sparks fly immediately. It didn’t take them long to know that what they had was special – by anyone’s standards. And they knew they had to act on it… Two years later they ran away together to get married. But they […]

This Is Your Most Secret Fear, According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you follow or study astrology, you’ve probably spent a good amount of time reading about the positive qualities of your sign. Studying the dark side of every zodiac sign, like the fears we have, can make astrology a more useful tool for everyone. The more we become aware of these fears and the negative […]

Berberine: The World’s Most Powerful Supplement

A compound called berberine is one of the most powerful natural supplements on earth. It has very impressive health benefits, and affects your body at the molecular level. Berberine has been shown to lower blood sugar, cause weight loss and improve heart health, to name a few. It is one of the few supplements shown […]

Monsanto Is Not The Only Corporate Giant That Destroys Our World

During the first decades of XX century, farmers and public-sector plant breeders were handling most of the seeds around the world. Little by little Gene Giant have spend big money in courts worldwide so they could eliminate farmers and take over the seed industry. In less than thirty years a few corporations have managed to […]

Your BIGGEST Insecurity, According To Your Zodiac Sign

We ALL have them. No one feels 100% confident in who they are ALL the time. Even the ones who seem like they’ve got it all figured out actually don’t. Everyone doubts themselves at one time or another — some more than others and for different reasons — but doubt all the same. It’s so easy to be […]

Colossal Snow Dragon Created By One Man In A Single Day

Forget acrylics, oils, and watercolours; some of the most breathtaking art around is made out of one of nature’s most temporary mediums: snow. Simon Beck, the world’s leading snow artist, spends days creating massive snow “paintings” using only a compass, a pair of snow shoes, and a level of fortitude that few of us could […]

If You See A Coin On A Headstone, Do Not Touch It Or Pick...

As a consumer-driven society, we are taught that money can buy you lots of things. So when you see free money just lying around, your first gut instinct may be to grab it and run like the wind! If there’s a lonely dime hanging out on the sidewalk, you don’t harbor any guilt about picking […]

This Picture Test Can Reveal a Lot About Your Character

This picture test can reveal much about your character and outlook on life. All you have to do is answer one simple question without thinking about it for too long: What did you see here first? If you saw… An explosion This is evidence that you have a well-developed imagination and that this has helped […]

A Photographer Saw A Strange Girl At The Bus Stop…..17 Years Later, He Never...

By virtually any definition, Rick Guidotti had it all. As an in-demand fashion photographer in the 1990s, he routinely shot supermodels like Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford. Based in New York City, he also lived in Paris and Milan, working for high-profile clients like Yves Saint Laurent, Revlon, and Marie Claire. But beneath the glamour, […]

How Monsanto Gained Huge Control of The World’s Food Supply

The Undercurrent, an online news site that bills itself as the antidote to the mainstream media’s five-second soundbite, made a five-minute video explaining how Monsanto came to have such a huge control over our food system. In this clever, satirical video, Dan Graetz of The Undercurrent explains that “nothing kills those bloody weeds better than Roundup […]

10 Reasons Why Earth Ships Are Awesome

Earthships are 100% sustainable homes that are both cheap to build and awesome to live in. They offer amenities like no other sustainable building style you have come across. For the reasons that follow, I believe Earthships can actually change the world. See for yourself! 1) Sustainable does not mean primitive When people hear about sustainable, […]

5 Toxic Behaviors You Shouldn’t Tolerate From Others

If you are trying to create a better life for yourself, it’s a good idea to evaluate the people you are close with to make sure they don’t exhibit any chronic, toxic behaviors. Toxic behaviors are not only unpleasant to be around, but left unchecked, the negativity they likely elicit from you can snowball and […]

Villagers Carved 1200 Meter Tunnel By Hand Through Sides of Cliff

Deep in the Taihang Mountains, in the Hunan Province of China, lies a 1,200-meter tunnel that was dug by hand over the course of 5 years by 13 local villagers. The Guoliang Tunnel was carved into the side of a treacherous cliffside in order to provide easier transportation to and from the village that sat atop the mountain. […]

You Won’t Believe What The DNA of This Women Reveals

“They [Fallen Angels] began to sin [have sex] against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and to devour one another’s flesh, and drink the blood.” The Book of Enoch When these fallen angels had sex with animals it produced a wide variety of hybrid creatures that we only hear about in fairytales: Bigfoot’s, lizard […]

Kabbalah Exposed

The photo to the left is of Madonna, a big fan of Kabbalism. Kabbalah is straight from hell! The Freemason occult is based upon occult mysticism (a bunch of hodge-podge) from the Zohar. Kabbalah is a branch of Jewish mysticism, which is thought to have originated in the 13th century. Its teachings come from an ancient 23-volume book called […]

The Strangest Looking Shellfish In The Entire Ocean Has Enormous Popularity

This weird creature is considered a delicacy all over the world, but it has yet to catch on in its native region of North America. If I had to guess, I’d say people are a little put off by its, shall we say, outlandish appearance. The Geoduck is one of the strangest looking shellfish in the entire […]

Banned Worldwide: Princess Diana Documentary ‘Unlawful Killing’

Unlawful Killing is a 2011 British documentary film, directed by Keith Allen, about the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed on 31 August 1997. The film was banned in 2012 after being shelved by lawyers against potential libel lawsuits.  Producers admitted that lawyers had warned them to make 87 cuts if they wanted […]

5 Common Chemicals That Are Making You Fat & Depressed

We’ve all heard that if we eat too many calories, we’ll get fat. But there’s more to it: it’s not just the calories, but the chemicals, in our food that contribute to obesity. Some of these chemicals — called “obesogens” — trigger our bodies to store fat even though we might be restricting calories. The […]

7 Types Of Fish You Should Never Consider Eating

With increasing pollution and radiation levels off the charts in our oceans, wild fish are becoming as hazardous to our health as factory farmed meat. Most farmed fish are no longer safe to consume due to genetic modification and practices which have transformed many species into swimming poison. Here are 7 varieties of fish you […]

6 Predictions The World As We Know It Has Changed And There Is No...

Just over four years ago, we passed a portal to the unknown. A place where human consciousness has never been. There were doubters and skeptics regarding the process of ascension, but it is here…it is now and there is no going back. The new energy is all-encompassing, pervasive and undeniable, even to those who deny […]

Horrifying: A Healthy Woman Is Given Chemo…. This is What Studies Reveal And It...

A patient is Australia has reportedly been administered chemotherapy for six months — before the doctors found out she did not actually have cancer, believe it or not. What sounds like a patient’s worst nightmare happens more often than the medical system is willing to admit. In the case of the woman in Australia, she […]

Russian Teen Invents LED ‘Mouse Sandal’ For People Who Have No Hands

A high-school student in the remote Russian town of Kushva has invented a computer mouse for people who have no hands. The hands-free device is a sandal with control board from a normal mouse inside, and a LED ribbon outside to help spot it in the dark. The mouse-sandal is said to be easy to […]

How Do We Know That Energy & Healing Are Real? This Is How

What is energy, what is an aura, and do you have a field of energy around and within your body? We feel that it exists, that it’s there, but what is the proof that tells us unequivocally that we are right – and not just imagining it? Luckily, over the years, a number of key […]

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