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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Exercise and Wash Laundry With This Amazing Eco-Friendly Bicycle

Chores, chores, chores. Some days, it feels like the list is never-ending, and the motivation to accomplish the mundane tasks depleted. But now, thanks to an invention designed by students in China, you can check exercise andlaundry washing off your to-do list. The Bike Washing Machine (or BiWa, as the students have dubbed it) is […]

The Honest Coca-Cola Commercial You’ll Never See On Television

Coca-Cola plans to run its very first ad defending aspartame and the safety of artificial sweeteners. This move comes as a result of a dramatic drop in diet cola sales within the past year. This is great news as it goes to show how much of an impact we can really make by raising awareness […]

One In 20,000: Extraordinary Albino Beauty Revealed In Rare Photoshoot

People with albinism have always been a kind of enigma to others. In an effort to unravel the mystery as well as to “captivate people by showing the unseen,” a New York-based photographer has exposed their “out of the ordinary beauty.” Inspired by images of Shaun Ross, an albino model, photographer Angelina d’Auguste began studying the […]

Watch These Bears’ Reaction When They Find A Lost Pink Balloon: It’s A Riot

A pink balloon inside of the sloth bear habitat at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands managed to cause a riot of fun for the bears involved, as the video below shows. Someone let their balloon escape, and it drifted into the bear habitat, where three adult sloth bears decided it was a […]

Massive Sinkholes Opening, Dead Sea Disappearing At Alarming Rate

The Dead Sea is losing vast amounts of water each year, and, this year, sinkholes have been emerging on the banks at an alarming rate – scientists are just not sure what is going on. Historically, The Dead Sea is a sacred place for many people the world over as it is interwoven in many […]

Queen Elizabeth Reveals She Is Ready To Flee Britain

Queen Elizabeth stunned BBC production staff yesterday while preparing to deliver the Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament, hinting that she is planning to abdicate the throne and flee the UK, a BBC insider claims. ‘One is making the necessary preparations to abandon ship,’ Her Majesty said. ‘A violent storm is coming, the […]

7 Things To Remember If You Love Someone Used To Being Alone

Everyone’s a little bit different, but the people who many find so difficult to be around are the people who enjoy their solitude. If you find yourself dating someone like that, this is what you need to know. 1. They are emotionally strong. They’re typically used to relying on themselves if they enjoy a solitary […]

These Amazing People Prove It’s Possible To Hear An Animal’s Thoughts

You’ve probably never heard of such a thing as an animal communicator, but it is a real form of telepathy allowing a human to “communicate” with an animal and receive messages back from them. One of the most famous animal communicators is Anna Breytenbach. A video of Anna’s work with a black leopard named Diablo, […]

This Is Why The Bottom of Your Foot Randomly Cramps Up

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been trying to avoid pain. We avoid dangerous activities because we don’t want to suffer the consequences. And for the most part, this works out. We go through most of our days feeling fine. But it doesn’t always work that way. One wrong move and you can spend […]

Facebook Bans Christian Themed Content To Reduce Religious Intolerance

Social media giant, Facebook, renowned for making overnight policy changes, has announced one of its most controversial policy update’s to date. According to Facebook representative Riker Jepson, the company’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has made the decision to ban all Christian themed content in attempt to celebrate religious diversity while at the same time reducing […]

This Is Why You Should Be Especially Careful With Expired Potatoes

Potatoes can be a delicious, versatile food that may be used for countless tasty recipes. Unfortunately, though, not only can they be unhealthy, but they are sometimes downright deadly. If you have potatoes in your home that have been sitting out for a long time, you may want to throw them out. Read on to […]

Vegetables That Fight Cancer?

Consumption of raw vegetables confers protection against genotoxic agents, finds a 2015 study from Poland. (1) Analyzing food frequency questionnaires from colorectal cancer patients, hospital-based controls and healthy laboratory workers, the study asked… “Can consumption of raw vegetables decrease the count of sister chromatid exchange?” Sister-chromatid exchanges (SCEs) occur when a chromosome is duplicated for […]

Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts Gardasil To Become The Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of […]

Former DEA Agent Exposes US Government’s Role In Cocaine Epidemic

Were the CIA and the U.S. government responsible for devastating American communities by supporting drug traffickers? There is an epidemic of cocaine, heroin, and other drug use in America, and many other drugs are being shipped into the US in greater numbers than ever before. Are the United States government and the Central Intelligence Agency […]

Why You Should Be Paying Attention to America’s Quiet War on Cash

Government campaigns of intimidation — like the wars on drugs, terror, and poverty — have been used to extort the public for decades. Despite the previous failures of institutional “wars,” a new war on cash is being waged that threatens freedom in a more subversive way than ever before. Banks and governments around the world […]

History Of a Picture That Changed The World

  Zbigniew Religa after a 23 hour heart transplant, watching his patient’s vital signs. Image via National Geographic. National Geographic chose this as the best picture of 1987, and for good reason. Here, we see Dr. Zbigniew Religa keeping watch on the vital signs of a patient after a 23 hour heart surgery he conducted. In […]

The Jupiter Incident a One Year Warning

God has hidden incredible information in his Word from the very first prophecy given in the Bible, about the events that will accompany the Revelation 12 sign. This unique celestial configuration reaches its completion on September 23, 2017, but will be preceded by events that will shake the powers of the solar system. God has hidden this […]

Personality Test What Your Nails Say About you

Some parts of your body can tell a lot about your luck, your personality or even about your perceptions. Our nails have many different forms and every of us has a nail form that is almost special. We will show you the 9 most common forms and we will analyze them. What is the most […]

Peter Schiff Warns Americans To Buy Gold As China’s Gold Backed Yuan Threatens To...

Over the past nine months the dollar has been strengthening steadily, reaching its highest level against the euro in a dozen years. Although there are many who interpret this as a signal of a recovering economy and evidence of the dollar’s continued stability among world currencies, there are others who do not share such an […]

The Cleansing Power Of Beets: 10 Delicious Recipes For A Healthier Liver

The liver is the vital organ that filters and detoxifies the blood that comes through the digestive track before it reaches the rest of the body. Basically, it figures out what is beneficial and what’s waste from all the stuff you consume. This is no small feat, which is why it’s nice to help the […]

An Unexplained Event Occurred in the Earth’s Stratosphere For First Time Since Records Began

A predictable wind pattern changed in a manner not seen in more than 60 years of record-keeping. In the 1960s, scientists coined the term ‘quasi-biennial oscillation’ to describe a predictable aspect of the Earth’s wind pattern which repeats itself over a roughly two-year period. Recently, this pattern changed unexpectedly, something that has not been seen […]

Trump and Hillary Refuse to Explain Why They Both Share The Same Address in...

As it turns out, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share something pertinent in common, after all — a tax haven cozily nested inside the United States. This brick-and-mortar, nondescript two-story building in Wilmington, Delaware would be awfully crowded if its registered occupants — 285,000 companies — actually resided there. What’s come to be known as […]

Monsanto To Face ‘Tribunal’ In The Hague For ‘Damage To Human Health and Environment’

 A global group of professionals, scientists and environmentalists – the Monsanto Tribunal – are preparing a trial for the GMO seed giant in The Hague. They say the crowdfunded action, determined to charge Monsanto with “ecocide,” is more than a symbolic move. The Monsanto Tribunal’s goal is to research and evaluate all of the allegations […]

Philippines Leader Calls Obama ‘Son of a B****,’ Rejects Lecturing From US On Human...

  In an acid comment, Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte called Barack Obama a “son of a b****,” warning the US president against lecturing him over the Philippines’ human rights record in its brutal war on drugs at a global summit in Laos, where the two are set to meet.“Son of a b****, I will curse […]

Ikea To Use Mushroom-Based Packaging That Will Decompose In A Garden Within Weeks

It’s no secret polystyrene is devastating to the environment. But, do you know how exactly that is so? According to a fact-sheet provided by Harvard, polystyrene – which is made from petroleum, a non-sustainable, non-renewable, heavily polluting and fast-disappearing commodity – is not biodegradable, as it takes thousands of years to break down. In addition, […]

Here‘s How A 10 Year Old Girl Saved Everyone On A Thai Beach During...

Over 2 million lives were lost twelve years ago when a tremendous earthquake created a tsunami which devastated parts of Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. The horrible thing was that there was no way of warning everyone for what was to happen. Even the meteorological department could not predict the deadly destructive waves that […]

A Man Chose 3 Pieces Of Advice and 3 Loaves Of Bread Instead of...

A young, newlywed couple lived in a small farm. Since the man was poor and had nothing much to offer his wife, he thought about leaving and finding a better job. So he spoke to her and said, “Honey, I will leave and travel far. I’ll get a job and work hard so I can […]

FDA Cracks Down Walmart, GNC, Other Companies Selling Supplements That Do Not Contain The...

On Monday the New York State Attorney General announced that testing found four major retailers sell supplements consisting of cheap fillers and allergenic compounds instead of the herbs they claim to contain. Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and GNC are taking full advantage of the lack of regulation in regards to herbals products and selling the public […]

Former Kissinger CEO Says The World Is Run By 30 Families

A former CEO for Henry Kissinger has said that he believes just 30 families run the world, and that these families are the driving force behind the New World Order.  David Rothkopf, author of ‘Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making,’ and former CEO of Kissinger Associates, says that 30 families […]

Terrifying Simulator Demonstrates How You Could Cause The End Of The World

Zombie apocalypses might be the stuff of horror films, but they’ve got nothing on smallpox pandemics. “The Collapse” is a web-based simulator that details the journey of you – “patient zero” – infected with smallpox. After putting in your address, you have to find your way around the local area on a map, attempting to survive while trying to minimize […]

Marijuana and Meditation: I Quit Ambien and Found Healthier Ways To Sleep

Something bizarre has happened to me in the last six months: I’ve stopped getting tired. COMPLETELY. It’s really weird. I’ve been feeling really, really weird. You don’t realize how much you miss just the loose, languid feeling of being tired until you stop feeling it. There is a specific comfort in feeling tired. Your shoulders […]

Chimp’s Mind Is Blown Away By Magic Tricks

This is hilarious. Watch this chimps reaction to magic.   From Around the Web

Big Pharma Now Kills More People Than Illegal Drugs

More people die from overdosing on pharmaceutical drugs than illegal drugs, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on their website, citing an average of 23,000 deaths relating to prescription pharmaceutical drugs per year. Teenagers in particular are at greater risk of overdosing on prescription drugs than they are on illicit street drugs. It’s […]

This Ingredient Isn’t Food, But Most Americans Eat It

Although several large food corporations are reformulating their products to be more “natural”, there’s still a substance found in many conventional food items that isn’t suitable for human consumption – yet many people unknowingly eat it on a regular basis. It is in crackers, peanut butter, tortillas, chips, nuts, baked goods, fruit snacks, and it’s used at mainstream restaurants. Cotton is not food. […]

Were Baby Male Chicks Killed To Make Your Mayo?

  To make mayonnaise, you have to break some eggs. For companies like Hellmann’s and Best Foods, two leading mayo producers, that amounts to millions of eggs every year—the combined effort of an army of laying hens. But to keep the mayonnaise eggs coming, these companies need to hatch more chicks from fertilized eggs. That’s […]

India Calls Dolphins ‘Non-Human Persons’, Bans In-Captivity Shows

India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests, has banned public entertainment shows by captive dolphins calling it morally unacceptable. In a statement by the Central Zoo Authority, the Government of India has advised all state governments in the country to reject any proposal to establish a dolphinarium “by any person / persons, organizations, government agencies, private […]

10 Most Famous People of The Last 6,000 Years

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) collected and analyzed historical data from around the world from 4000 BC to 2010 AD, in the context of Pantheon, a program that works under the responsibility of MIT’s Media Lab. According to MIT, someone is considered famous, if there is a Wikipedia’s page with their name in more […]

Most Amazing International Borders From Around The World

Borders exist for the sake of existing. To demarcate the boundaries and for division, however, not all borders are the same; while some may be boring, the others are breath-taking. What follows is a list of borders between various countries and the amazing stories that they tell. 14. India – Pakistan The bright orange light […]

Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse and Solar ‘Ring of Fire’

The Blood Moons most people are asking about are not part of astronomy. Their origin is religious, at least according to Christian pastor John Hagee, who wrote a 2013 book about Blood Moons. However, both astronomers and Christians are talking about the upcoming lunartetrad – a series of total lunar eclipses – which begins on the night of April […]

PETA Exposé Shows Sheep Killed, Punched, Mutilated For Wool

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has obtained graphic hidden-camera footage that indicates widespread animal abuse in sheep farms across Australia and the United States. A pair of videos, stitched from observations in 19 shearing sheds in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia, as well as 14 ranches in Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska, reveal […]

Over 110k Facebook Users Infected By Porn Disguised Trojan

More than 110,000 Facebook users accidentally installed malicious software over a recent two-day period, a security researcher says, allowing their computers to become infected with a dangerous porn-disguised Trojan that lets hackers take control. According to a warning sent out to the Full Disclosure mailing list last Thursday by the researcher, Mohammad Faghani, social networking […]

What Could Have Caused Poland’s Crooked Forest?

In a small corner of western Poland, near the town of Gryfino, a strange and eerie woodland exists. This bizarre collection of curved trees, named the “Crooked Forest,” is shrouded in mystery and despite the numerous different theories that have been proposed over the years, no one truly knows what caused the trees to adopt this […]

Use Raw Honey For Health, Skin & Hair

Raw honey is more than just a natural sweetener. Honey has a variety of uses in your beauty regimen and for medicinal purposes. Raw honey, which is not pasteurized or refined, can be especially useful because of its nutritional properties. Although you may have heard about the benefits of raw honey, you might be surprised […]

Leaked TPP Document Shows US Favoring Big Pharma

US negotiators in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks fought on behalf of big drug-making companies, championing intellectual property laws that would protect their profits from competition by generic medications, leaked documents have revealed. The protections proposed by US trade representatives may even transcend US patent laws, according to a draft copy of TPP’s intellectual property chapter […]

Watch How Much The “Ideal” Female Body Has Evolved Over Time

We’re constantly dealt conflicting messages about how our bodies are “supposed” to look. We’re told we should accept ourselves as we are, that we’re beautiful no matter what. But the media continues to implant images in our minds, of models and celebrities, that tend to shape what our society perceives as beautiful. The idea that […]

Pilot In Wing Suit Makes ‘Craziest Base Jump Ever’

An Italian pilot has made what has been hailed as the most incredible, and dangerous base jump ever. Uli Emanuele put on his wing suit, fixed his GoPro camera and managed to dive through a two-meter wide crevasse in a mountain. Emanuele has been dreaming about a sensational base jump for several years, looking for […]

Quail Egg – A Wonder Drug For Anemia Treatment

Quail eggs will bring you lots of benefits, no matter if they are cooked or raw. They will bring benefits with nutritional value which is four times higher than the regular eggs. All doctors recommend them in the treatment of various diseases, in general health maintenance. Treatment will be very beneficial as these eggs don’t have […]

Extinct Animal Found Alive and Well In New Zealand

A tiny marine animal that was thought to be extinct for the past four million years has just been found living in New Zealand. This “living fossil” is tentacled polyp called Protulophila, and they were previously only found in fossil deposits in the northern hemisphere, specifically Europe and the Middle East. Scientists think their history extended back […]

Mandatory Vaccination: California Is Ordering Genetic Alteration

California has just stamped its seal of approval to genetic alteration by making vaccination mandatory. Governor Jerry Brown just signed SB277 into law in California. No more religious or philosophical exemption from vaccination. Now only a medical doctor’s note stating a person should not be vaccinated will provide an exemption—and you can be sure doctors […]

Anti Zika Spraying Accidentally Slays Millions of SC’s Honeybees

Millions of South Carolina’s bees have unexpectedly fallen victim to the US fight against the Zika virus. Hives of bees dropped dead in Dorchester County, attempting to flee an insecticide attack that had primarily targeted mosquitoes. “My bee yard looks like it’s been nuked,” local Juanita Stanley told AP, describing the devastating effect of the […]

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