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Monthly Archives: February 2016

1,300 Year Old Fortress Like Structure On Siberian Lake Continues To Mystify Experts

It is one of the most mysterious archaeological sites in Russia – an ancient complex engulfing a small island in the center of a remote lake in the mountains of southern Siberia. At first glance, it appears to be an ancient fortress, its perimeter of high walls constructed to keep out enemies. However, others have […]

Seven Types of People. Which One Are You?

The House is on Fire. The people in the house are Sleeping and in great danger Seven of their neighbors will come along Each with an opportunity to save them Person #1 Does not see the fire Consumed in his own thoughts He passes by in ignorant oblivion Person #2 Sees the fire But, not […]

Understanding Brainwaves to Expand our Consciousness

The human brain is a complex entity constantly at work, sending electrical signals, communicating, building new neural connections and so on. This electrical activity generated by the brain, also known as brainwaves, reflect our state of mind. Reality is not based on outside influences but is an internal process based on our thoughts, perception and […]

Foods A Naturopathic Doctor Always Buys

Sometimes, when trying to change your diet for the better, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are ten simple foods that I heartily endorse. The article writer is not just a naturopathic doctor, but also earned her undergraduate degree in nutrition science. She is very passionate about nutrition and diet, and I […]

Is Bone Soup Your Key To Better Health and Immunity?

Craig Fear of Fearless Eating is sharing a tutorial on the benefits of bone broths, how to make it and why it’s better than tums! Please head over to Fearless Eating and check out Craig’s blog and don’t forget to follow Fearless Eating on facebook! Not too long ago I walked into a large chain grocery supermarket. I wanted to see […]

Seven Year Tribulation and Four Blood Moon Tetrad

70 Weeks Prophecy, Apocalyptic doctrine, Biblical world view, blood covenant Christianity, Blood Moons, Book of Daniel, Bozrah Exile and Deliverance, End-Time Revival, Jewish Fall Feasts, Jewish Holidays, Pre-Millennial Post-Trib Apocalyptic doctrine. October 8th, 2014  Total lunar eclipse will be the second it will be visible in the United States and Canada early Wednesday morning. From […]

NASA: The Sun Has Flipped Upside Down

The sun has “flipped upside down,” NASA announced at the end of December. Although the star that defines our solar system has not physically flipped, its north and south poles have reversed in a natural process marking the midpoint of what is known as the solar cycle. According to Todd Hoeksema, director of the Wilcox […]

Morgan Freeman Talks Drug Use, Racism & Saving The Bees

Morgan Freeman is well known for his distinct voice and his roles in many Hollywood blockbusters. He has also been the face for the scientific documentary Through The Wormhole, which has covered topics such as quantum physics, time exploration, the universe and the origins of mankind. There seems to be a clue in his name […]

McDonald’s To Add Lab-Grown ‘Chicken’ McNuggets To Its Menu

McDonald‘s just announced it will be the first fast food restaurant in the United States to add lab-grown meat to its menu. Following the success of Sergey Brin’s lab-grown burger experiment in London last year, McDonald’s says they will ‘grow’ their own chicken McNuggets in special laboratories across New Jersey. The move is expected to reduce the […]

WW2 Veteran Emerges From Coma After 69 Years

An American marine injured during the Second World War and stuck in a deep coma ever since, has finally regained consciousness  at the Naval Medical Center (NMCSD). James Hill, a 95-year old former sergeant who is decorated with two purple heart medals and a navy cross, was severely injured by the explosion of an artillery shell during the […]

Archaeologists in Ireland Discover Remains of New Humanoid Species

A team of archaeologists affiliated with the University College Dublin, have unearthed three skeletons from a previously unknown humanoid species of extremely small size in a wooded area of Eastern Ireland. The specimens measuring between 47 and 61 centimeters are presumably from an entirely new species of humanoid, distinct from modern humans, which would have survived until the […]

The Secret Code of The Number Three

Throughout human history, the number three has always had a unique significance, but why? If we look back in history at ancient mankind, no matter which culture we observe the number three has always been present, with extreme importance. What is it about the number three that makes it so important that it is present in religion, architecture, mathematics and many […]

Was the U.S. Pentagon Inspired By Ancient Monumental Architecture?

Architectural shape and design featured strongly in the prehistoric design of ancient sites. We are all familiar with the pyramid structures of Egypt and South America and the distinctive megalithic stone circles of Europe. Yet what monumental design featured in North America? During my research into ancient American sites, I noted several extraordinary monuments once […]

What This Dad Found In The Background Of This Sweet Photo Will Give You...

If we’ve learned anything about ghosts in recent years, it’s that they never pass up the opportunity for a good photobomb, regardless of their intended haunting victim’s location. Redditor Obiaruf’s friend learned this lesson the hard way when he was trying to take a picture of his daughter during a recent vacation in Japan. Here is […]

16 Weird Forgotten English Words

English changes all the time, often in subtle ways—so it’s not surprising that we’ve lost many delightful words and phrases along the way. In his wonderful book Forgotten English, Jeffrey Kacirk takes a closer look at the origins and histories of these language relics. Here are a few of our favorite words from the book; […]

Healing Beneficial Powers of Hot Water

The therapeutic value of hot water is not a newly discovered, it has been used by the Chinese, Indians and people from the other parts of the Southeast Asian countries. Water is the most receptive element and hence acts as a great receiver for energy. It also has a number of distinctive thermodynamic properties. Hot […]

Artificial Sun Lights Up Warsaw Skyscraper

The developers behind a new tower rising in downtown Warsaw, Poland, have added a sunny surprise to the side of the building, aiming to brighten the moods of citizens during dark and cold months of winter construction. A temporary installation, set to stay in place until the floors are occupied, was made to “brighten up […]

Ancient 800-Foot Mega Tsunami Wave That Swallowed Ancient Island Worries Experts…..A Sign Of Things...

Imagine this premise for a Hollywood disaster movie: A giant volcano on an island collapses during an eruption, generating a massive landslide that in turn causes an absolute Godzilla of a tsunami, an 840-foot-tall wave that travels for 30 miles and engulfs anything in its path. Around 73,000 years ago, the towering predecessor of the […]

Are Humans To Blame For Mysterious Extinction of 500 Pounds Flightless Birds Roughly 50,000...

Roughly 50,000 years ago, an Australian bird species went extinct, not because of competition for space or resources but because its eggs were simply too delicious. Australia is a land of giant animals: spiders with foot-long leg spans,bats with six-feet wingspans, lizards reaching up to 200 pounds. The continent has a fascinating history of terrifyingly […]

Tsunami-Proof Capsule….Tsunami Ball Modern-Day Noah’s Arc

The natural catastrophe that affected Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture in March, 2011 provoked a wide spectrum of reactions around the world. Before he became a modern-day Noah, Chris Robinson worked for a start-up incubator in Silicon Valley. However, when a tsunami devastated Japan in 2011, Robinson was inspired to take matters into his own hands in case […]

Turkish Couple Drops Wedding Banquet To Feed 4,000 Syrian Refugees

A Turkish couple had a wedding to remember as they fed 4,000 Syrian refugees during their celebration. The bride and groom tied the knot in the city of Kilis, near the Syrian border, which has been flooded with refugees, fleeing the Syrian civil war. Fethullah Uzumcuoglu and Esra Polat were the happy couple and they […]

Lime Juice Could Save 100’S of Thousands of Lives Each Year

While billions of dollars are poured into research and development for pharmaceutical drugs, the humble lime has been proven to mitigate and even cure diseases that cause millions to suffer and hundreds of thousands to die each year worldwide. The lime is best know for its role in key lime pie and margaritas, but did […]

The Fascinating Link Between The Pyramids and Other Worldly Visitors

The pyramids are one of earth’s most fascinating standing structures -or at least to me they are. There have been manytheories discussed as to how they were built, who built them and even why they were built. Ever since I was a kid I had been looking into each question surrounding the pyramids and in […]

500 More Dead Sea Lions; Fukushima Radiation Continues To Spread Across Ocean

Another mysterious wave of dead sea animals has washed ashore in Peru, the possible consequence of ongoing radiation releases from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility in Japan. BBC News reports that 500 dead sea lions were recently discovered on Peru’s northern coastline, some 250 miles north of the capital city of Lima, with no obvious […]

Truvia Sweetener A Powerful Pesticide

Truvia sweetener is made from about 99.5% erythritol (a sugar alcohol), and 0.5% rebiana, an extract from the stevia plant (but not at all the same thing as stevia). A shocking new study published in the journal PLOS ONE (1) has found that Truvia, an alternative sweetener manufactured by food giant Cargill, is a potent insecticide […]

Satanic Temple Unveils 7 Foot Goat Headed Baphomet Statue For Oklahoma Capitol

The Satanic Temple, a religious group based in New York City, on Monday unveiled their design for a monument they hope to erect at the Oklahoma Statehouse. The 7-foot-tall monument would include a goat-headed Baphomet figure sitting cross-legged on a stone slab, flanked by two smiling children. The monument would also include quotes from poets […]

15 Year Old Develops A System That Produces Electricity From Ocean Currents

15-year-old created a system that converts ocean currents into electricity. Hannah Herbst Awarded $25,000 and Named America’s Top Young Scientist in Nation’s Premier Middle School Science Competition for Her Prototype that Provides Power from Ocean Currents. Herbst created an energy probe prototype offering a power source, by using untapped energy from ocean currents. This innovation […]

McDonald’s Just Came Out with a “Healthy” Kale Salad, But there’s just one Problem

Though McDonald’s remains a powerful force in the global fast food marketplace, its recent PR disasters, from its ‘19 ingredients in the french fries’ fiasco to its use of abused poultry, have motivated the company to rebrand itself. McDonald’s has made not only an appeal to increasingly bizarre snacks, such as the chocolate-laced fries it recently […]

This Amazing Drinking Bottle Creates Water Out Of Thin Air

Fontus bottles never run dry, and are capable of harvesting up to 0.8 liters of water in an hour under the right climatic conditions. The technology uses a small solar panel to cool humid air into condensation, which then magically fills up your drinking bottle with water, as demonstrated by these images: The bottle is the […]

Tila Tequila Exposes The Illuminati

I always assumed Tila Tequila was like all the other girls you see on TV who seem to be famous for nothing really important, though she is a model and musician among other things. So I never really paid much attention to her. But recently I learned about a bizarre episode in her life which […]

A School With No Teachers, Where Students Teach Themselves

A new computer school in Paris has been overwhelmed by some 60,000 applicants. The school, called 42, was founded by a telecom magnate who says the French education system is failing young people. His aim is to reduce France’s shortage in computer programmers while giving those who’ve fallen by the wayside a new chance. In […]

“Bestie Row”: Lifelong Friends Build A Row Of Tiny Houses In The Middle Of...

Having close friends is the best! They are the people you have fun with — the people you go on adventures with, turn to in tough times, and grow with throughout your life. Sometimes we have best friends from when we are very young, while other times we gain best friends very quickly later in life. Some […]

Why You Should Be Eating Watermelon Everyday

Many studies have suggested that increasing consumption of watermelon can help decrease the risk of obesity and overall mortality, diabetes, and heart disease. Watermelon also promotes healthier complexions and hair, as well as increasing energy levels. One cup of diced watermelon (152 grams) contains 43 calories, 0 grams of fat, 2 grams of sodium, 11 […]

This South Korean Woman Is Raising 200 Dogs She Rescued From Being Killed

61-year-old Jung Myoung Sook from South Korea has been saving dogs for the last 26 years. So far, she has rescued over 200 pups and takes care of them all. Sook is not well-off, but she not only takes care of strays, she also buys ill-fated pups meant to be sold to restaurants. “My babies […]

Study: Smoking Cannnabis Causes Complete Remission of Crohn’s Disease In 45% of Patients

Crohn’s disease inflames the intestines of about 400,000-600,000 North Americans. In the study, published in the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, there were 21 people with Crohn’s Disease; half of which were given cigarettes with no active cannabinoids, and the other half given regular joints to smoke. The joints contained approximately 23% THC and .5% CBD. […]

Whistle-Blower That Everyone Will Soon Know

The geopolitical sphere of our world has been undergoing dramatic changes on every front for the past several years. In the past 2 years alone specifically, we’ve seen alliances broken, alliance made and the propaganda intensify. Reading any mainstream media reports over that time has shown us a different picture of what has really been […]

Video of History Being Made That’s So Unbelievable It’s Been Viewed Over 26 Million

  Stunt rider Robbie “Maddo” Maddison had a “pipe dream” — literally. He dreamed of taking his dirt bike off road and onto the waves. For two years, he’s been in the process of fine-tuning a bike with specialized wheels that could do just that. Calling it a “chance to witness history being made,” DC […]

Archaeologists Uncover Massive Gate To Goliath’s Biblical City

Archaeologists on a two-decade-long mission have discovered the gate and the fortifications of one of the most coveted ancient Biblical cities – Philistine Gath, located in the Judean foothills. The city was also home to Goliath. The gate to the city, where the biblical giant warrior Goliath, defeated by young David, the future king of […]

What’s in that Pork? Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria and Traces of a Veterinary Drug

Analysis of pork-chop and ground-pork samples from around the U.S. found that yersinia enterocolitica, a bacterium that can cause fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, was widespread. Some samples harbored other potentially harmful bacteria, including salmonella. And there are more reasons to be concerned about “the other white meat.” Some of the bacteria we found in […]

GlaxoSmithKline Settles Fraud Case for $3 Billion

British registered company, GlaxoSmithKline, faces $3 billion in penalties after pleading guilty to the biggest health care fraud case in history. GSK admitted that physicians had been bribed to push potentially dangerous drugs in exchange for Madonna tickets, Hawaiian holidays, cash and lucrative speaking tours. They also admitted distributing misleading information regarding the antidepressant Paxil. […]

Alien Woman Watching Mars Rover Spotted By UFO Lovers

NASA pictures from Mars are a great treat for UFO fans. This time they spotted an alien “woman with breasts and long hair,” who is “attentively watching” the Mars Curiosity rover from a distance. The raw image recently taken by Curiosity has caught the attention of a number of UFO lovers’ websites, including areazone51ufos.blogspot.be and […]

This Homemade Elixir Cure Nagging Cough & Lung Inflammation Very Effectively

Cough is actually a vital player in the body’s defense against disease. Coughing expels mucus, microbes, and foreign particles from the respiratory tract, protecting the lungs from infection and inflammation. The forced and sometimes violent exhalation can be voluntary as well as reflexive, since coughing is useful for moving and clearing out anything disturbing our […]

CODE 291: Swedish Police Cover-Up Thousands of Crimes Involving Refugees

Swedish police have covered up thousands of crimes involving migrants over the past four months, all of which have been classified under a secret ‘291 refugee code’ designation, it has been revealed. According to a report in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, around 5,000 incidents have been kept secret, including 559 cases of violence, 194 assaults, […]

Man Receives Human Tumor In The Mail After Ordering An Amazon Kindle

WE’VE all been sent things through the mail we don’t particularly want, but a 37-year-old British man got the shock of his life when he received a human tumor sample instead of a Kindle. James Potten, of Bristol, was waiting to take delivery of a waterproof Kindle from FedEx (by way of California), but he ended up […]

Bandages Made From Crab Shells Can Heal Wounds Fast

Scientists at the University of Bolton have developed a bandage containing crab shell components that accelerate the healing process within wounds. The bandage, a world first, has been designed by the university’s Fibre Science and Technology team. It is constructed using a key material: chitosan. Derived from crustacean shells, this compound is known for its antimicrobial properties, […]

Off The Record This Is The Only Reason Why Humans Are The Most Successful...

We inhale toxic gases and drink toxic fluids. Our foremost method for hunting was the method of perseverance. This means that we used to hunt our prey until it loses all of his energy and dies from tiredness. Also, we can survive on almost any type of food while we hunt, which means we never […]

Meals-On-Wheels Mistakenly Serves Gourment Dog Food To Senior Citizens

A German Meals-on-Wheels branch has apologized for serving three elderly people dog food instead of, well, human food. Though the dog food was appropriately labelled, three residents of a German town were still mistakenly served it. According to The Telegraph, the unlucky recipients realized the organization’s error after they heated their meals up and found themselves repulsed […]

Doctors Against Vaccines – These Physicians Actually Did The Research

These following doctors were not content with half-truths, propaganda, and lies. They did their own research. Nancy Banks, M.D. Dr. Banks earned her medical degree at Harvard Medical School. She also earned an MBA in finance from Pace university. She completed her internship and residency at Saint Luke’s Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital and Medical […]

Ancient Miracle Herb: Ashwagandha

Do you suffer from stress, memory fog, fatigue, or an inability to lose weight? Chronic stress takes a ghastly toll on our bodies as well as our minds. Many degenerative diseases, as well as premature aging, are associated with chronic nervous tension.Discover what Ayurveda has known for hundreds of years and what scientists have confirmed. […]

5 Things Your Birth Chart Reveals About You

1. Your birth chart reveals that you don’t have just one sign. That’s right. We spend all our lives asking “what’s your sign?” when we should be asking “what are your signs?” We each have a Moon sign and a rising sign too. It describes the zodiac the sun was in at the time. So […]

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