20 Stunning Natural Phenomenons That Seem Impossible

The world is a truly beautiful place, and even though we may not always see it in person, there is some truly amazing stuff going on out there. From animals to weather, you’ll be astounded by these 20 incredible moments in nature.

1. Volcanic thunderstorms.

2. Snow chimneys extend from active volcanoes in cold parts of the world.

3. Moskstraumen, the famous maelstrom off the coast of Norway.

4. Light pillars.

5. Frost flowers.

6. A spotted lake.

7. Lake Natron.

8. The Great Blue Hole.

9. Murmurations are huge flocks of starlings that fly together with uncanny precision.

10. “Fairy” circles.

11. These underwater crop circles are the result of a pufferfish mating ritual.

12. A migration of red crabs.

13. Catumbo lightning.

14. This fiery pit is called “The Door to Hell.”

15. Frozen bubbles of methane, a byproduct from the respiration of marine plants and animals.

16. This cloud shaped like Winnie the Pooh appeared over a children’s charity event.

17. The Giant’s Causeway.

18. “Fire Rainbows,” also known as circumhorizontal arcs.

19. Lenticular clouds.

20. Bioluminescent microorganisms in the water create this surreal, glow-in-the-dark tide.