18 Perfectly Timed Pictures

The following images are so unique, it would be a total waste of time to write anything here as introduction.

1. Stingy you Now

A truly amazing picture, showing you the moment exactly after the bee stings. I can actually feel the sting when I look at the picture. Interesting fact though, this looks like a honey-bee and everyone always says that all bee’s die after they sting you, but in actual fact, it is only the honey-bee that will… full story behind this great image can be read here – Kathy Keatley Garvey


2. Best Day of My Life

Baby elephants have always been one of the cutest little animals ever. It’s like he’s having the best freaken day of his life and he doesn’t care who says what about it. Just look at that “smile” on his face. Don’t you sometimes wish that you could just put your adult self in the closet and be a 5-year old again, playing in the mud? I do!


3. Better Drive Faster

This is one of those moments where I would literally s*&t myself! If this dude doesn’t push the pedal to the metal, the storm will certainly catch up with him and then… game over. I can’t imagine what must be going through the guy’s mind.


4. Mother Giving Food to Her Baby

There is nothing like the love of a mother for her kids, whether it’s an animal or a human being, that unconditional love that no one can take away from you. I know this is what I feel when I look at my kids, and looking at this picture of the Woodpecker giving food to her baby bird, it makes me realize just how important our job as mothers truly is.


5. Looks Like You Need a Hug

The person who took this picture must have been really fast with his or her fingers, as I know that chicks won’t stay in a position like that for a very long time, especially when there’s a child in the area. I mean, they always chase the chicks and run after them. It’s like this little chick wants to say to the little girl that it’s okay to be sad sometimes, all you really need is a hug!


6. Impeccable

This is a picture that I have always wanted to capture and I have tried so many times, but I can never get it right, so hats off to the person who took this picture! What makes it really amazing, is that it looks like its striking the light house, but also all this city light you see in the background. Truly amazing.


7. Lion King Style

Remember the scene in The Lion King where Mufasa fell off the cliff and wanted his brother, Scar, to save him? This picture almost looks like that, except without the ulterior motives and the one actually trying to save the other!


8. Morning News

Whether this is an actual piece of newspaper or not, it doesn’t really matter. All it really shows is that a Squirrel has the right to read the morning news as well. Not that I think he understands what is said on that piece of paper, but it’s just such a cute picture… I’ve always wanted a Squirrel as a pet, and now I know, when I have one, I will let him read the wrapper every morning.


9. I Will Catch It

I know plenty of dogs absolutely love bubbles, and this picture just shows how much fun it is for a dog to try and catch them. When you look at the dog, you can almost see the joy in his face purely because he caught the soap bubble.


10. Epic Face 

Ouch… this one had to hurt for sure. I have seen tons of people crashing with their bikes, but it’s like this picture shows you what happens in slow motion and man, the way this dude’s body is bending, I know one thing is for sure, he WILL be sore tomorrow morning. You almost cannot help but laugh.


11. Queen of the World

Remember Titanic… okay, who can forget it? That moment when Kate and Leonardo stood at the front of the ship, arms spread out, wind in their hair and Leonardo shouting out “I’m the King of the World”. Well for me, that was something  on my bucket list of things to do, until I saw this picture.  Then I changed my mind… This is a King of the World Epic Fail! Almost like the bird is saying, “Hey dude, you’re not the King of the World, I am”.


12. Pet Dive

Another slow motion picture. Some dogs are really scared of water, I know mine is, but this one seems to be perfectly okay with jumping into the pool to catch a ball. And it seems like he is truly the happiest dog on this planet now that he’s in the water, just check out that face!


13.Flying Tank


14. Rally Mayhem


15. Hammer Time


16. Mr. Wiener


17. Mr. Nut


18. Dr. Pole