18 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong Your Entire Life

#18. Mix an Even Amount of Sausage in Your Pasta by Skewering It with Dry Noodles before Boiling


#17.  Partially Slice Your Baked Potato before Cooking and Load It Up

#16. Wrap Lettuce around a Crunchy Taco for an Extra Layer of Mess Protection

#15.  Cook Leftover Pizza with a Waffle Iron

#14.  Or Hash Browns

#13.  Encrust French Toast with Cereal for Extra Crunch and Flavor

#12.  No More Milk Fingers

#11. Because Scooping Is Hard

#10. Pack Salads in Mason Jars for Freshness on the Go

#9.  Prevent Messes in the Car by Placing Dipping Ketchup Cups in Drink Cup Holders

#8.  Buy Pre-Packaged Pastry Dough and Fill It with Whatever You Want

#7.  A Bag of Fritos Is Just the Shell to a Taco You Can Eat While Walking

#6.  Cheese + Scallions + Sliced Loaf = Easy Stuffed Bread

#5. Dip Oreos in Milk, Then Freeze. Voila: Cookies and Cream

#4.  Keep Tacos Standing Upright with a Fork

#3.  Slice Hot Dogs in a Spiral for a More Even Cook

#2. Dip Bacon in Pancake Batter

#1.  Chinese Food Containers Double as Plates