17 Reasons Why Getting A Dogue De Bordeaux Is The Best Thing You Could Ever Do

The Dogue de Bordeaux, also known as a Bordeaux Mastiff or French Mastiff, is one of the most ancient French dog breeds. They have worked hard throughout the years pulling carts, guarding flocks and were even employed as castle guards to the European elite.

But hey, that’s not why we love them. I mean have you seen how fricking adorable they are?

Just in case you’re not yet convinced here are 17 reasons getting a Dogue De Bordeauzx is the best thing you could ever do!

1. Firstly, they are unbelievably gorgeous. It’s like having a permanent piece of art that follows you around!


2.  Their amazing puppy dog eye routine will melt your heart and make you a more forgiving person!


3. Their kind nature is contagious, I’ve yet to meet a Dogue owner who wasn’t awesome


4. They’ll have you being super sociable and making loads of new friends (both human and dog)


5. You’ll never have to ride alone …. but also no human friend will ever get to ride shotgun with you


6. Their hilariously ugly running race will remind you that beauty is only ever skin deep … it may also secretly terrify you


7. You have a buddy for when you pull sickies … unless they happen to have pulled a sickie too


8. They hate baths as much as the next dog but you know what, they just put on a brave face and let you get on with it


9. Okay, there may be downsides … You might have to share your ice-cream cones with them


10. And every meal … you ever have


11. But you’ll get over it coz they can pretty much fly and their majestic antics will provide you with endless hours of fun photoshoots


12. Did we mention their smile ?


13. I feel like we can’t overlook the amazingness of their smiles!!


14. They’ll also keep you super active between playing fetch and going for walks … And what human doesn’t need an excuse for a bit more exercise


15. This. No explanation needed.


16. Also you can upcycle and re-purpose old human clothes for your Dogue … No expensive doggy clothes necessary here !


17. In conclusion … When am I moving in?