15 Year Old Dropped Something In A Theater 71 Years Ago – What Construction Workers Find In That Theater They Can’t Believe Their Eyes

When you find a wallet, the moral thing to do is look for its rightful owner. That is exactly what a group of workers did after discovering an old wallet in a theater. However, they never believed that they would actually have any success in their mission. After all, the wallet was 71-years-old!

Larry Sloan and his wife moved to Nevada and purchased the Talent Factory Theater because they just loved the history and nostalgia that came with it—but they had no idea they would actually find a piece of history of their own lodged in between the floorboards.

It was during the renovation of the Talent Factory Theater in Iowa that the wallet was found – tucked underneath some floorboards. Upon inspection, it was determined that the wallet came from a completely different era. Inside there were faded photographs, a Boy Scout card, and even food rations from the war.

Upon first glance, the Sloans didn’t know just how big of a find this was…but then they saw the

phone number written on it: 8.

That’s right. Just 8.

No seven-digit number to be found here. This thing was OLD.

The 1944 Identification card inside was handwritten with the name Clare McIntosh…

The builder is a former investigator, and he actually tracked down its owner, Clare McIntosh, living near Des Moines.

Now 85, McIntosh was reunited with the wallet.

He says he remembers losing it at the theater when he was teenager.

“I thought at first it might be some sort of a joke and I thought it couldn’t be,” McIntosh said.

The wallet also contained a Boy Scout card, World War II-era ration stamps and an ID.

It’s believed a theater employee found the wallet all those years ago but took the money out

before lodging it in the floorboards.