15 Points That Prove A Conspiracy To Frame President Trump

1. James Comey started this investigation into Russia with zero official intelligence.

2. Robert Mueller’s special counsel was appointed with no crime to investigate.

3. The fake Russian dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.
4. The Russian dossier has never been verified, and that is according to Christopher Steele himself.

Ex-spy admits anti-Trump dossier unverified, blames Buzzfeed for publishing

5. Unverified information created by the Hillary campaign was used to trick the FISA courts.

6. The Obama Administration was illegally unmasking American citizens.
7. The FBI’s spied on members of Trump campaign.
8. The FBI placed a mole in the Trump campaign.
9. The Strzok-Page Texts show the highest level of the FBI was colluding in efforts to bring down president Trump.
10. Robert Mueller indicted a Russian company that did not even exist.

Mueller Indicted A Russian Company That Didn’t Even Exist, Court Transcripts Say

11. Robert Mueller has a conflict of interest by being connected to a Russian oligarch. The very same Russian oligarch connected to Paul Manafort.

12. James Comey gave testimony that General Flynn did not lie according to his own agents.

Sen. Grassley: Comey Said FBI Agents Saw No Sign Gen. Flynn Lied

13. Rod Rosenstein has massive conflicts of interest and should be recused but refuses.

14. Andrew McCabe was fired from the FBI for lying under oath and leaking information.

Pavlich: When will McCabe face prosecution for lying?

15. No Russian collusion in connection to President Trump has ever been found. Despite the entire mainstream media, Congressional investigations, an FBI sting operation, and the appointment of a special counsel, still no evidence whatsoever.

Trump says ‘Russian Witch Hunt’ costing $10M, ‘no Collusion’ one year later

This is truly a conspiracy to frame president Trump and commit a political coup. It must end, and those who are behind it must be prosecuted.


by Ben Armstrong


picture: Javier Zarrracina/Vox

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