13 Fascinating Facts That Hardly Anybody Knows‏


Redheads don’t go gray

Their hair color simply fades slowly throughout the years — first becoming a light copper before finally settling on a rosy blonde.Why didn’t they teach us any of this in school?

Sounds like a whale of a tale, but …

… there are some whales alive today that were born before ‘Moby Dick’ was written in 1851. Found in the icy waters off Alaska, some of these so-called ‘bowhead’ whales are over 200 years old.

When pigs fly …

… their friends won’t be able to see them. That’s because it is physically impossible for a pig to look up at the sky.



There’s a monkey island near South Carolina

Right off the coast of South Carolina is a densely wooded island filled with thousands of free monkeys. The isle is only accessible by boat, and visitors are strongly encouraged to bring bananas.

Oh, How We’ve Grown!

You probably don’t remember this, but you and every other human being on Earth once spent roughly 30 minutes as a single cell.



Dung beetles travel by stars

It seems unfair these beetles are known by their affinity for dung, because it’s another trait that really makes them stand out — they are the only known insects to navigate solely by the stars.

Sounds like a duck (but just one)

The quack of a duck does not echo, and no one knows why.



Ostriches don’t hide their head in sand

After realizing that no one has actually witnessed an ostrich partaking in its most famous act, researchers studied over 200,000 of them over 80 years and never witnessed a single bird burying its head once.

Ever read ‘palindromes’ backward?

Everyone knows that a palindrome is a word that is the same backwards as it is forward, but few know this: ‘palindromes’ spelled backwards is ‘semordnilap,’ which is a word itself.What’s a semordnilap? It’s a word that, when spelled backwards, forms a completely different word.


Japan has one of the largest adoption rates in the world …

… but here’s the kicker — the majority of the adoptees are adult males!

You have the right to remain sick

Here’s one law that’s really not cool: In Washington state, it’s illegal to walk around in public if you’re suffering from the common cold.



Napoleon was not that short

Napoleon Bonaparte’s actual height was 5 foot 6 inches which, in those days, was a completely average height for men. So where did all the confusion come from? The difference between English and French measurements. The English thought the French pre-Revolution unit known as the “pouce” was equivalent to their inch, but it was actually slightly longer. So everyone thought the dictator was only 5’2″.