1200 Children Rescued From Elite Pedophile Rings: ‘Only Tip of The Iceberg’

Following confirmation that 1203 children have been rescued from Elite pedophile rings, the Children’s Commissioner warns that it is “only the tip of the iceberg” and that many more children remain as slaves in pedophilia networks.

Anne Longfield has urged politicians to stop the “horrendous exploitation” of youngsters by adults after the victims were identified by police, charities and welfare experts as so-called “slaves” of child trafficking rings who are bought and sold to powerful Elites worldwide.

In her detailed report, Commissioner Longfield claims there are millions of unreported cases of child sex slavery in which minors are forced to live “vulnerable or high-risk lives”.

Her report cites the latest figures from the Government’s national referral mechanism (NRM), the official framework for identifying and helping victims of child slavery, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking.

According to the Daily Mail, the report says there are many “invisible children” who may be “particularly vulnerable” due to gaps in identification.

These youngsters may “have been victims of modern slavery but not reported to the national referral mechanism”.Miss Longfield said:

“Child slavery leaves deep scars on the lives of those children who suffer horrendous exploitation by adults – and this could well be only the tip of the iceberg”

“These appalling crimes need to remain in the spotlight and be consigned to the past.”

“I hope today’s report highlighting the large number of children living vulnerable lives will be a spur for politicians to act.”Jakub Sobik, from the organization Anti-Slavery International, said: “Child slavery affects thousands of children and those trafficked from abroad.”

“Trafficked children go missing from the care system at an alarming rate.” A spokesman for the charity the Human Trafficking Foundation added:

“The data around child trafficking masks the scale of the problem, not only because many children are hidden or too scared to come forward, but also because we are often failing to recognize child victims of modern slavery when they actually do come forward.”

“British or Albanian boys or girls being exploited by often violent adults in drug-running cases are still treated as young criminals and gang members rather than as victims of exploitation.”