12 Years Old Girl The Heir of Baba Vanga With Serious Prediction About The World


After a long time of speculations that the young heir of Baba Vanga – Kaede Uber from Montpelier,France was dead, she showed her self to the world surprisingly with a serious prediction.

In 2011 when the girl was only 7 years old and it was first noticed that has special abilities, scientists explained that she needs to be taken in Russia to be examined about her strange skills. They explained that she will be tested with a series of scientific tests and they need to find out if she really talked with Vanga in her dreams like she said before. Few years after that she disappear and she is announced dead.


This continue until few days ago when a Russian television said that they found the girl and they make a long documentary movie about her. It turned out that the girl was just trying to hide from everything.

The similarities between the french girl and Vanga are stunning. She like Vanga is making the same gestures, pointing with the finger, touching herself around the eye temple, and now she is also starting to wear glasses because her vision is not well. In some time she might lose it.

Sometimes Kaede was warning her family when something bad is going to happen. She predicted the death of her stepfather. She warned her mother that her grandfather will die, and they need to call him. Short after that her grandfather got insult but he did not die because her family reacted on time.

Mankind will face a huge problem with a deficit of drinking water. In around 6 years there will be no fresh drinking water on the world. This is the prediction of the young Kaede Uber which Vanga herself pointed for her heir.

She explains that Europe will be shaken. After the waves of refugees, the western civilization will confront a big ecological catastrophe.

The world threat will not come from Syria or Turkey, it will come from Algeria. This is what the young girl is saying about he world and she is starting to look more and more like Baba Vanga.