12 Year Old Live Streamed Her Own Suicide The Other Day – WTF Is Wrong With Our Society?

A 12 year old girl killed herself the other day. Her name was Katelyn Nichole Davis and she was from Cedartown, Georgia. Let it be known, I didn’t watch the video. I’ve lost 3 friends to suicide. The closest friend of all was a hanging suicide too. I tried it myself in my teens, and obviously (and thankfully) I didn’t succeed. There’s no way I would watch the video. That video would haunt me. But, some people did. Actually, a lot of people did.

Turns out, Katelyn used the Live.me application to live-stream her suicide, and the 42-minute video details her hanging herself from a tree.  For those of you who don’t want to watch the video either, you can read the transcript someone typed up:

“The first half of the video is Katelyn positioning the camera, measuring the rope she attaches to a tree and makes adjustments. During this section, the sun is shining and the ambient neighborhood noises of passing cars, birds and barking dogs can be heard in the background.

She then climbs on top of a bucket and fastens the noose around her neck. At 21:24, after taking several deep breaths and crying, Katelyn says an anguished “Goodbye” before stepping off the bucket. Now hanging by her neck, Katelyn’s arms and legs begin to jerk and kick for a short time.


For the remaining 20 minutes of the video, Katelyn’s body sways at the end of the rope as the sun goes down, as dogs bark in the background. After 10 minutes or so, you can hear Katelyn’s family calling for her and coming close to finding her on camera. The video ends as the sun disappears and Katelyn’s cell phone repeatedly rings.”

The entire video is as surreal as it is tragic.

As for why she decided to kill herself, some of her reasons can be seen by checking out her online diary and Instagram account. According to Katelyn, she was already on medication for depression, had attempted suicide before, was a cutter, and was beaten by her stepfather who she also accused of trying to rape her.

Now, I’d really like to start a discussion about this. It can be in the comments section on here or on Facebook, whatever works for you. But I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this. “The age-adjusted suicide rate in 2014, (13.0 per 100,000 population) was 24% higher than the rate in 1999 (10.5). The average annual percent increase in the age-adjusted suicide rate was about 1% per year from 1999 through 2006 but increased to 2% per year from 2006 through 2016. The percent increase in suicide rates for females was greatest for those aged 10–14″  (Source)

Diary of a Broken Doll…

Katelyn had an online diary that she was writing in for the last few weeks of her life. The original diary has been removed from the Internet, but the screenshots below show each of her entries.

The diary was titled “Diary of a Broken Doll.” The “Introduction” was written on December 21, and it gives some basic details about the young girl. She states that she would have been 13 on February 20, of this year, and also briefly begins to touch on her issues with depression.

Katelyn writes that she does not like the holidays, but not because she hates “Jesus or anything.” She goes on to say that she is just not a “happy or positive person.” She also warns that if readers feel they may be “triggered” by her diary from her going“too deep,” that they should quit reading immediately.

Then she brings up the abuse she’s been dealing with.. And for that you can read on the screenshots.

The Warning Signs

Right now there are people of all ages just like Katelyn all around the country. While it is sadly too late to help Katelyn, her story can be used to help educate people on noticing the warning signs to be able to intervene and prevent tragedies such as this from occurring. Perhaps that’s partly the reason why she recorded it.. To help raise awareness about the issue. Suicide rates are getting higher every year. BUT WHY? Why are they getting younger and younger too? What is it with our society that drives so many children and young adults to take their lives before they’ve even really started living them??

Please, share your thoughts.

For those who may be dealing with depression and having suicidal thoughts, PLEASE know that there is ALWAYS someone you can talk to.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression and suicide, reach out to someone you know and love, or you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. They can be reached 24/7 from any phone.