12 Ways Exercise Benefits Your Brain

Brain lifting barbell. Mind power concept.

1. Exercise Makes You Feel Better.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which makes you feel happy and positive about yourself and about life. How can you lose?

2. Exercise boosts your mood.

When you exercise regularly, it releases tension. This can lead to resolving stress and depression in your life.

3. Exercise Boosts Your Confidence.

When you accomplish something great, like being able to run your first 5k, it feels pretty awesome, right? This is how exercise boosts your confidence.

4. Exercise Increases Your Pain Tolerance.

Exercising makes you sore, and that exposure to soreness gradually increases your tolerance to pain.

5. Exercise Makes Your Brain Do Smart Things More Better.

I know when I’m lazy for too long, I start to feel a little bit dull upstairs. Exercising helps you form new neural pathways and allows your brain to function better.

6. Exercise Improves Your Character.

Sticking to a tough routine like exercise helps you develop greater discipline, dedication, and determination in other areas of life.

7. Exercise Improves Self Discipline.

Related to the former, if you exercise routinely, it helps you form a routine that you can stick to, which has a positive effect on your life.

8. Exercise Helps You Recover From Addiction.

This is a big one for folks who are recovering from addiction. Exercise, as we mentioned earlier, helps you build better self discipline and allows you to build healthy new routines.

9. Exercise Helps You Combat Depression.

Depression afflicts many people around the world, and exercise might just be the ticket to getting you out of it. Exercising builds your confidence and releases endorphins which naturally make you feel better.

10. Exercise Reduces Anxiety.

In the same way that exercise reduces depression, it also reduces anxiety. Using up that energy helps you feel better about life.

11. Two Words.’ Runner’s High.”

It happens and it’s totally legal. Exercising can make you feel awesome.

12. Exercise Boosts Concentration.

Every way you look at it, exercise helps your mental health, and that includes boosting your mental clarity and concentration.

What’s your favorite type of exercise?